Thursday, September 3, 2015

The common question that I receive most of the time is "your hair, is it damaged?"

Of course it is. It has been through bleaching process that put avada kedavra magic to my hair. It feels rough, dry, and lifeless. Some friends of mine even refer it like "sapu ijuk" -_-

I have done treatment once in Japan and it was freaking awesome!! Because I could finally run my fingers through ;_; Anyone who have done bleaching in their life, would know the pain. I can only brush my hair using selected brush, I cannot sleep with wet hair or I will wake up with lion hair, and I cannot use any normal shampoo

That's the life of bleached hair

HOWEVER, Ever since Milbon came to Indonesia, I have been using their products forever and they're truly the Japanese Professional standard. I know the price may be steep, but good quality products doesn't come with bargained price. I would reveal to you my monthly ritual, like what every salon in Japanese do. This is the secret of every Japanese shiny glossy and healthy hair despite the bleach :X

It is Milbon Linkage

The linkage series can only be done at salon collaborating with Milbon Indonesia. They dont sell it for customers because it is only for professional use. I can get it thank to Milbon Indonesia directly #PerksOfBeautyBlogger

Whenever I can, I always come over to salon to do it. The last time I did it was at Ryoji's salon, but Milbon Indonesia gave this to me as well so I just tried it at home as well. BUT please keep in mind that it is only for salon, so you can try the treatment that is TOO-GOOD-TO-BE-TRUE and THANK-I-AM-ALIVE at salon that uses Milbon. I have tried other hair treatments available in Jakarta and NONE can give me the smooth finish like Milbon Linkage!

I wont reveal how it works, because the process is a secret lol But there are 3 steps done. Usually the treatment will be around 30-45 mins, and last around 2-3 weeks

From left to right = No 1, 2, and 3 in order

The series smells AH-MAZING. It's a mixture of floral and fruity I guess? My hair smells so good for a week after the treatment! The scent is addictive and pretty strong :O

Here's the before and after

I havent used Linkage for 6 weeks and I didn't really take care of my hair for the last 3 weeks before the pic taken.. And then I went to Ryoji to change my purple into blonde, more bleaching. So of course it's bababoom, cannot brush!

I am so sorry hair . .

Then after just a normal 3-step treatment from Linkage

Keep in mind that I did NOT straighten it up using flat iron or what.. Usually this kind of hair will fly everywhere, but it's quite smooth and manageable compared to the previous disaster T.T

If you want to try the treatment, the price vary according to the salon. Whether you just want to have a smooth hair or a perfect booster to help you going through any problem caused by your damaged hair, you should definitely give it a try

Dont lie, this is the best hair innovation that has been available in Jakarta so far. At least for my type of hair :(

I can brush my hair easily now ;___; 

You can contact Milbon Indonesia to ask where the salon available near your place, or maybe try it at Ryoji salon? Bonk Salon is also using Milbon if I am not mistaken :D

See you guys on my next post!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Halo semuanya!

Sori banget ngilang dan jadi aga jarang ngobrol sama kalian. Soalnya karena beberapa minggu lalu aku sempet nanya di Instagram kalau kira kira ada yang mau pergi ke Jepang barengan aku apa enggak, ternyata responsnya cukup positif dan akhirnya aku sibuk mengurus itinerary dan segala akomodasi

So aku mau ngadain private tour sendiri, iya aku yang bikin itinerarynya dan aku juga yang nanti memandu kalian di Tokyo :)
Kali ini destinasinya Tokyo dulu karena aku paling familiar dengan Tokyo

Itinerarynya itu agak sedikit berbeda dengan tour tour lainnya. Jadi ini lebih ke Shopping and Beauty Tour. So pasti cewek banget, dan yang pergi juga cewek-cewek nih :D
Dan aku buatnya bener-bener budget tapi tetep dapet standardnya yang ala tour. Hotelnya sendiri oke dan berada di jalur Yamanote, dan juga kita pakai pesawatnya itu Garuda, aka direct flight

Why? Karena comfy, aku gak pengen yang namanya udah dateng ke Jepang malah transitnya lama, dan nyampenya di waktu gak enak + bagasinya juga susah. Kalau pakai Garuda, bagasinya dapat 2, cukup banget buat belanja abis-abisan :D

Ini pas pertama kali ke Jepang dan pertama kali ke Disney. Duh muda sekali aku, dan itu idungnya masih asli belum oplas ;) Ada yang inget foto jaman ini?

