Infatuation of Kiwi

March 15, 2017

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Imagine sitting next to a clear lake with spectacular landscape of mountains with snow on the peak, while being drown by the fragrance of vibrant Lupin flowers around you. No it is not a dream. It's possible in New Zealand

I dont know if there are any other countries that can offer amazing experience than New Zealand. It is definitely the most picturesque and photogenic places on earth. Famous worldwide of its beautiful sceneries thanks to Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit trilogy, New Zealand is a destination goal for a lot of travellers for being the home of Middle Earth. However, do you guys know that King Kong and the Chronicles of Narnia were shot in this country as well? Moana has also introduced about the Polynesia into the world, making a crazy wave all over the world for its beautiful beach and rich tradition. Oh anyway, a little about Polynesia on picture below

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 Polynesia triangle as shown above, will teach you that New Zealand is also a part of the exotic place. Anyway, Moana is by all means my most favorite Disney Princess so far. She represents a strong, independent, and courageous woman that I strive to be. Despite being a woman, she is fearless enough to travel by herself with her canoe to save her people. Inspired by her excursion, I would like to prove myself as well that I can be like Moana, sailing across Polynesia and Indian Ocean to find myself!

I would like to drive across the south and north Island and do many things! I would like to walk on glacier, learn about Maori Culture, visit Hobbiton, see the scenic landscape by my own eyes, thrilling sport activities, and pet sheep!!! Too many things that New Zealand offers and I have fallen in love even before I touch down there ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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I get more interested about New Zealand as I look up about it more on some websites. The fact that New Zealand offers 4 seasons that works differently than most countries in the world are, amazes me

Spring : September - November
Summer : December - February
Autumn : March - May
Winter : June - August

Imagine playing ski in the middle of July and surprise your friend! Now I know where to go when I want to escape from the cold winter or summer heat! The weather in New Zealand is fortunately bearable as it's never too hot neither too cold, however north island is slightly warmer than the south. I am someone who cant stand extreme temperatures and have traveled many times for all seasons and if you're like me, New Zealand might be my best bet thanks to its pleasant weather

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I was invited to a blogger event few weeks back to learn more about this ah-mazing country sponsored by Dwidaya Tour, Malaysia Airlines, New Zealand Tourism and Female Daily. They are holding a contest to win a life changing trip to the irreplaceable New Zealand for bloggers and I am joining it because, who can resist the prize?

So here are my reasons why I should win a life changing trip to New Zealand :

I was born and raised in metropolitan city. My constant travel mostly revolves around metropolitan cities such as Singapore, Tokyo, and Seoul. It has disinterested me.Everything I regularly see and touch are all manmade. New Zealand might be the destination to realize how powerful God's creations are. Through magnificent mountains, enormous lakes, turquoise shade of seas, tremendous waterfalls, and millions of stars at night, those are enough reasons to say good bye to my city girl life for a while to get connected again with nature 

As someone who loves history so much, learning about the tradition and culture of countries that I visit is a must for me. A visit to temples, museum, or art shops never bore me! I even wanted to be archeologist back then! Experiencing Maori culture through meeting them directly will teach me more than any textbook provided. I would like to be a witness of their vibrant culture and inform everyone about their high spirited energy once I return back home 

Let's face it, I love animals so much. I think this kind of addiction starts ever since I have my own dog. Since then, every time I see animals or pets, I would squeal and try to pet & talk to them. New Zealand offers an amazing wild life experience where I can swim with seal and dolphin (I should bring my swimming floats then lol) right in the middle of sea and engage with penguins and kiwi bird as well! Let's just hope that I dont marry any of them as I might forget how adorable human are 😂

Traveler DNA runs deeply in blood. Most of my saving goes for my traveling expenses and I am not even guilty! I try to at least go for 3/4 times of vacation per year. I have never travelled to New Zealand and I am sure it will be interesting to visit a country that I have never visited! As far as I know, among my close group of friends, none have ever visited New Zealand so I'm eager to share with them! Mother of Middle Earth. Land of the Long White Cloud. Home of Kiwi. Farm full of white sheep. Fresh air and clean water. The famous manuka honey. A magical country where you can soak in the warm blue sea and climb snow mountain at the same time. I cant stop browsing pinterest and sites about this country ever since Female Daily event

