Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Been to Japan many times, but there's this one place I always want to visit. Which is Hokkaido. I stayed at its main city, Sapporo for a few nights to experience winter wonderland, however it's too freezing for a tropical creature like me lol

At its famous clock tower! Around 15-20 mins walk from my hotel but we're super freezing so we took taxi lol

Scarf and Gloves = Liz Lisa
Coat = Shein 
Legging = 3 layers of Uniqlo heattech lol
Boots = Random boots purchased in Sapporo Department Store

I bundled up so many layers and it was still COLD..  I have never experienced winter that harsh but everywhere I walked into, thick white snow welcomed me and it's so beautiful on the picture. Yes, only on the picture.... lol
Because if youre there, just imagine wearing like 5 thick layers of clothes and still cold, whenever you want to take out your phone to reply message, you have to remove your gloves and it's f*ckin freezing, like you hold an ice cube
Then it's super stuffed, you can hardly feel your body, and esp you look fatter because of all the layers lol
And when you get inside a mall or subway with heater, you feel hot and remove your hot pack from your body but later on you'll need it again. fml lol

I came in January and the weather is around 5 celcius during the day, and can reach up to -5 at night
The snow was heavy and thick, around 30-70cms.. And snow rain and heavy storm were common during that time. However I heard snow in Hokkaido is better than the rest because it doesn't make your clothes wet due to its powdery type

Which is true. I had snow moment in Kyoto and because the temperature wasn't that cold *perhaps*, it becomes water when it drops into my clothes, making my clothes and hair wet. But in Sapporo, I can just shrug it off and it's all set

We took a lot of taxi in Sapporo because we could hardly walk there. And with storm, we basically couldnt see anything LOLOL
However it's a good experience and ALL THE FOODS ARE SOOOOO HEAVENLY AMAZING

I really want to come back again, but maybe summer, when the weather isn't as harsh as this one lol

See you guys on my next post!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Follow our journey for 6 days 4 nights in Tokyo where we experience Kawaii Tokyo together! 
Thanks to everyone's support, the tour is a success!!

For those of you who want to join the next batch, you can also check out the announcement on the video ^^

Monday, February 1, 2016

Holaa~ I am back to Jakarta but this is OOTD from Japan a few weeks ago :)

I literally had 3 heat tech underneath my clothes and I was still freezing. Idk what's wrong with my body lol 
Sooo... I have so many posts and videos to share with you guys and I am still editing it one by one. This is the first time I am doing a full vlogging intention during Japan trip, because usually it's always about blog post and post. Still learning guys but it's so fun! 

Mostly my wardrobe consists of monochrome color, including this passport holder from snake skin
I got this from my cousin, from RnDgoods on Instagram
They use real snake leather and the quality is without a doubt a top notch

They also print their logo inside
It holds my passport, ticket, pen, and able to store a lot of cards
Very convenient indeed because my last passport cover is just a mere cover lol

Soon it's Chinese New Year and gotta work hard to earn a lot of red pockets lol After all, I need to gain back money that I had spent in Japan hahaha

May this year be good as well for you!

See you guys on my next post!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

After finished my Kawaii Tour with my readers, I brought my mom all over Japan as it's her first time FINALLY!

In case you wonder, no I do not get that much money to splurge from my tour. My mom got her ticket as I had a return ticket to Tokyo that I won from a blogging competition. And then for the flights, we used cheap domestic flight and use my mileage points to book some flights. For hotels, we picked affordable one and use Airbnb Apartments. Even for Airbnb I got some off price because I have some coupons as well LOL

Talk about economical trip!

 One thing that I love during winter trip is of course the snow and illumination lights. It's all just so beautiful, magical, and dreamy. I grew up in Indonesia so winter and snow are mesmerizing for me

Mom and I managed to play ski, throwing snow balls at each other, experienced heavy snow rain, seeing illumination lights, and so on. It's all wonderful and just lack of my father and brother HAHA 
They gotta wait until I win another 3 tickets for them then we can go together lol

Otherwise, freakin expensive la lol

But it's my dream to experience winter together as a whole family. So, lets cross fingers as nothing is impossible in life!

Talking about Winter, in some areas of Japan there would be many winter and snow festivals going on during February. One of it is Towada Winter Story that's located at Lake Towada, in Aomori Prefecture. It's only a few hours drive or around 2 hours Shinkansen from Tokyo so it's perfect if you want to experience winter to the fullest as you can't get this in Tokyo


They carve Samurai and Demonic Face on the snow and light them up, it's super interesting!! Must must must visit next time I visit Japan again!

And inside? It's an IGLOO BAR!!! 

It's usually done around February - early March, so if you happen to visit Japan during that time, please drop by and let me know how it is

And for more information about any tourist spots in Tohoku area, dont forget to follow Taste of Tohoku on Facebook!

See you guys on my next post!

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