Sayangnya waktu aku minta daftar email, ada satu tour yang cukup aneh dan malah emailin semua pembacaku untuk ikut tour dia dan malah menjadi misleading ke kalian. Beberapa ada yang mengira kalau itu partnerku tapi bukan ya! Akhirnya aku harus hapus post instagram tersebut karena takut merugikan kalian-kalian yang lain

Jadi in the future kalau kalian menerima email sejenis, emailku itu hanya satu,

iya DOT ID, bukan DOT COM

Jadi berapa harganya, dan bakalan ngapain aja?

Cukup download di LINK ini
Kita rencana kepergiannya sekarang ini untuk batch pertama 6-11 Januari 2016
Tapi ada kemungkinan juga 5-10 Januari 2016 tergantung kondisi

Kenapa kita pergi tanggal segitu? Karena itu New Year Sale di Jepang dan rencananya kita mau shopping disana. NY Sale di Jepang itu kayak Black Fridaynya Amerika dimana seluruh toko pada sale besar-besaran. Selain itu ada tanggal-tanggal di mana Disney Sea itu sepi banget dan kita gak harus ngantri berjam jam untuk naikin satu wahana. Yak bener banget, ini semua ada di tur ini!

Kemudian kalau kalian tertarik, bisa email aku dengan format =

Nama Sesuai Passport =
Jumlah orang yang ikut =
Tanggal pulang dan kepergian =

ke  :)

Kalau bagi yang mau bertanya-tanya dulu juga bisa email dulu :D 
Karena ini private tour sendiri, so jumlahnya benar-benar aku limitin banget. Maksimum 30 orang [dan mungkin kurang, kalau tiket promonya habis ya langsung tutup kloter juga]

We really need to move fast karena you know, tour mau murah itu gak bisa dadakan
Hopefully there are many people yang tertarik, dan nanti siapa tau bisa adain tour ke dua or ketiga or seterusnya :)

Aku tunggu emailnya ya!
Hopefully can go to Japan altogether with you all <3

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What would you do if you have 35 lipgloss with different colors each?

For me it is an absolute answer,
make a swatch color comparison and review it :D

I received all the colors of the newest lipgloss from Make Up For Ever called Artist Plexi Gloss. It's just recently launched and so far this is my first time seeing a lot of crazy colors at once [including purple etc] at one make up line that is available in Indonesia

The colors come in 5 categories. First one is the nude category, followed by pink shade, coral shade, red shade, and purple-black shade

Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi Gloss comes with its superflex applicator that can store enough products for your lips, letting you privilege to not have to take out the product many times. 1-2 Take out is all you need

The applicator is so soft and delivers it nicely, it is also very easy to draw thin and thick line depending on the pressure I give. The lip gloss promises long lasting result and glossy-vinyl finish 

Here's the swatch on my lips of all the 35 glosses

The lipgloss lasts around 4-5 hours on me and the staying power is pretty good. It still leaves a bit of tint on my lips even after the color disappears. The finish and pigmentation power is different among each one of the gloss, some is very pigmented and creamy while some is sheer. Take a note on the number with P on the end, as it means the gloss with have pearly finish

I love the purple color but I am disappointed with the black gloss as it's not as pigmented as I thought. I had to reapply it up to 4 times to get decent color. I guess it's better as a top on black lipstick. Like I said, while some glosses are very pigmented, some are not, and black just happens to be in the later. If you wonder which one is pigmented and which one is not, just take a look at the lip swatch above

Although it promised to be not sticky, as any normal lip gloss, I think it's super sticky and giving quite uncomfortable feeling if you use too much. It doesn't blend into my lips but giving a thin sticky coat instead. However the gloss is very moisturizing and never once emphasize my dry lips :O

