November 17, 2012

Tried to go for straight line and not bumping anywhere, but still improper for some
I cannot please everyone, for sure

Some obligations that I narrowly can handle
As I gaze outside, I wish I could have a while for glory
But there's no time for me, as my priority is not that
It is distant . . .

Which I am still not assured whether I can tackle it or not

You are blessed . .
Why you not realize?
Everyone is unique on their own way

Being framed for things that I didn't do, was very burdensome
I don't defend myself, simply if they have negative thinking about me,
it is very useless no matter how hard I tried

Seriously, tiring
Physically and mentally

 I have been thinking many times that I should just resign though
It is quite easy, I guess

courtesy : dress, bag, and shoes are from Berry Benka 

夢王子, 待ってください  . . . 

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