Friday, April 24, 2015

Left to right : Me, Paola, Janine, Catra, Tara, Cherryl

Hola! Lack of updates sorry! Since I had surgery, I delayed all my jobs so I was working on all the things I left behind during that time. The jobs were piled up and I had no time to play with my laptop T_____T 

The last jobs that beat me up is shooting with all the beauty influencers for a beauty campaign. It took us DAYS to finish but I am more than glad that the girls are all super friendly, nice, and unique on their own. We spent days together and if the environment was not good, the shooting would be more tiring. Glad that everyone is super nice and although it's exhausting, we managed it by supporting each other. I just love it! 

No circle lens yet, but doesn't matter, got tall nose LOL

I didnt really take pictures during the shooting so these pictures are thanks to Janine's phone and Catra's phone. I wished to take pictures but I was engrossed having conversation with them more, next time hopefully we would meet again soon!
I only knew Catra and Janine at first. Catra has been blogging around the same era with me so basically the old generation know each other, but up to shooting we only knew each other a little. Very happy to know her better after spent days together. As for Janine, I knew her even before she started her own blog because of weird circumstances LOL 

However I am glad that I make new friends, and most of all, positive friends :"D

During the shooting it was so exhausting and I had a lot of weird stuffs. My home is at north Jakarta and the shooting took place at Bintaro -__- An area where I never drove to. Because I had to drive from early morning and went back at night by myself, it was super exhausting. On the last night Tara and Catra joined my car to get taxi. Catra got out first but Tara went with me to BCA first to take money out. I was super tired and I left my money on ATM!!!! :( 

I just realised when we were at toll and I had no cash to pay toll fee FML LOL Tara was supposed to get out finding taxi but we ended up at highway because we were lost.. So in all weird moments and long explanation, glad that she's still there so she could lend money for toll and I drove her back to her house in the end

Anyway, the campaign would be up next month and I believe it's gonna be something awesome ^.^
Will share to you guys once it's up!

And also in all of the hectic moments, I was realized from an event in life where I was reminded that life is short. A friend of mine from junior high school just passed away last week because of cancer. She is battling against it for about a year and is always positive, moreover she always relies on God and never loses her faith. I had visited her many times with my friends when she's hospitalised and never expected that she'd be the first to be gone from our junior high school. In fact, I even visited her a week before her leaving. For days, me and my friends attended the funeral and creamation ceremony. There were a lot of tears

I realised that in the end, it doesn't matter how beautiful you are, how rich you are, how smart you are. In the end when you die, what people will remember is what deeds you have done
This friend of mine is a very cheerful and kind person, and she always brings smiles to people around her. Many students of her schools and university came right away after hearing the news, because they all respect and like her. I was moved, because the amount of people are a lot.. 
Her life is short but she manages to make a lot of people smile, and that's the most important thing of what human can do

Strangely knowing her, this is the first time I attended a funeral and believed that she's gonna be at heaven with God. She's a good girl, and she has faith on her God till the end
I wish she's in peace there

I hope I would be able to give a lot of positive things to many people too like her, all in all we don't know when our end is coming. Live your life to the fullest..

Rest in Peace, Michelle Sunaryo
You'll always be remembered

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Interested to go to Japan? 

I received many many mails about my recommendation where to go in Japan but in fact, it's all on my blog. So to make everything easier for everyone, I decided to make it a single post under Japan Travel Guide where I will compile all the posts and experiences about my travel in Japan. I am blessed by opportunities to travel a lot to my dream country and I wish to make everything easier for you in case you plan to go without tour

I will put a banner on my sidebar blog so you guys can always click on it and be directed to this list


4. Tokyo Disney Sea Part I & Part II 
5. Tokyo Disneyland Part I, Part II, Part III
7. Harajuku 
10. Odaiba
11. Yokohama Part I, Part II, & Part III




1. Oharai Machi & Ise Jingu
2. Menard Aoyama Resort Part IPart II , & Part III



1. Osaka Castle
2. Dotonbori


1. Cheap Foods in Japan

The list will be updated and hopefully be completed one day lol

See you guys on my next post!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Hello! I am really sorry that I haven't done any review and showed my face on this blog because well you know, I had horrendous face for a month and more. However I am back with another review and this time it is from a local brand named Sugar Pot. It is very very popular and I think every bloggers that I know have tried this! Sugar Pot Wax is a home remedy waxing product to remove your unwanted body hair and comes with 4 flavours to choose from!

