Surabaya Beauty Class!!

January 31, 2013

Sorry that it took so long for me to publish this post lol

It was held in the end of November, but on December I had my final exam so I focused on it, and January I went to Japan
I have come back to Indonesia for several days and finally had time to make the post XD

I'm still in holiday mode so i apologize XDD

This was my 3rd Beauty Class. 1st one was held in Jakarta, and 2nd one was in Lampung. I am truly blessed because all the classes went well..
As for Surabaya class, I couldn't stay because I was in the middle of university. So I just went there straight in the morning, and back again at night

There was a problem with my flight that made me has to change flight and add more money, and I despised Sriwijaya Air after that. It was simply because I got late check in as the queue of Sriwijaya Air was very long, and when I got into the check in counter, I was late for 5 minutes!! For God's Sake!!!

And I insisted that it's because the queue was too long. There were 20 counters If I am not mistaken, but all were full o__o
I assume there were tours?
I was lining up patiently for like 45 minutes?

Therefore I had to pay for next flight, and so I was late T T
The schedule was changed and delayed because of it.. I really apologized for everyone who attended the class T T

Anyway, the class was held twice, day session and evening session!! 
My friend, Dyah, who happened to be working in Surabaya at that time, helped me looking for the venue, and arranged it :D <3

Oh she also took the pictures! Because I was busy teaching xD

Everyone were so serious <3 <3 <3 

I didn't take many pictures  T T
Because yea, I was busy teaching lol teaching is more important, right? hahaha

Oh anyway, as usual, the best make up got to win special prize!

This time, it's from Menard!! 

They got to win a set of skincare from Menard, named Tsukika, consist of their cleansing cream and washing cream. Not to mention their base make up and face powder! Plus their Lip treatment!!! :D

It's worth about Rp 2.000.000!!!! *___* I also wanttttt xD

Here are the winners anyway = 

From day session

From evening session

The winners were chosen based on how they put make up neatly.. I feel that they also listened to my teaching very carefully and used it on their own face nicely..

Although I teach gyaru make up, but in fact you dont have to be, or to look like gyaru to join the class lol

Because what I teach is basic make up.. 
Not very basic la, but it's just proper application for normal make up [for me] that can be categorized as party make up xDD

Some even wanted to get korean make up look so yeah, request granted!! XD

Well, make up is supposed to be fun right? :D

Anyway here are some guests who came =

Sorry I didn't have many pictures T T not even good before-after pictures, because that day was very hectic..

Anyway, the participants received a set of goodie bag that's worth hundreds of thousand rupiah! 

Complete travel kit of Tsukika Skin Care Line, Menard Herb Mask, Menard Beauness Toner, Menard Lip Essence, and Menard Foaming Net!!

Menard is very generous in goodie bag ^.^

Thank you so much for who participated on this class!

I wish to make another class again in Jakarta soon, but let's see XD

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