Review : Lorac Multiplex 3D Eye Shadow Palette

November 27, 2012

Sorry guys I hardly review products this month, it's because I've been so busy with my beauty classes, and also my charity event, so blog is in fact, kinda neglected :x
Turned out my body is a lot weaker than my youth *cough* so I easily fall sick.. Friends have scolded me because I worked too hard and abandoned my body.. 

But I am bored at bed so I played games, and I also feel an urge to share this awesome eye shadow palette to you..
After met up with my readers, it really encouraged me to make better posts and update it frequently, because I heard they check it like everyday and waited for my newest post

Also some are anxious if I don't update, so yeah... Today I am getting a little better and can type [not like yesterday, could hardly pick up a spoon wtf] so that means, NEW POST!
Let's take a look of this eyeshadow palette from LORAC!!

Description :

6 velvety-smooth 3D eye shadows infused with luminous, prismatic, holographic lustre, long-lasting pigments and buildable, versatile color - all packaged in a holographic, faux animal skin palette.

When I first received the palette, it was truly gorgeous and unique. The box and the product are in hologram, so if you see it under light, it will show vivid rainbow colors that's very attractive! 
Also the eye shadow palette is inspired by snakes skin. Needless to say, the pattern makes this eye shadow palette looks very expensive o.o

In front of the palette there's Lorac brand printed, and the rest of the packaging is wrapped by that snake-skin pattern that reflects rainbow light. Pretty!

The palette itself isn't very big, it is handy and perfect for traveling. I probably have the smallest hand [as far as I compare with everyone --" ] so you can probably tell, that this palette is in fact quite petite  

You will receive 6 shimmery eyeshadows, that's both can be used to create day to night look. It is included mirror but I am disappointed that they don't prepare eye shadow brush for traveling application.. As most of eye palettes that I have tried so far offer this benefit, I am a little surprised because Lorac Multiplex 3D Eye Shadow Palette is different

Here's a zoom up of the colors

It has a shimmery champagne eyeshadow that's perfect for everyday look to brighten up your eyes. Next is a bronze eyeshadow with a little metallic finish. Third eyeshadow is probably the funkiest eyeshadow I've ever met, up close it looks like pale green-ish eyeshadow but when it's swiped on, it becomes red color with green shimmers!

On second row, this palette offers silvery metallic silver, followed with dark navy blue that reminds me of night sky. And last is their black eyeshadow with a hint of gold shimmers

The eyeshadow quality is seriously very very smooth and glides very easily. It is very light-weight and this is the most pigmented eyeshadow so far, that I have ever tried. Yes, it beats Urban Decay and The Balm o.o

Here's the swatch, and lemme tell you this, it is only one swipe and the colors are already vivid and bright!! [exception for the black, it takes 2 swipes]

These eyeshadows are very fluffy and light, and very easy to blend. It doesn't fall out either, which makes making a smokey eye look very easy with this palette. Major love with Lorac, and I keep telling myself, where have I been all this time? Not knowing this brand! Hahahaha

Final Opinion =

Pros : 
  • Gorgeous hologram effect
  • Unique snake-skin pattern for packaging
  • Petite palette, easy to bring around
  • Comes with 6 colors to create day-night look
  • The texture is very soft, fluffy, and light
  • The eyeshadows are very easy to blend
  • The powder doesn't fall out
  • The colors are very vivid & pigmented

Cons : 
  • Doesn't come with eyeshadow brush
  • Pricey

All in all, I am very impressed with this eyeshadow and would love to try their other eyeshadow palettes because it is truly amazing for its high quality. Again, the downside point is that it doesn't provide eye shadow brush

But I dont mind bringing brushes because, truly, the packaging and the products are to die for :)

I got mine from Reine Doll Shop, besides this shop I dont know any other online shops that open Pre Order for Lorac [or was I the one who didn't put any attention?] lol

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