I have used this ever since I received it to remove my arm and legs hair
Thanks to Sugar Pot Wax for sending me all the variants to try <3 Now I am here to let you know what I think!

I hardly remove my body hair because I don't really like spending time and much money on body salon just to remove it, besides waxing is pretty painful and hot. Usually I only remove it like every 3 months or so LOL And usually with razor.. Which I know is the worst hair removal progress
This is my first time trying body wax product and more special is it is local brand

Sugar Pot Wax comes in 4 variants, Honey, Strawberry, Matcha, and Chocolate

A box of Sugar Pot Wax comes with some paper strips, 2 spatulas, how to use guidebook, and a big jar of wax that contains 250g product. It is pretty big and heavy XD

The Matcha or Green Tea contains antioxidant that defends your body against the assault of free radicals on healthy cells 

The Strawberry is for those of you who want to brighten up your skin

For smoother effect on your skin, get yourself the Honey Type

If you want to moisturise your skin, place your option with Chocolate Wax

The texture of this wax is very very unique and different. You can use it as it is or heat it on microwave. For me because I have sensitive skin, esp high reaction towards heat, I use it as it is

The texture is very, gooey? And it's very sticky and thick.. I find it a little bit difficult to take it out because the wax sticks on the jar very hard ^^; 

Here's how it looks like when you take it out. Matcha, Honey, Strawberry, and Chocolate
I think the texture and consistency are same, however the fragrant is slightly different

The fragrant is pretty light and hardly noticeable for me, however the chocolate's scent is stronger in my opinion

So just spread the wax all over the area you wish to remove the hairs of. I mostly do on my legs because I show my legs more than my arm. I recommend to not spread it too thin otherwise it won't be removed

After you spread it out, just cover the area with the paper sheet provided. I usually press it to make it stick nicer and after that, pull it off fast!

The hairs come off pretty easily and in fact if you do it on small area, it doesn't hurt as much as when you do it altogether on large area. I think they really remove the hairs nicely but I find the progress a bit messy because the wax is difficult to control
Also because of its sweet aroma [and maybe taste? I don't try lol], when I stored it at my room and closed the jar not tight enough, there were some ants army around it :< 

Here's the before and after using Sugar Pot Wax
I don't really have many legs hair to begin with but it's just always nice to have everything smooth and clear

After using the wax, I think this one is better and more moisturised than other wax I have tried. Usually I have reddish irritate skin after I waxed my body hair, but my skin feels baby smooth instead when I am using Sugar Pot. My favorite is Honey anyway!

You also should spray some soothing mist after waxing to keep it hydrated. Sugar Pot also provides this one that has Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Oil as the ingredients. It gives cooling effect and very refreshing

All in all my experience with Sugar Pot is awesome. I love how it really removes my body hair but keep it healthy and not having any irritation unlike other wax. However I don't like how messy the progress is due to its very sticky texture. My hands got the stickiness from applying the wax because the spatula provided is too short. It needs certain power as well to take out the product because the wax sticks on the jar, sometimes it's also difficult to open the cap because some wax gets in between the cap and jar :<

For people who don't like hassle stuffs, it is much better to go to wax salon. However if you are up for some trouble as long as it doesn't irritate your skin and it is all natural, then go for Sugar Pot Wax. The price is very reasonable for me, Rp 85.000 for one jar and the mist is only Rp 45.000

You can visit Sugar Pot Website to find out about the products more, as well as ordering from them if you're interested. Anyone has tried this one too? :)

See you guys on my next post!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Yes.. I did a plastic surgery in Korea last end of February..
The reason why I hardly blog and took picture ever since is because I had to recover from the surgery
I don't want to say I encourage plastic surgery, this is just my personal choice. It is like saying if I dye my hair purple then I want everyone to have purple hair too. It is simply just for me only. If you wish to do so, go ahead. If you're satisfied with what you have, go ahead

There are these things that you have to know first before you judge me though :

