Review: Too Cool For School Rules of body

November 24, 2012

Have you heard about the phenomena from Too Cool For School brand? This is a newly brand launched in Indonesia that is available at some stores already, I knew about this brand when a lot of members on community talked about it. In fact I wasn't that curious because I didnt think it was that interesting..

In terms of packaging and theme..

But I then received some of their products from Zatura Shop and I began to try their products.. I am still not familiar with this brand, compared to Etude or Holika Holika. But let's see if it can change my mind :)

Seems not so many people have reviewed it online, so I will share my opinion regarding this product!! :D
I got the box set of their Rules of Body in Grapefruit smoothie, for body cleanser and body lotion. I must say that their flowery pattern is very feminine and I feel it makes my bathroom looks more colorful and girly ^.^
Also the round packaging makes the appearance cuter.. I think they try to capture semi-adult woman? As it is not overly cute like Etude House, but still flutters your heart a little <3

And thats the body cleanser. The liquid is very moisturizing and soothing, I usually need about 3-4 pumps for my entire body. It has shimmery effects which I believe makes the body brightens up a little. I love it cos it looks eccentric and glam! *_*

Because it is only a body cleanser, don't hope that it will create foam, it's not

It only can give you moisturizing and cleansed feeling, I prefer bubble because it's more gentle though.. 

And here's the body lotion.. The body lotion is formulated with natural moisture ingredients to make sure your skin moisture is locked and protected perfectly. The texture is just like everyday body lotion, soft and smooth, and easy to spread on. It doesn't feel greasy at all

I usually pump about 3-4 pumps for my arms and legs, and spread it evenly. Sometimes massaging my blood circulation of my body with it also can help rejuvenating tired body~! 

Not finished yet, still got their body scrub wash!
Make sure to remove your dead skin cells about once a week. I usually never really care about body as I was more focused on face, but recently I feel my skin is so dull and rough so I am gonna improve it :x 

 I love the packaging of this body line, because it's very hygiene. It comes with pump and squeeze, not jar yay! I hate jar cos I always have to make sure my hand/spatula is super clean otherwise germs will infect the products inside duh :x Very bothersome XD

Just squeeze enough amount for your body, and I tell you, not much product needed for scrub because it will spread easily all over your body

For me, the scrub isn't too harsh but people with sensitive skin better avoid it, because the beads from this scrub is quite big so it may affect your skin :x
Make sure to scrub your elbow and knee more because it tends to be rougher than other skin area. I suggest to not use it for sensitive part of your body, such as your armpit, because it may cause redness lol

left to right : body lotion, body cleanser, body scrub

Final Opinion =

Pros : 
  • Cute packaging pattern
  • Hygienic
  • Cleanses very well - for body cleanser
  • Moisturizing & soothing skin - for body lotion
  • Removes dead skin cells on body - for body scrub
  • The scent lasts long
  • The moisturizing effect lasts long

Cons :
  • Body scrub is too harsh for sensitive skin people / sensitive area 

Although I think that this body line is not bad, but I don't really like grapefruit scent. The scent is quite aromatic but I prefer to have white musk or camellia, or if it's fruit, I love something like escada? i dont know what they put inside but it is just "me" *_*

You know, fragrance is about your preference. If I say I dont like this, it's because the scent isn't me, but for those of you who love fresh fruit scent, you may be interested to give it a try!

Though I dont find this line is particularly interesting, but I think the scent is very unique.. 

I got them from Zatura Shop through Pre Order. If you happen to have Too Cool For School counter near your place, you may go ahead and buy it if you dont like to wait. But Pre Order from online shop is always cheaper, so if you want to save money, get this option!

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