Review : Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly Tint

November 07, 2012

More Holika Holika products! My current obsession is this brand, seriously, they always come up with something interesting! And this one is lip tint with jelly texture!!! o_O

curious about it? Let's see it together ^_^

Description : 
Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly Tint Bar! Sweet! Refreshing! Bouncy! Has jelly-like acid color helping lips look lively and contains mint water and marine jelly making resilient jelly lips.

I got two colors from them, no 01 and no 02. I was quite disappointed with the packaging itself, because the packaging was very simple and cheap-looking with that semi-transparent pale blue made by plastic :/ 

The packaging is very boring and has no artificial decoration to enhance its outer appearance. A big boo to holika holika for coming up with this packaging >_>

Although the product itself is very pretty indeed. It has sparkles inside the liptint that feels like lipstick, and it gives a very sweet fragrance when it's applied on the lips

Although I feel that the texture is somewhat is a little too hard to be called "jelly", it's not even as creamy as lipstick o.o
I wonder how to call it.. jelly ice? lol

left to right : 02 orange kiss, 01 cherry kiss

If you look at it closer, you can see that the shimmers and sparkles inside are very pretty.. 

left to right : 01 Cherry Tint, 02 Orange Kiss

The colors are absolutely very very sheer and it will just give your lips a natural flushy lips with a little shimmer and glossiness. It is not something that will give obvious result, but indeed if you love natural color on lips, this may be for you

Although for me, this product is simply boring and meh :/

Final Opinion : 

Pros : 
  • Affordable
  • Gives natural flushy lip color
  • Pretty sparkle inside the tint
  • Smells sweet

Cons : 
  • Boring & cheap-looking packaging
  • Doesn't give much difference on lip color
  • Difficult to apply, the texture is quite hard

I got them from Zatura Shop, and you may order other holika holika products that worth your money from them... You can mention my name to get their best price :)

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