Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Last lebaran holiday, my family visited AEON Mall at BSD City just because. The crowd was crazy and everywhere you went, you had to wait for 1-2 hours to get a seat at your restaurant. I even had to look around for a parking around an hour until I decided to park it somewhere illegal LOL 

Last time I went to AEON with mom, we ate at Uchiya Shokudo so we wanted to try something different. We picked All You Can Eat restaurant that is very famous and looks apetizing, Kushiya Monogatari

Especially since my brother eats a lot, you know, young guy.. So we decided to just get AYCE instead
It's an unique AYCE, you basically eat skewers covered with panko [bread crumb] and cook it by yourself

The price is quite expensive, and it was holiday. Dont forget about all the tax and service charge too. And they were in bad mood cos I brough them to 1,5 hour drive to get in crazy line for a food. So I was like "ok ok my fault, im gonna pay" -___-

A picture worth a thousand words, so I'll let you know what's inside and what's available on the menu through my pictures. Keep scrolling!

Surprisingly there weren't many kinds of skewers as I had thought. However I am pleased by a wide selection of sauces and some stuffs that I have never had at other AYCE's such as Takoyaki, Taiyaki, Chocolate Fondue, and Matcha Ice Cream

There weren't many meat and seafood available. Mostly it's just potatoes, sweet potatoes, meat balls, apple, fish cakes, onion, garlic, etc. I only had chicken, squid, and shrimp. I wish they had more variations

The rice is however very tasty lol as expected of rice from Japanese restaurant haha
Basically you cover the skewer with panko and deep fry it on your own for 2-3 minutes

The dessert selection is not bad as it consists of flavored ice creams [I got matcha], Brownies, and chocolate fondues [with marshmallow or candies or etc]. However the taste is just so - so

For me the ingredients are quite fresh but it lacks of impacts and variety of food. I know that mostly AYCE restaurants are not as tasty as Ala Carte one, but I am a little bit disappointed because I have queued for so long and didnt really have pretty decent taste. The panko wasn't very good and crunchy either and there weren't many meats

The only taste that I could have is from the sauces

I would prefer to eat at this kind of restaurants again for piece-set instead of AYCE

Mom, my brother, and I finished like 80 skewers altogether. Dad was out meeting someone
I scolded my brother cos he ate less than me and it always happens everytime I treat him food. I mean, DONT FCKIN WASTE MY MONEY LA LOL
If you dont eat much, then dont bother go to AYCE

But when we go to ala carte, he orders as if he's at warteg

This time, he even had to tighten up his belt and kept saying "I have never seen any girl ate as much as you Ce.. "

Which I replied "Because the girls were lying to you. If I was a teenager on a date, I wouldn't eat a lot too in front of the guy"

Knocked off! How about you? Do you eat a lot too?

We spent some time at AEON Department store and I got my mom a bed and some stuffs from there. We would like to visit the supermarket again but the crowd was too massive, so maybe next time! We just quickly drove ourself back to home, and promising to NEVER GO OUT AGAIN during Lebaran LOL

I'll just freaking cook Indomie at home

See you guys on my next post!

Friday, July 24, 2015

I have finally stayed at my new place! Though we have to fix some things here and there but at least my room is 80% done lol So with all the help of my new room, new lighting tool, and my camera that I hardly touch ever since I purchased it this year, I am back with new review. And I hope the quality is so HQ that you guys love and find eyegasm here. To be honest, I even pat myself on the back for finally reaching the picture quality that I want for product review post :x

Today I am going to review one of my favorite western brands, Make Up For Ever, for its black eyeliner. I freaking need black eyeliner in my life and most of the time I trust myself with japanese brands for this stuff, but I run out of my Dolly Wink and in need of having a new one. Gratefully when I was thinking of buying one, I was given a whole set of MUFE eyeliners. Joyful bells rang and I quickly played with it to find my most desired eyeliner from this amazing brand

Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner
Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner Series is a waterproof based liquid eyeliner that can resist any water even when you're swimming. They come in many colors but for this black eyeliner comparison, I use no 13 in black. The tip itself is pretty stiff but not as hard as some drugstore eyeliners. The black color is pretty intense and it gives a precise clean and sharp line without any smudge. It is super easy to remove and last long

Wore it thorough the day and even had it when I was showering, it didnt move a bit from my skin. Contrary to its longevity power to stay all day long, cleaning it is pretty easy so I love every single second wearing this one. Although since the tip is not that pointy, it is quite tricky to get a sharp wing end or very thin line

SCORE = 9 / 10
Recommended for = Anyone who wants to go swimming / beach, Anyone who wants a REAL waterproof eyeliner [perfect for humid country]

Make Up For Ever Graphic Liner

The graphic liner brush is very fine pen brush type eyeliner that can create very precise and sharp line. However my eyes become a mess after a long day as it is not waterproof, neither it's oilproof. The liner itself when you zoom it up is easily spread around skin though, giving untidy look for a close up picture [Which you can check on the swatch picture on the end of the post]

