1 Day in Kamakura Enoshima

February 12, 2020

When we are traveling, most of the time we have already prepared the itinerary of what we are going to do when we get to our destination. Shopping, sightseeing, and food hunting are some popular options to do while traveling.  This time I will be recommending you another cities recommendation from Tokyo that you can visit within short distance and time, and perfect for a day trip.


If you are planning a short getaway from Tokyo, Kamakura is in a perfect location. It can be reached within an hour from Tokyo by train. The first option is to take the JR Yokosuka Line, the fastest and simplest way to reach Kamakura. It goes directly from Tokyo Station to Kamakura Station, the ride costs 940 yen. Or you can take the same train from Shinagawa Station and the ticket costs 730 yen. The travel time depends on what train you're taking so you can use google maps to check how long it is from your place

Kamakura is a historical town in Kanagawa prefecture which is very popular among tourist, both local and international. It has so many tourist attraction such as temples, shrines, great buddha, and other historical monuments. But in this post, I will show you another option if you are going to visit Kamakura


First thing first, I went to rent a kimono to stroll around Kamamura. Not only it is pretty to wear and to take picture with, you can feel more of the Japanese vibe while exploring Japan with its traditional clothing.

I decided to explore Kamakura by taking a 30 minutes rickshaw ride. This was my first time riding rickshaw, I am so excited!! The rider even gave me a pamphlet of kamakura map for me to take a look while riding the rickshaw. We explored some places around Kamakura, from Komachi street to some places that is less touristy. What a fun ride!

The perks of choosing rickshaw ride is that the rickshaw rider really knows well area around Kamakura. He brought me to this pretty hidden spot, and took the picture above just by using phone! Too Pretty! Can you believe that this picture is taken just by using phone?? Blue sky, red bridge, with sun shines through the trees, what a perfect combination! Lucky me, my rickshaw rider was pretty good at taking pictures.


After going around Kamakura with rickshaw, I decided to walk around and find some street snacks at Komachi street, also known as Komachi Dori. It is a shopping street at Kamakura. There are so many cafes, gift shops, and restaurants you can find along the street. Komachi street has the best places to eat out and shop for souvenirs. There are also some stalls that sell handy street snacks which you can enjoy while strolling around the street.

First stop! I bought hato sable, which is a dove shaped butter cookie that is sized as big as adult palm. Compared to a standard biscuit, they use more butter to make the sable, and have crunchier texture. I bought the hato sable from Toshimaya, which apparently is one of the most famous shop here in Komachi street. Their hato sable is just soooo good! So crispy, so buttery! The best sable I have ever tried. I even want more!! I will make sure to buy this back home if I go to Kamakura again in the future.

Toshimaya's hato sable can be a good souvenir option for you to bring back. Not only that it tastes really fragrant and delicious, it is very affordable too, it costs only 108 yen per cookie and have a quite long shelf life.

The next one is Japanese omelete with Shirasu, and Shirasu itself is Kamakura specialty! The sweetness of the Japanese omelete paired with the saltiness of the shirasu makes this street snack so balance.  

When in Kamakura, eat purple ice cream! The cold weather did not stop me from buying this murasaki imo or purple sweet potato soft serve. This purple sweet potato ice cream tasted soooo good and fragrant!

Next stop, I was having lunch in AW Kitchen Garden Kamakura. AW Kitchen Garden Kamakura also has open terrace garden right beside Enoshima railway, so you can see trains passing by while eating here at the restaurant.

I had some foods here, from salad, pasta, and also dessert. Everything is delicious, but the highlight of that day's dish is the salad. So good and so fresh!! Local produced veggies and fruits that are beautifully presented to the customer. 


If you have some more spare time, try to extend your trip to Enoshima as well, located only around 30 mins by train from Kamakura Train Station. This island has numbers of tourist attractions, such as beautiful shrines, souvenir shops, street foods, and also observatory.

Red torii gates at Enoshima because this island is also known for their beautiful shrines.

Another highlight of the day! A recommendation from Anakjajan to try, this is ebi senbei, or shrimp rice cracker that is made paper thin an sized bigger than adult head. They used fresh shrimp that was pressed until paper thin, so that you can still see the shrimp shape on the senbei. So crunchy, fragrant, and fun to eat. If you don't like shrimp, there is also octopus rice cracker or tako senbei for another option for you to try.


Another spot I wanted to visit is Samuel Cocking Garden. This place is also known as the Enoshima Tropical Plants Garden. This botanical garden was established by English merchant, Samuel Cocking during the Meiji Period. The mix of Japanese and European influences gives this garden an exotic feel to it. Visitors can enjoy a variety of seasonal flowers and plants depending on the season.


Here is another reason to visit Enoshima, especially during winter. Located at the Samuel Cocking Garden, there is Enoshima Sea Candle that will turn into super pretty light illumination during the night time. The illumination is a limited-time event and is held at different times every year. Last time, I visited during winter Session which was held on 23rd November 2019 - 16th February 2020. Since the date for each illumination event varies each year, dont forget to check before you visit the place!

This light illumination is just too pretty and breathtaking! Me myself have never seen anything like this before. The illumination is so magnificent and really one of a kind.

You can go up to the tower of the Enoshima Sea Candle and enjoy the view of this island from above.

Even the trees are also lighted up with some colorful lanterns hanging. What a beautiful place, Enoshima Sea Candle light illumination really completes my trip to Kamakura and Enoshima.


After exploring Kamakura and Enoshima for whole day long, I arrived at Iwamotoro Ryokan to spend the night here. I really recommend you guys to try choosing ryokan and sleep in tatami room to experience more of the Japanese culture. This place is so comfortable and they have 2 types of onsen in this ryokan, the first one is roman bath and the second one is cave bath. What a perfect option to go to onsen after a long long day.

So this was my room for the night. The dinner was served here inside the room. I had a Japanese dinner complete with freshly catched seafood from local area. All of the foods are very good and hearty. Mr. Jajan, Mrs. Jajan, and I enjoyed it so much. After we had dinner, the ryokan staffs tidied up the table, and changed it to futon to sleep. The next morning, I was pampered with complete Japanese breakfast. I can even look at Mount Fuji across the ocean from the window of my room.

Overall I can say that I had a memorable visit to Kamakura and Enoshima. The short duration trip from Tokyo makes me want to visit Kamakura and Enoshima once in a while when I need short escape. Kamakura and Enoshima are the must visit destination for you, not just because it is really near from Tokyo, but of their beauty too. Hope I can recommend you guys another destination option anytime soon! That is all for this post, talk to you guys on the next post!

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