  1. I didn't do plastic surgery recklessly. I was given opportunities to have free surgery even around 2 years ago by MANY well-known clinics. However, I had to think thoroughly about it because plastic surgery is a big matter, at least for me. There can be many pros and cons regarding it and I even had thought about just paying it on my own cos I don't want to be seen as encouraging youth to do surgery. However I believe that youth are pretty smart now and can select informations, and I will just think of my happiness in the end. I decided to go with Grand Plastic Surgery because it is one of the most well-established one and located in Gangnam Area too, a super popular district for plastic surgery in Korea
  2. Also, I prefer to at least live honestly and admit that I do surgery instead of lying to my readers. Paying for my own surgery in Indonesia or Thailand can be done secretly, however I don't want people talk about me just to question whether I do plastic surgery or no. If I do, I say I do. If I do not, I say I do not. However I believe that plastic surgery in Indonesia is still not open yet. Most of them only tell their family and secretive towards friend even lover because of the stigma, so it is back again to individual's personality whether they want to admit it or not. Everyone has their own condition
  3. I wouldn't like if I had people saying "oh Stella is only pretty after surgery". There are 3 things that I believe are the keys for beautiful appearances besides genetics, those are things that I treat regularly (skincare / treatment / nutrient foods / gym / etc), Make up, and after that Plastic Surgery. I might not be a natural beauty but I am working on it through these 3 things and if somebody says I am pretty just because I do plastic surgery. Seriously, there are far more other things that say somebody are beautiful in appearance besides surgery alone. I seriously still think I need to put on skincare and make up :< 
  4. I receive permission from both of my parents. Half of my big families had done procedures before [although none of my parents did] so it's not strange for us. Mom said when I was younger when I wanted to enhance my features, she wouldn't oppose it. Anyhow, that's kinda strange since mom allows me for surgery but she never allows me to dye my hair blonde LOL
  5. I do nose surgery [rhinoplasty] not because I am trying to be caucasian. Having tall straight nose is not caucasian trait, even from thousand years ago the beautiful women's traits from Chinese / Japanese / Indonesian / other countries are big eyes, tall straight nose, clear face, and so on. I want taller nose so I look better on side profile, more 3-Dimentional and structured
  6. I am a Catholic. Before my big decision, I was consulting to many many friends of mine, including some priests and elder-Christian-Brother kinda things for a year and more. I just knew too from them that neither Christian nor Catholic are against plastic surgery, but they didn't encourage it either. They're asking the reasons behind it and whether we're good persons or bad persons, it is not determined by that alone. So, if somebody says that by having plastic surgery will get me into hell, then let God judges me in the end. I had dozens of reasons to talk about my reasons but let my church friends and God knew it only since I don't want to make this blog post more about religion. I heard from my best friend who's Muslim [Anggy] that in Islam it's forbidden to do so. Things like hair extension using human hair, eyebrow tattoo, and such too are against their law. So if you're Islam and you don't want to go against your law, don't do it. Do what makes you feel happy and not guilty. I do not say my religion saying that my action is what people should follow, but there are other things to reconstruct about myself instead of just taking my plastic surgery action into a list. If you want to do plastic surgery and you have religion, consult with your priest / ustad / others about it. Religion is very difficult subject and I am not very knowledgeable about it, so since all of us are not saint either, let's not bring God to bring me down either, shall we?

Also . . 
Having plastic surgery won't instantly make you pretty like SNSD. So stop saying that I cheat because I won't look that different in the end. Say if your face score is 5, after surgery you'll just get 6 or 7 la approximately even if it's changing your whole face. Why? Because the basic face that you're born with can't be altered too much otherwise it will break the skin and composition given. So yes, the natural beauty people like Sandra Dewi or Dian Sastro will never lose to anyone who did plastic surgery, and even though I am plastic, they'll still far more beautiful than me. This is something that people have to know, both if they are going for surgery or not

It is a common misconception that if you do plastic surgery, your face will be like any actress / girlbands. Show me any Korean Plastic Surgery result that can beat any K-Pop stars? 
Plastic surgery should be done to enhance your face, not to change it completely, and that's my belief. If you force to change your whole face completely it will look weird and imbalance, or you'll lose your own uniqueness. For me, just do it at some parts and keep the rest. Make yourself getting prettier, but not totally a different person