Let me tell you, I have been pretty bored with life these days. I know I did travel so much, more than I used to. But it's mostly inside my comfort zone. I need a new place that can give me positivity and I heard nothing but good reviews regarding New Zealand. Especially a lot of travellers mention about how laid back and friendly the people are over there. I wish to regain back my body and find a better version of myself after I charge my energy with happiness in the country

I cant swim, but that doesn't stop me to join in New Zealand water activities that's raved worldwide! New Zealand's amazing nature provides endless activities for those who seek for thrilling sports! I am interested with kayaking the most because it's something that I can do leisurely while enjoying the beauty of the country. I cant wait to paddle my kayak on fresh water along with dolphins and other marine creatures! Psstt.. When I was 15, I wrote about 100 things I must do before I die and one of it is Bungee Jumping in New Zealand. I wish I could do that this year!

I grew up watching the trilogy of Lord of the Ring and the Hobbit, where the shooting locations were entirely shot in New Zealand. Probably the most famous spot is the Hobbit house (Hobbiton) that's located 2 hours away from Auckland and every time I see someone upload picture at Hobbiton, I am always shouting to myself "I must must must must go there"! I would like to take the road trip to visit the locations used for the movies, as well as amazing activities provided at certain spots! On another hand, King Kong and the Chronicles of Narnia filming place were taken place in New Zealand as well so it adds more reasons to experience it for real!

Graduate from an art school, a part of that is always with me wherever I go. I speak about my life through paintings or photos. I would like to capture God's creation, which is an art that no human can produce, in the best craft a human can do, through photographs. There are hundreds of photogenic spots that New Zealand offers which might supply my whole year of Instagram pictures lol I love uploading my travel pictures through my social platforms. After all, it's my job as a blogger as well. That being said, 3 cameras, and 2 additional lenses inside my backpack, will be heavy but I'm sure it'll be worth it!

Ahhh.. The unique taste of food. No one doesn't like to eat, or as far as I know of. I love eating local foods and find out the particular flavor that I cant get anywhere else. The weirdest food that I have tried so far is probably Shirako in Japan, which is Fugu's sperm. I am such a gourmet lol I heard New Zealand is famous for their dairy and honey, but I'd like to savour their local dessert called Pavlova! Oh anyway, there's something called Maori Hangi which is a special cooking method by Maori people, or perhaps there are things that is not popular among tourists yet? I am dying to try all the foods!

Exploring the majestic landscape through car or van has always been my dream as I can hop on and off on my preferred time while enjoying the scenery. Last time I almost got myself a rental car in Japan but it's impossible with Indonesia driving license. However I am allowed to drive in here with my current driving license as long as I have it translated to english! Driving in New Zealand is similar with Indonesia as we're on the left hand side of the road which makes it easier! I always want to do a road trip and even better if it's a van completed with kitchen and toilet (will save you more money too for accommodation!), something that I hardly have chance in my country and will remember forever!

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Visiting New Zealand might be a little difficult as not every airlines offer schedule to fly to the island and there's no direct flight from Jakarta either. One of airlines that offers a great schedule to Auckland would be Malaysia Airlines. The airline offers 7 flights a week from Jakarta to Auckland with a few choices of flight schedule to ensure that I can reach the city with my preferred time. Each passanger receives 2 pcs of baggage allowance which would be useful to bring back you manuka honey lifetime stocks! 😂

In case you'd like to get your itinerary sorted by the professional, look no further than asking for the long-established Dwidaya Tour's assistant. Dwidaya Tour will be your best partner in New Zealand by offering services of air ticket, tour package, hotel, travel documents, insurance, and so on. The travel agent which has received numerous awards in the field, provides plenty of branches all over Indonesia and 24 hours hotline service

To end the post, let me quote you what Moana's Grandmother said to her

"Someone will have to go"

And yes, I am going!

This post is an entry for Blogging Competition in collaboration with Dwidaya Tour, Female Daily, Malaysia Airlines, and New Zealand Tourism

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