Review : Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Liquid Eyeliner in Black

November 17, 2012

A spidol liquid type eyeliner is getting more and more popular! We all know that Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner is probably the best in the market [and my favorite as well], while some stick to K-Palette. But being a make up junkie, I wont end my journey to find interesting beauty products and share it with you guys. This time I got a kiss me heavy rotation liquid eyeliner, and it is made in Japan! 

So let's see it together, shall we? ^.^ 

Description :

The Kiss Me Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Perfect Liquid Eyeliner is flat-end brush jet-black liquid eyeliner for extra-thick lines. It is smudge-free, contains Hyaluronic Acid and easily wiped off with lukewarm water.

Recently I hate how japanese packaging tends to be bulkier and bulkier, while the product itself is getting more minimalistic and simple. I wish they would invest more money on their product design instead, take Korean cosmetics as example *sulks* :(

This Heavy Rotation liquid eyeliner claims themselves as marker pen eyeliner, so it will help you to get thick and bold line. The packaging looks quite similar with K-Palette o_o I mistook them a few times..

But what's different is that K-Palette eyeliner has thinner tips, while heavy rotation really have tips like marker / spidol.. Which i think it doesn't go, right, for eyes.. The tip is quite hard and it makes me facing difficulty to produce thin and sharp line
Moreover, because of it, it has more chance to pull / press your eyes too hard, which will lead to wrinkle later on ;(

The tip is very disappointing and not my choice, but as you can see that this eyeliner gives a very dark color on my skin!!! 

But I would rather have thinner line and go over, instead of hurting my eyelids ._.
Well, it depends on you though! If you love big and thick eyeliner, this one saves you a lot of time because in terms of color, it is pretty intense

Final Opinion :

Pros : 
  • Gives bold and thick line
  • The intensity of color is pretty nice
  • Last long
  • Simple and classy packaging, suitable for everyone

Cons : 
  • The tip is too hard
  • Difficult to produce thin and sharp line
  • Somehow it pulls skin around eye, may lead to wrinkle for frequent use

I got them from OnikChan Shop, an online shop that's based in Indonesia and sell a lot of Japanese beauty brands.. Honestly I wont recommend this eyeliner but other products from Kiss Me is worth to try, Heavy rotation brand is just not for me.. You should try Kiss Me Heroine Make Eyeliner instead, it is great! :) 

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