This will keep you happy, and knowing the limit of plastic surgery won't make you addicted to achieve perfection that you will never have
Also, it will avoid having your children totally different from you. We don't want to make any confusion in the future right lol

Ok now you all know about this, and if you can accept all about what I am saying, please proceed to my recovery day
It will be a long and tough post, but this a real thing and a part of me

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Photo by Matome, taken by Yu Kato
How many of us can get a chance to interview our hero?? HYDE is my first reason why I love Japanese Music at the first place and last week was the third time he came to Indonesia. Out of blue I got a mail, I was asked by MATOME Staff whether I would like to Interview VAMPS for my blog and their website, without second thought I quickly agreed to once in a lifetime offer

A few hours after the mail from Matome I realised that it's 1st April .__.
So I line-d them and made sure that it's not an april fool's prank, because well it sound like it was!
Matome staff put effort to make me believe them XD And the day after he showed me the ticket and I was like, OKAY LOL

Matome is a website from Japan that curates informations and mostly about beauty! It is a website from Japan but now they make Indonesian version of it. I first met Matome team around 2 months ago, they asked me a lot of things about Indonesia as they would love to spread more informations here. If you have any suggestion and what article to do, you can also contact them ^^
Matome Website
Matome Instagram
Matome Facebook
Matome Twitter

I will write about Matome further next time, for now I want to say I am thankful for the opportunities given to me by the staffs that making this happen! They know I like HYDE and they arrange everything for me O_O Words cannot describe how grateful I am for having this incredible chance. I mean, it's around 10 years I have been a fan! I like him even before I hit puberty, before I know how to put eyeliner properly, before I start dyeing my hair blonde, even before I blog!

After the notice, I quickly went to many places. I did my eyelash extension, recovered my hair and put hair extension as well, and also retouched my gel nail. At home I put many facial masks and slimmed my arms using my 3D Massager LOL I never put this much effort to meet someone but for me, taking care of my appearance is one of my efforts to show how I respect someone that I meet. This is my legend, my idol, and someone that brings me to Japanese Culture even though he didn't know I am exist. Now I have chance to breathe the same air so gotta make sure I am decent!

Before the interview, on Saturday (4/4) one of Matome Staffs [Kato-san] and I went for VAMPS LIVE at Japan Night to report about the live. The live report is up on matome website as you can read it on Konser VAMPS di Japan Night . We were so happy with the performance and VAMPS successfully put the crowd in high tension with their amazing performance. HYDE sometimes talks in Indonesia Language to show his love to the fans and respect to this country

On Sunday (4/5) I arrived at the hotel they're staying as the interview was held there. With Kato-san as photographer and also translator and Shigegaki-san as the EO, we prepared the questions and also my mental before meeting my legend!! 

We were called to the interview room at last and my heart was pounding heavily. However I kept mentioning to myself, I have done this before I have done this before, I have met other big artists so why should I be nervous. And then, here they were. HYDE and K.A.Z were 2 meters away from the door I stepped into. Both of them wore big black sunglasses and black clothes and looked at me

Photo by Matome, taken by Yu Kato

*nosebleed, knocked out*

I hardly could move and so I looked at Kato-san and Shigegaki-san and they're like "sit down". Butterflies on my stomach, seriously... Shigegaki-san began by introducing Matome and Stella Lee to VAMPS, and I was like "omg I was introduced as myself" and need to keep telling myself to calm down. HYDE was only half a meter away from me and he sat across me, so all I could do to avoid the nervousness is by looking at K.A.Z most of the time T____T
I think HYDE thought that I was a big fan of K.A.Z bcos I hardly look at him during the interview. I was sooooo nervous so whenever I met eyes with him I quickly looked at K.A.Z again LOL


Photo by Matome, taken by Yu Kato
Photo by Matome, taken by Yu Kato

Photo by Matome, taken by Yu Kato

So we begin the interview in Japanese and I was in charge to ask the question and hold conversation with them with my broken Japanese, Kato-san and Shigegaki-san were there to assist me and I couldn't be more thankful than that
I also asked a few questions coming from the fans whom I asked on my social media before. So here are the questions!! :D