However the brush makes the application easier for getting thin or thick line according the pressure given. Easily smudged and gives my eyes panda look after long hours of usage with a few yawns, so a little precaution is neeeded. A little bit difficult to be removed as well :<

SCORE = 5 / 10
Recommended for = Beginner that wants to have easy eyeliner and control, Anyone who wants a precise winged eyeliner

Make Up For Ever Ink Liner
This is MUFE normal liquid eyeliner. Aqua Liner is for water-resistant and Graphic Liner is for pen-type brush, this one is just any other liquid eyeliner only with different finish that I have never experienced so far as long as I can remember. Like its name, Ink Liner, it gives matte finish like ink on the paper. Not as smudgy as Graphic Liner but it still smears a little on my outer corner. The longevity is nice but it's not easy to be removed

SCORE = 8 / 10
Recommended for = Anyone who wants a matte finish on their eyeliner, 

Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes

An absolute perfection. I love to combine this along with the Aqua Liner. For pencil liner I usually draw it for my bottom eyes on the outer corner to connect with the top liner. Aqua Eyes glides so smooth and the color is not as intense as some liners but the quality is the top of its class. It stays amazing on my eyes, leaving no trace of smudge or crack thorough the day

SCORE = 9 / 10
Recommended for = Anyone who wants a non-smudging eyeliner underneath your eyes thorough the day, anyone who's going to swim

Make Up For Ever Artist Liner

The eyeliner glides soooo smooth and the color is pretty intense. This Artist Liner is a retractable pencil liner that I would recommend for tightlining your eyes, super convenient to use because we dont have to resharpen it every other time. It is not waterproof and so it smears a little under my eyes but not as bad as Graphic Liner. It is also quite easy to clean off

SCORE = 8 / 10
Recommended for = Anyone who is too lazy to sharpen their pencil eyeliner everytime

Make Up For Ever Crayon Kohl

I use this one for my waterline and it is very creamy and smooth, it gives intense color without having to put pressure or reapplication. It is also very easy for me to use it for smokey effect due to its creamy texture, I just need to use light hand when brushing it with eyeshadow brush and it instantly gives me amazing smokey effect. However upside down is it smears easily on hot places like any other pencil eyeliners I have tried, however it is still tolerable and not giving me total panda eyes, though I still have to check from time to time

SCORE = 7 / 10
Recommended for = Anyone who wants to smudge their eyeliner for smokey effect

Make Up For Ever Aqua Black

It clearly says a "creme eye shadow" instead of a gel liner, but I received it as a part of their eyeliner collection so I will call this the gel liner. The consistency of this product is quite intense and buildable, super creamy and easy to use. It stays on my lid quite good. However the black color is not as strong as their liquid liner series
This is a good base for smokey look or any dark eye shadow as it will help creating more pop color however I dont see the urge to use it more than MUFE other eyeliners that I have tried

SCORE = 7 / 10
Recommended for = Anyone who wants a matte finish on their eyeliner, 

From left to right :
Aqua Liner, Graphic Liner, Ink Liner, Aqua Eyes, Artist Liner, Crayon Kohl, Aqua Black

Here are the swatches of the eyeliners. 3 liquid eyeliners, 3 pencil eyeliners, and 1 gel liner

If you see closely, you can tell that the Graphic Liner has strongest intensity and nice vinyl finish, also very fine & sharp wing compared to the other 2 liquid liners. However major fault is its spreading line on the outer area of the line. Compared to that, Aqua Liner is weaker in terms of the result but it has neater line than Graphic Liner. Aqua Liner is also much more resistant among water and sweat and oil and it's the best waterproof eyeliner imo. However the finish of Ink Liner is exactly like Ink, very matte and ink-finished like. I have never had this kind of finish before and I LOVE the result as it doesnt reflect any shine

For the pencil eyeliner, Aqua Eyes and Crayon Kohl pigmentation is lower than Artist Liner. However Aqua Eyes is resistant as well against water, which is crucial for any pencil liner that is often smeared and giving panda eyes. Artist Liner is so smooth, creamier than UD Zero Pencil that I love, and better cos it comes in retractable mode.

Among the liquid liners I LOVE Aqua liner a lot for daily basis as it stays perfectly on me, but for photoshoot , I prefer having Ink Liner because of its matte finish that looks amazing on camera as it compliments my shimmery eye shadow

Artist Liner wins in pencil eyeliner category because I dont have to resharpen it everytime and it glides amazingly smooth; besides, the color is so intense. Though I would still wear the Aqua Eyes the most in Indonesia because it stays wonderful on me

I really recommend Aqua Series from my experience for anyone living in Indonesia or tropical country. It's the best invention for eyeliner so far, I am too used to cheated by advertisement saying "waterproof make up" when in fact it was a total disaster
I saw my fav youtuber Sasaki Asahi used MUFE Aqua Series too on its waterproof make up and I did believe on her. Turn out when I try it by myself, it gives me the result that I expect

So this are all the black eyeliners provided by MUFE so far and though some have impressed me, some are quite aren't. I guess that's why they have a few selections, to have people find the perfect match eyeliner for their own. For me I would be relying myself the most with Aqua Liner like I said, how about you guys?

