My name is Stella, and Lee is my Family Name in Chinese. I’m not a professional make up artist, I just love make up because it's a form of art and a basic for Japanese Fashion Style. I have been loving draw and Japan since I was a child. Entering teenager age, my world expands to make up

I am neither tall nor beautiful nor talented nor everything. I am like any other normal girl, like you, who works hard to learn and be passionate about Japanese Fashion & Make Up Style

I’ve been blogging since I was 13, been through a lot of blogs such as blogspot, ameblo, multiply, xanga, etc. But all of them never lasts and I’m stuck with wordpress since last 2009. I try my best to make this one the best and the last one.  Moved to blogspot since July 2012. Fed up with wordpress

I started blogging to write about myself but recently I’m into blogging about my passions in make up and gyaru styles. Addicted to thick false lashes and high heels because influenced of Gyaru style. 
I love making new friends, especially people who share same passions and idealism with me

I LOVE JAPAN, their culture, their people, their food, their fashion, and so on. I’m into their street style[visual kei] since I’m 13-14, but just became addicted into gyaru for the last few years. I have been there and it's awesome~!

I write mostly random things about my life. My trips, my personal experiences, my make up products, my daily life, and so on. But mostly they count me in as beauty blogger because I talk about beauty stuffs a lot. Even though I believe that this blog is not a professional make up blog since I also write random stuffs, I try my best to review products and talk about my make up experiences as best as I can on my site. I’m not best in applying make up like any professional make up artist, I just LOVE it!

Besides working on my blog, I also established a group about beauty on facebook, along with hundreds and thousands members from Indonesia to talk about beauty. Which is KOMUNITAS MAKE UP & BEAUTY INDONESIA where we talk everything about make up! ^.^

I also won The Best Beauty & Fashion Blog in Indonesia via AXIS Blog Award 2012 ;)
Very proud of this achievement, and it also thanks to my readers~

I am also chosen by NHK Kawaii.i to be Indonesia Kawaii Leader to spread kawaii culture and fashion to the world! They invited me to come to Japan and experience the tour, as well as appearing on Kawaii Matsuri Fashion Show as model which it's the stage where T.M. Revolution and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu appeared as well

I've also walked for Marble Wonderland in Tokyo along with Alodia and Judy Chou, and became speaker to talk about Kawaii around the world too

I've also been the host for the biggest anime event in South East Asia, for Indonesia branch. Anime Festival Asia 2013. Along with the top blogger, Danny Choo

This event is also where I worked together with T.M.Revolution, BabyMetal, Aya Hirano, May'n, Kaname, Reika, and so on

I've also chosen as Cofesta Ambassador along with other influencers all over the world, working with Cool Japan to spread Japan. We came to Japan to experience Tokyo and such

I've also worked numerous times to have Japanese Beauty Classes to teach Indonesian women about how to apply make up like Japanese. The classes have been held in Jakarta, Bandung, Lampung, and Surabaya

If you want to know about me more, you can start reading some posts about my Daily Life / Personal Feeling

How I Start My Own Blog 
Your Best Indonesian Blog
My Visual Kei Era
NHK Kawaii International - Indonesia Kawaii Leader
How I Lost Weight [7Kg's within 2 Month]
Runway for Marble Wonderland - Tokyo 
How Japan Grew Me
How I Earned Money When I Was A Student


Who are you?
Just a very very normal girl with a very passionate feeling toward Japan, and very very lucky to experience amazing things in this world  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

What camera do you use?
Since October 2013, I begin using SONY NEX-5R 

Where do you live?
I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Sometimes I travel to Tokyo and stay for a while there

What’s your major?
I’m taking Art & Design Faculty at a private university in Jakarta, majoring in Design Communication Visual. After the third year, I went into the Advertising Division

Height and weight?
155cm / 43kg

What's Your Job?
Right now is a full time blogger! Yeay!

Do you speak english? Your english’s suck!
I’m not fluent in english nor speaking it for daily basis. I’m better in writing than speaking, even though I still do grammar mistakes. I used to attend Wall Street Institute for 2 years when I was in high school and received my Diploma, but since I’ve graduated, I have nobody to talk to, so I guess my skill is decreasing 

What other languages do you speak?
I can speak Indonesian and English fluently. As for Japanese language, it's only for basic conversation. I can pick up some mandarin language but it's been years since the last time I used it, so..

What music do you like?
I tend to follow the singers, mostly Japanese singers. I love L’Arc~en~Ciel, GACKT, Arashi, T.M.Revolution, Morning Musume (old generation), Hamasaki Ayumi, Big Bang, AKB48, etc

Who’s your role model?
I don’t really follow models, I only read Japanese Fashion Magazine such as Ageha, Egg, and so on. My biggest inspiration and someone that I admire is Ayumi Hamasaki. But I love Sakurina, Momoeri, Romihi, and Kanako’s style  

Did you do plastic surgery?
Everything is all thanks to make up

How many social networks do you have?
I have one facebook page, one twitter, one instagram and one youtube account. If you find someone using my photos, name, or whatever outside those 3, that means they are fake

How to make an affiliate with you, ask you to review products, get you to attend an event, or contact your for business purpose?
Email me at stellalee@hotmail.co.id and I will respond you back as soon as possible!


Andy xue said...

Great!You are a mixed-blood beautiful girl! And are you working on a ipl beauty spa? I just want to make friend with you and i? Pls rely

Andy xue said...

Great!You are a mixed-blood beautiful girl! And are you working on a ipl beauty spa? I just want to make friend with you and i? Pls rely

Anonymous said...

Stella tinggal dmn.. sorry pake anonym

Amy Rose said...

>3< you're so cute !! i love your blog !! ♥

Amy Rose said...

i love your blog :D ♥

Anonymous said...

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niaaa said...

ah... in love with your blog..
baru pertama kali buka udah suka..
love it

Ariokamoto Ryosuchii (Itha) said...

kakak stella cantik bgt >< pengen deh bisa ngobrol2 sma kakak secara langsung :D

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