Photo by Matome, taken by Yu Kato

Photo by Matome, taken by Yu Kato

1. How was this time's concert?
HYDE : First thing is, the bands we performed together [Tokyo Ska Paradise and Alexandros] are quite close to us so I enjoyed this event
K.A.Z : This is my second concert in Jakarta actually, last time I performed at outdoor and this time we performed indoor so it's a little bit different. The foods were delicious and lots of Indonesian fans were actually waiting for us. I really enjoyed it. I have fun doing concert here

2. You have come many times to Indonesia, what do you think of Indonesian fans?
HYDE : They are cute. I felt pureness of fans here. Felt like, they're not naughty at all. They are cute and their eyes are sparkling. So cute!!
K.A.Z  : I feel like a lot of them are shy and fresh, they are great

3. Where have you been so far in Indonesia?
HYDE : Uhhmm... From hotel to the concert hall maybe
*whole room laughs*
HYDE : And also room to room
Stella : That's all..?
HYDE : Yeah *laughs*
Stella : How about you K.A.Z-san?
K.A.Z  : Airport..? Sorry *laughs*. But from the window it looks so fun too

4. Do you like Indonesian Food?
HYDE :  Yes I like it. What did I eat yesterday? Oh the one with chicken on the stick..?
Shigegaki-san : Sate..
HYDE : Yeah that's right. Sate?
K.A.Z  : For me, I like nasi goreng and kare
Stella : Are you okay with Spicy Food too?
HYDE - K.A.Z  :  Yes we all love it
K.A.Z  :  Tom Yum Goong was nice too!
Stella :  LOL but that's Thai Food
K.A.Z  :  Oh yea yea *laughs*

5. Many people agree that HYDE is one of the sexiest men alive. A lot of fans are crazy of your high pheromone. How can you be so sexy? 
HYDE : Is that so? *laughs* Maybe because I always think about (sexually) naughty things? *laughs*

At this point I didnt really understand his Japanese suddenly I was like, ee?? Later Kato-san mentioned Hyde answered because he's "eroi" LOLOL
HYDE : Maybe because I am a vampire nee?

6. Do you have any plan to come again to Indonesia again soon?
HYDE : I don't have any plan yet. Please invite me again!

7. Do you want to go and have a live at other cities in Indonesia outside Jakarta?
HYDE : I really want to go to Bali. A friend of mine lives there and always asks me to come. He told me Bali is a nice place and I should come. But I have never been there
Stella : Bali is a good place!
HYDE : Really? *interested*
Stella : How about K.A.Z-san?
K.A.Z  : I always wanted to visit Bali too but anywhere would be interesting for me!

8. When do you feel you're most handsome?
HYDE : Maybe when I am doing live? I never think I am handsome when I look at myself. But when I watch myself in live at screen, I think I look handsome during it *laughs*
K.A.Z  : When I am sleeping *laughs*

9. Do you do any exercise to keep in shape and do you also control your food intake?
HYDE :  I dont usualy consume carbs. I have low carb diet to take care of my body
K.A.Z  : Well, I tried to move around a lot. I don't do anything special, I just eat what I want to eat

10. What is your inspiration when making songs?
HYDE : There is this annoying thing called DEADLINE *laughs*. When the deadline is pushing me, then there comes my inspiration *he shows gestures how his inspiration comes out*

11. HYDE is known for being so stylish and adventurous in fashion hair style. Which hair style you love the most?
HYDE : Hmmmmm... The one I really like is the hair style that I often do at L'Arc~en~Ciel. You know, Blade, the one that has braid all over until around my chest. I like it but I only can take it for just one day *laughs* I can't really continue doing it! 
Stella : How about K.A.Z-san?
K.A.Z  :  My hairstyle has always been like this for forever *laughs* so yea this is it..

12. There are a lot of people who like Japan and Japanese Culture. Which place in Japan that you think Indonesian people should visit?
HYDE : You mean Japan? Not only in Tokyo right? Japan . . . ahhh... *looks at K.A.Z  Where do you usually go?
K.A.Z  : Kyoto, Hida Takayama. These places still have Japanese old buildings and I really recommend it
Stella : How about places in Tokyo?
K.A.Z  : I recommend Asakusa!
Stella : How about HYDE-san's recommendation?
HYDE : I like Kyushu. Food is so delicious in Fukuoka! Maybe number 1 in Japan! I'll recommend there?

