Review : Too Cool For School Multi Color Paint

November 29, 2012

Back again with another Too Cool For School products.. In case you're wondering why majority I review Korean products compared to the others.. It's because it's probably the cheapest cosmetic from overseas. I love japanese products but I dont know why it becomes so expensive in Indonesia :( Like, Dolly Wink eyeliner is probably only around 13USD in Japan, but in here the price is twice..

Therefore, I prefer to share more Korean brands because I feel that in terms of quality and packaging, they're not bad! And it's mainly affordable for most of you.. Many online shops sell it as well.. So it's easy to find

In case you ask me again [most of the times lol], you can find some trusted online shops in Indonesia on my sidebar blog.. Okay enough of the statement, let's move on to the products!

Too Cool For School Art Class Multi Color Paint.. What a long name for just a multi-function product that's supposed to be used on eyes, lips, and cheeks.. The box packaging is a little old-school and westernized, considering the cartoon and color used.. The ingredients are written on the box but unfortunately, it's all in Korean so I cant read it :(

I got 4 colors from 6 colors available! I wish they provided more color choices like OCC or MUFE so we can mix our personal color though

The product itself is quite small, and the size is about same with ordinary gel liner or lip balm jar. It's a little heavy and fragile, as it's made from glass, but for me it makes the bottle looks professional and classy. I also love how they fill the font color with the same color of the product, making it easy to see which color in which jar

left to right = 01 Yellow Duck, 03 Plum Pink, 05 Black Charcoal, 06 Tomato Red

I find the Yellow Duck color is very flattering and unique as I dont see many make up brands come up with this color. I can imagine wearing this as eyeshadow or eyeliner to give more cheerful look on my make up, but I will save it for summer.. As it's winter already, and make up trend is darker in this season. But it's a fun color!

Plum Pink is a bring hot pink color that's very versatile to give cheeks and lips flushy color. I'd say that the color in jar is a lot darker than on the swatch

Black Charcoal is perfect as gel eyeliner, with a hint of silvery glitter, it makes the eyeliner looks less harsh, and more glam. But you can also use it for lips to create gothic look o.o

Bright red color from this collection is called Tomato Red, and it is indeed look very Tomato-ish color. The color is in fact very easy to be dupe-ed on, but just to fill your collection if you like, why not?

And here's the swatch on my hand..

left to right = 01 Yellow Duck, 03 Plum Pink, 06 Tomato Red, 05 Black Charcoal

Although I must say I am impressed with the pigmentation and texture, as it glides very easily on skin and eyes, it is for me a little bit drying. Moreover, because the texture is quite thick, it may emphasize your dry lips more. So make sure to moisturize your lips first before using it on your lips. 

I find that the Plum Pink is a little more difficult to blend compared to other colors, not like others are easy to blend, but the pink is worse.. I would not recommend this for cream blush considering that factor.. As for eyes, it goes perfectly fine

Last long also, but it's better to top it off with powder to make it last longer

Final Opinion =

Pros :
  • Professional looking packaging
  • Vibrant color
  • Glides smooth and easy
  • Last long

Cons : 
  • Doesn't come with many color choices
  • Difficult to blend

There are still a lot of things to improve for the formula, this brand still has a long way to go to catch up with previous brands.. It is not bad, but it's also not that impressive 

Overall, nothing special, but in case you have no budget to get multi color product that can be used for eyes cheek lips, you may consider this one.. As western products are obviously more expensive than Korean

I got mine from Zatura Shop anyway. They open Pre Order from USA & Korea.. Mention my name, and you will get best price :)

Stay gorgeous!

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