The product is 19$ at US but it is Rp 320.000 in Indonesia. Quite pricey if I must say, but I really recommend the Lilac and Purple to be in your collection as it is difficult to get purple shade of lipgloss in Indonesia

Because the lipgloss is pretty long lasting, it is quite difficult to clean it off even with my strong make up remover :O

Other colors that I like are = 
204 - Old Pink, 209 - Fuschia Pink, 304 - Red Coral, and 400 - Orange Red

Overall I like some of them, but I dont recommend to collect all 35 of it, as some is not worth it :x sorry

BUT, Some of the colors are amazing and it is pretty long lasting. If you happen to have dry lips, you might consider having this baby as it's very moisturizing. I know lip tint or lip cream can give very pigmented color but usually if you have dry lips, it will look so obvious!

Pros : 
  • Comes in available 35 shades 
  • Has amazing applicator tip for 
  • Moisturizing
  • Some of the shades are very pigmented
  • Long lasting

Cons :
  • Super sticky
  • Quite pricey
  • Difficult to remove

Upon reading this blog post, which shade strikes your attention the most? :D

Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi Gloss is available at every MUFE Counters in Indonesia :)

See you guys on my next post!

Monday, August 24, 2015

I prefer my hair long, period. I am never confident with short hair but because of the damaged hair and a lot of stuffs going on, my hair is still shoulder length. So I opt for hair extension, clip on, or wig most of the time. I was offered by Irresistible Me to try their clip on hair extension and of course I want to :D I never tried 100% real human hair so I want to know the quality!

Anyway for those of you who wondered, I got it from this US Based online store, they shipped worldwide. Last time I got my hair extension is the braid type and local hair, which means it is black and we gotta bleach it many times to reach my hair level. However it damaged the extension and that's why I got another one instead that comes in blonde already

I cant seem to find any blonde shade clip on or hair extension that is 100% human hair in Indonesia, so I am glad that I found this site, and if you have difficulty like me, you might want to try buying it overseas

I got my package within 5 days working day after I placed the order, which is super FAST! 

The product itself blends beautifully with my new hair, thanks to Ryoji salon for helping me to achieve it
For me the quality is beyond awesome! It is super smooth and I can easily curl and straighten it, and it is coated beautifully, giving amazing gloss finish

I have the extension in 200gr but in fact it is super thick!! :O I cant believe how thick it is on my hair, and I mostly use only half of it. So I think 100gr should be enough :D


I even wore it on my last tutorial ^^
Super love it, thank you Irresistible Me for the hair clip! You can visit their website HERE and this is the one that I got :D

See you guys on my next post!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

As you guys know that I dyed my hair golden blonde, it is to match Taeyeon SNSD for this tutorial. Yes that's my real hair but for the length, I use clip on hair extension [will review later]

Many might not know that I also listen to KPop due to my love toward Japan. But hey, I am unbiased regarding music and taste. I listen to SNSD and Big Bang and 2NE1, and I used to listen to Super Junior and SS501. I also watch K-Drama and I know which one I need when I need what

For example, I think for romantic dramas, KDrama wins over JDrama because of it's cheesiness and that dokidoki feeling lol Also the guy usually has good bodies, tall and muscular! While for JDrama the romantic genre is not their virtue as they look awkward sometimes lol

But when I want to get realistic perception, I'll go for JDrama

For SNSD, My favorite is Taeyeon, no objection. However recently I think Yuri is someone that I want to achieve lol Dat body . .

Although I tried to look like her, but our facial features are quite different so of course cant look like her 100% T_T Also my eyes are bigger and I dont even use Starry Light or any eye tape bzz. At this point I realize having monolid can be quite an advantage. You can be monolid or double eyelid. I used to have monolid but I kept using eye tape and it helps my eyes getting bigger LOL 

Now I want it back for sexier look ugghhh!!!

Please watch the video. I only make it for 3-mins length video although the recording process itself takes soooo long hahaha
Hopefully you guys get the grip of it!

Have a happy saturday!

See you guys on my next post!

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