13. What is your favourite Japanese Food?
HYDE : Japanese food... Hmmm... Natto *laughs* I just simply love it. If you ask me why I like it, long time ago I hated it because it was so smelly. But once you eat it, it is so delicious
K.A.Z I like Lettuce Shabu-Shabu

14. What is Japanese Food that you want Indonesian people to try?
HYDE : Hmmm.... If you guys like the chicken on the stick (sate / satay) you might like yakitori. There are a lot of varieties, taste, and kinds until you can't eat it all. I really recommend that.
Stella : What about your recommendation K.A.Z-san?
K.A.Z If I said Hachinoko, would you know it? *laughs*
Stella : Hachinoko??
Shigegaki-san : Bee... Bee Larva...
Stella : Eeee.... (O_O|||)
K.A.Z  : I also recommend Chanko Nabe to everyone! [Nabe for sumo people]

15. Many fans also rave about how beautiful and pretty HYDE-san is. Please share us your beauty secret
HYDE :  Secret?? Hmm... Secret... Hmm... I wonder what it is? Maybe... sucking young girls blood? *laughs* 

Ok HYDE, he answered pretty witty and absurd on some questions but nevertheless we get it, you're a vampire and you do what vampire do so that explains your beauty and pheromone XD

When we finished the interview there were some pictures shot taking and we also asked for signature for Matome's special giveaway [head to Matome Facebook fan page for more info], then suddenly HYDE talked to me!!! My face was like /(O___O||||||)\
"Legend talks to me... My 10 years waiting" I screamed that in my heart

HYDE asked if I have ever been to Japan before and I said yes a few times
Then he asked me again which places in Japan I have visited before and I named a few but I mentioned that I hadn't been to Wakayama yet [his birthplace] lol and he was laughing like "why Wakayama haha"

I mentioned I have been to Fukuoka too so we talked about Fukuoka. We both agreed the food is super good there [So you guys should definitely go!!!] He was also surprised that I went to Beppu, Oita and interested why I was there, I said for TV Shooting [Kokoro no Tomo]. If you watched Kokoro no Tomo, you will know I acted as a student from APU that's located at Beppu in Kyushu Area
I also mentioned that HYDE is the reason why I love Japan, mostly their music and fashion. He is my inspiration. He bowed and smiled to me, saying thank you afterwards and I DIED T________T

I also shamelessly asked for a signature on CD and selfie. K.A.Z and HYDE suddenly moved away and gave me space between them. We took this selfie together and before everyone screamed on my social media, I seriously didn't realise the ring that Hyde wore
A lot of people mentioned that it's batu akik that's given by a fan. I didnt have idea about it ^^;

HYDE then showed interest at my flip screen mirrors camera and asked "hee? That camera has flip screen? So cool" so I was responding "wanna try?" and gave it to him he was like "iiiee iiie" I guess I gave wrong response LOL

We said goodbye to VAMPS and I said arigatou-gozaimasu too many times before leaving and I died after that at the lobby. Shigegaki-san was laughing at me but Kato-san was nervous as well for interviewing legend. I couldn't believe that I spent that long time with my long-life-idol


It is more than anything I could ask for. After we reached lobby, I literally fell on the floor, powerless. Shigegaki-san was laughing but Kato-san was nervous too so he understood my pain lol

Oh I heard from my friend that there were a lot of fans whom met HYDE at airport, meet and greet, etc and got a hug and sign. My friend encouraged me to ask for a hug knowing that I would meet him, but the interview was pretty tense for me and I was so embarrassed to ask a guy for a hug [now look at who's talking, a blondie woman with short skirt lol] T////T 

I never ask for a hug from any guy, well ok, my brother maybe XD; but it's too embarrassing to ask for his hug in front of too many people. So I didnt ask haha.. I didn't even shake hand, basically no physical touch at all so rest assured gals! >_<; I don't touch our idol ok! 

I don't know how much gratitude I should give to Matome Team. They're a great website with great staffs involved and I am so happy to know them. From now, you can check out Matome Website too!

You can also read the translated interview in Bahasa Indonesia on Matome Website
VAMPS Menikmati Konser di Indonesia [Part 1]

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png Hopefully you enjoy this interview, and gain new knowledge about VAMPS