How I Remove My Make Up & Wash My Face

November 21, 2012

Been wanting to do this video since long time ago, finally I did it!

My biggest sin from my teenager moment is that I didn't cleanse my face properly. Which lead to so many skin problems.. Pimples, dull skin, clogged pore, blackheads, white heads. And so on

It is because nobody teach me the correct way, the only thing my mom did was just to wash my face with a facial foam before I slept..
Also when things turned out bad, she would drag me to beauty clinic to get facial, and I ended up crying cos it's so painful TxT

As I grew older, I became more knowledgeable about beauty. And noticed that for YEARS I didn't cleanse my face properly *puts horrified face here*
So, to not repeat the same mistake, I present you a video about how I remove my make up properly!

Anyway, I hope this is easy to follow!
If you still find difficulty, you can ask me on formspring or my facebook fan page, though I prefer formspring for answering question so everyone can read and learn together! ^.^

By the way, in case you're curious, the products that I used on this video is from my skincare routine line. I use Menard Lisciare, and it is a brand from Japan.
Many people asked me about my skincare routine, so yeah, I answer now. I use their skincare line XD

Because =
1. I love and I TRUST Japanese products lol 
2. I love their cute pink packaging
3. The products are very light and soft 
4. Gives my skin supple and dewy finish 
5. I stopped using other skincare products, I want to stick with one

Japanese skincare method tends to focus on massage and thick bubble foam, and it is very popular!!
I've seen my favorite beauty guru, Sasaki Asahi, did this technique before and learned from her
Turned out that Menard also teaches this technique :D

I love creating thick bubble foam because not only it hydrates my skin, it also makes my skin smoother! I tried creating it with some of facial foams but it's failed lol Seems only high quality facial foams that can create it :x
That's why I pick Menard Lisciare to become my skincare routine. Been using this for months and I can tell that my skin is improved!

I constantly changed my skincare products because I want to try this and that, but I noticed it was wrong, so I decided to go with one line and stop accepting other skin care products. I trust Menard so I go on with this line!

Ok ok behold :x
I must clap for me because I constantly keep showing my bare face, bravery wtf lol
But i just want to tell you that my skin isn't perfect, and I am also human so I of course can suffer from skin problems also

so week 1, I had some very reddish pimple scars, and on chin also big pimples came out.. Skin also looks so oily and greasy and dull T_T

On week 2, after a week using it, my skin was a little brighter and no more pimples yay! but still oily somehow :x

Week 3, I got my period duh! And that's why I got some new pimples, but it is lesser that I usually had. Also I notice that my skin isn't that greasy and oily anymore. Acne scar is also lesser!

Week 4, I notice my skin isn't perfect but I am quite happy because less than 1 month, my skin becomes less oily and look very healthy! Before, my skin was greasy like oily mine --" now it turns out to be dewy instead!

My skin still has a lot to improve but I will keep doing the right cleansing process and using this skincare line from now on. Overall I love how the correct way of washing your face can improve your skin, and also love how choosing the right products for your skin, may boost up the process too

I have been using it for 2 months and have re-stocked it. That's how much I love their products!

Skin care takes a long time to see the result, so I will get back to you again to report my skin later! So far so good, but we'll see!! :D

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