Which eyeliner suits you the most and have you ever tried it?


Make Up For Ever Indonesia Instagram

For anyone who is wondering where to get your MUFE products, you can check Make Up For Ever Indonesia Counters to know where you can visit their stores

See you guys on my next post!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I am back with a new video, and with my purple hair!
On this video I talk about my plastic surgery procedure, and frequently asked questions 

The video is pretty long, with around 20 mins in total and so far it is my longest video!
I rambled too much but I hope you would find it new insight and information regarding plastic surgery 

I will update about my surgery again later
So far I am pleased and back on track, I wonder what kind of video I should make next 

See you guys on my next post!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Like what I have mentioned on my last post about USA Haul, I got myself pravana hair dyes that is super pigmented and very popular among hair stylist in USA. This time I tried the violet one mixed with some pink. As this is first time having rainbow hair like this, I am quite shocked to see the changes but so happy that I am able to try something out of my comfort zone

I am afraid of too bold color so I dilute the color with conditioner as what most people do on internet. Pravana is super pigmented so a tiny little bit is all you need + a lot of conditioner. I use Tresemme as it is the one that I found at Indomaret near my home lol

I dyed it twice because the first time I put too little violet like on the picture above. Therefore the second time I put a little more of it. I spread it with the brush and leave it for about an hour before rinsing it off

The color looks different on every lighting. More blue-ish indoor, and more pinkish outdoor

Indoor for filming


Indoor with other camera

So far I'm lovin it and I look more badass I guess 8D
I will keep this color for a longer time

I totally recommend Pravana because you only need tiny little amount to get this, around pea size. Therefore it will save a lot of money for next dye!

See you guys on my next post!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

I wanna share with you guys my new camera. I still have my other 2 mirrorless but adding a specific camera into my collection is not a bad thing right? I have been wanting to have a camera only for selfie purpose since last year. I cannot rely on phone's camera because no matter how good it is, it is still not good enough for my standard. I want to be able to take a selfie + upload it on my social networks, which means gotta be sharp and high quality!

I saw this selfie camera by Sony at one event with a few friends of mine and they're like "IT'S SO YOU!!". I asked the price and so on at that time, but it wasnt launched yet so I made promise to get it once it's launched
So you can imagine how happy I was when there's an email for me to review this camera. Without further ado, I say yes like asking its hand for marriage lol

Sony Kawaii Cam is a 19.2 megapixels camera which its lens can be tilted 180', making users can get the same quality both for front and back camera. You can see it below when I tilt it to the front and the back

They're available in 4 colors = White, Pink, Purple, and Green
If only they have black, I would have it but unfortunately no. I was torn apart between white and purple but decided to get purple in the end. They also customized my initial S-L on it, so thoughtful!

The head lens design is designed by swarovski and the product itself is inspired by perfume bottle. The makers want the users to still look pretty and elegant while taking selfie, hence the luxurious packaging. All my friends who have seen it rave how beautiful and stylish it is!

It is the size of normal mobile phone so very convenient to be brought along too

It comes in re-attachable table-stander so you can put it on shutter mode and have fun taking wefie with your friends XD Even the holder is so pretty and glamorous!
Unfortunately I am afraid I am going to lose it because it is not a part of the camera, gotta be careful as I cannot buy it separately @_@

Everything is super convenient and easy with minimal buttons. It is automatic camera which means the camera will do EVERYTHING for you, you dont have to adjust the ISO, Aperture, etc. Minus point is the lens is fixed and you cant zoom in / out it. Although the lens itself is only 21mm and not full-framed, the wide-angle lens helps taking picture wider and let us look slimmer on the pic lol

Super cheat one!

Everything is touch-screen and you can adjust your beauty effects too. I will be talking about the function and review it on my next post, but for today I will just scream about their pretty and convenient design first

The camera is so pretty and I can't get enough of it. I will talk about my experience with it soon on my future post as I need to master the camera first before making the review
I have been a loyal fan of Sony for years so I have pretty high expectation

Price for Sony Kawaii Cam 11 is Rp 7.000.000 and for now can only be purchased at limited store of Sony Indonesia
Jakarta = Mal Taman Anggrek
Surabaya = Tunjungan Plaza


More Info about Sony Kawaii Cam on Sony Indonesia Website


What do you think of this camera and which color attracts you most?

See you guys on my next post!

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