Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Body Shop, Japan Foundation, Kokoro no Tomo, and Taiwan

Done a lot of things but bcos of my computer broke, I had to delay updating new things and only finished up the old drafts back then

However just want to update that your little Stella has done many things recently :D

I appeared on the campaign of The Body Shop for Jakarta Fashion Week 2015!! And you can see my face on their TVC to show make up tutorial! ^.^

Also appeared on their booklet. For some people who are interested with my real face, without photoshop angle or editing, simply just see the TVC la.. I admit I photoshop my face sometimes when I find the photos taken with bad angle, but to be honest the amount is very minimal recently lol

I used to photoshop a lot 5-8 years ago, but now I am happy with my own self lol
Self confidence is unlocked

My dress for the JFW event is by my talented friend, Vheii

I also appeared as speaker of Japan Foundation along with Fujisaki Aya, a Japanese Designer for brand named Apolia. We're talking about the fashion in Japan and how to adapt it in Indonesia

Dress is once again by my friend Vheii

Next I was invited to Taiwan by Vidal Sassoon to show my self-hair styling along with other girls from other countries. I represent Indonesia ^____^

 Dress is by Albert Yanuar

Btw my laptop is finally well, and I hope this will be the last of the reparation era since it's the 3rd one this year. I am back from all the hectic stuff and Taiwan, Jakarta already safe and sound. Right now I am working on my delayed blog post and other stuffs

Oh btw, the teaser for Kokoro no Tomo Pop 2 is out and you can watch me on a few seconds here lol

Ok so that's all the updates from my life so far! End of year is approaching and Christmas is coming. It's my favourite time of the year! 
I am planning to start studying Japanese again [Only learned it for 1-2 months and stopped wtf]

I think I am going to get a private teacher hmmm... Anyone has done so as well?
Any recommendation?

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick Review and Swatch

Oh HI!!! Back with me on my beauty product review and this time it is the infamous Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick that I had been eyeing for a while! Since its launched, I have seen that many beauty gurus love this baby and being a beauty junkie, this had been on my list for a long time. As I have obtained this for a while and tested it on my own, lets move on to the review!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Thread Lift and Botox for Sharper and Smaller Face at Dermaster

How far you want to go in the name of beauty? For me at the moment as long as I don't put myself under knife [basically since I am a chicken lol] I would love to try everything that can beautify me 

I was planning to have a TV Shooting in Japan with Kokoro no Tomo Team and I would want to make sure that I appeared good. Before my flight to Japan, a clinic named Dermaster that claims as no 1 Beauty Clinic in Asia offered me to do some face treatment, I immediately jumped to agreement. At first we would like to do more laser for my skin but since my schedule is pretty tight and it would take time to heal, so we moved to thread lift and botox instead to make my face smaller!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Review

Have you ever felt so weary at the end of a long day, sitting in front of your vanity table and wondering how to magically strip your face off the layer of makeup you put on at the beginning of the day?

As much as I love make up, I have to bear with the responsibility of cleansing progress that takes a while [for thorough and squeaky clean result]. I can bear if I am not too tired but . . .

Most of the times, I am just super tired and want to jump into bed

Many ladies, including myself, found a dread in cleansing makeup yet understood perfectly the importance of it. I would skip shower if I came home late and dead tired at night but definitely wouldn't sleep before I made sure my skin could breath again. Luckily, it doesn't always have to be a long routine of cleansing anymore, as this little miracle solution could just be your savior at the end of your day.

 Today I will share with you guys the cleanser that has accompanied me for a while, and becomes my savior when I am almost dead on the bed LOL

Friday, December 5, 2014

Indonesia's Hair Secret

Halo semuanya! Udah lama nih aku nggak nulis blog dalam bahasa Indonesia ^.^ Rasanya agak canggung, tapi akhir-akhir ini rasanya kepengen nulis tanpa pusingin soal grammar dan lain-lain lol Sekalian biar jadi lebih dekat sama readers aku yang dari Indonesia juga hehehe. Kebetulan juga ini merupakan brand lokal Indonesia, jadi tampaknya lebih pantas kalau pakai bahasa Indonesia :)

Beberapa minggu ini aku banyak posting review soal makeup, salah satunya karena aku lebih pede soal kulit wajah daripada rambutku T__T Gak lama yang lalu aku melakukan retouch lagi untuk akar rambutku di salon baru dan lagi-lagi, hasilnya kurang menyenangkan *nangisin patahan rambut* 

Untungnya, di saat genting kayak gini juga aku dapat  kesempatan untuk mencoba salah satu produk yang mungkin bisa dibilang sedikit banyak menyelamatkan kondisi rambut aku, dan yang paling oke adalah produk ini berasal dari Indonesia ^.^

Yuk cari tahu gimana 3 langkah perawatan rambut dari Ellips membantu memperbaiki rambutku!