Jakarta Beauty Class Report + Lampung Beauty Class RSVP is Open!

November 03, 2012

On 27th October, Saturday, I held my first beauty class at Cafe de Waraku, Central Park.. There were a lot of girls coming to my class and I was so happy that it ended okay! 
My bad was, I didnt do enough research as on the Friday, it was national public holiday so many girls were going back to their hometown or either have no maid to take care the house and such :(

I wished to change the date but my schedule was quite packed so yeah... But I am glad that some still managed to make it that day!!

Didn't take many pictures because I was busy teaching one by one, most pictures during class lesson was taken by my mom and she's really gaptek one so the pictures turned out blur T___T

Anyway, Also gonna reveal my 2nd beauty class at lampung in the end!

Basically the class was supposed to start at 10  A.M but considering that some might get late so I delayed it to 10.30A.M.. The participants came without make up and I was amazed that most of them were bringing nice beauty products already, some even that I dont have lol *envy*

So I taught them the basic of gyaru make up. Starting from to prepare face before make up, get flawless face, nice contoured and sharp nose, eyebrow basic, eyeshadow & eyeliner, false eyelashes application, and such.. In the end the before-after pictures are amazing! :D 

I only shared some of them btw =

Nice right??? everyone's so pretty!!
Now im gonna be beaten up by them ahahahha!
No la, kidding, I love seeing pretty girls and I love how they can transform themselves through make up. It means I am successful to teach them lol

Then continued with lunch..
Some are missing on this picture, while some were on different table... Got a few with a lot of people but turned out blur. Oh mom T_T

Anyway this beauty class goodie bag and door prize is sponsored by Naris Up Indonesia


As for goodie bag, the participants received body cleanser and mascara set! 

And for door prize, 3 lucky participants won Naris Up Set Skincare from Excentia Line...
Those products may be available at some supermarkets near your place. As it is japanese drugstore brand, the price is reasonable compared high-end ^.^ You may check it out!

And yes, I am opening my 2nd Class at Lampung!! It will be on next saturday, 10 November 2012!

Price is still same, Rp 350.000 / person, and Rp 650.000 / pair
What's better is that you will receive better goodies! yay!

Each participant will receive goodie bag from Lancome Indonesia, worth Rp 300.000, it's random products for each bag, consist of skincare, mascara, perfume, mask, etc.. 
And also there will be 4 door prizes!!!

Each door prize will have set best seller make up from Lancome! [foundation, concealer, eyebrow, eyeliner, lipstick] and I was drooling when I saw the door prize omg. Each set worth Rp 2.000.000!! So don't miss it out!! 

So if you by any chance are living at lampung, let's meet me and learn make up together!! ^__^ 

Each session approximately only 20 participants.. 

Reserve your seat via mail = stellalee@hotmail.co.id 

Date : 10 November 2012 
Venue : Jl. Patimura blok A1 & 3, Teluk Betung, Bandar LampungPrice : Rp 350.000/person, Rp 650.000/pair 
What You Will Get : A set of false eyelashes, goodie bag from Lancome worth Rp 300.000, 3 hours make up lesson, Lunch/Dinner 
What You Have To Bring : Your Own Make Up & Brush

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