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November 12, 2012

My blog has won the best fashion and beauty blog in Indonesia through AXIS BLOG AWARDS 2012 and it's really really such the best achievement I can come up so far ;)
I never imagine I would be nominated, nor even win this

And here's the trophy, which I present to you guys as well ;)

I am truly thankful for every single one of you who keep reading my blog and follow it daily, I could never do it this far without all of your support, and it really means a lot
It makes me feel more confident that my blog is worth to be read, and it also gives me a purpose too in life

I will still be blogging too for the sake of you, and mine as well

And I hope we can have fun and learn things together!
Although right now I won the best beauty blog in Indonesia, but it doesn't necessarily mean that I am number one or what... The competition is based on voting, so it's most likely, most popular
There are a lot of other great beauty bloggers as well, and their blogs are very interesting to read too.. 

So this trophy, I would like to present it to my fellow beauty bloggers as well, let it be our winning, together! :)

After all, it's a great step for beauty blogging community, a year back there were only 7 bloggers and we're hardly noticeable, right now beauty blog is noticed more and more, and I hope that the world of beauty will keep growing in Indonesia

I do believe it

And to fulfill my promise, i am going to make a giveaway too!!
What do you guys want??
Dolly Wink Lashes? Candy Doll Lipgloss? Tell me! :)
It is not sponsored, and i use my own money lol Also in case you're curious, the prize from axis is modem for internet LOLOL

Let me know what you want the giveaway to be!

And again,

 (´ ▽`).。o♡ 

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  1. Congrats stella! :3 ♥
    Smoga makin bagus blog nya yah hihihi..
    Wah mau adain giveaway? dua2nya jg boleh lol
    Candydoll lipgloss and dollywink ♥

  2. Congretulations sista,
    Im the fans of your blog.

  3. Congrats yaa..
    Giveawaynya dolly wink.. ^^
    Pengen lengkapin koleksi.. hehe >.<

  4. stella review egyptian magic cream dongg .. recommend juga mnurut km beli nya dimana ya soalnya aku takut malah beli yang palsu huhu -_- kalo review dari km aku percaya banget soalnya suka baca blog km ini .. thankyou stella xoxo ! :*

  5. Katanya urban decay naked pallate yg jd giveawayx..??

    Stella.. Kenapa sih skrg jrg betul balas2 komentar:)..

  6. Keren. Semangat :D