Stella Lee's Thank You Giveaway

November 28, 2012

To keep my promise, I am holding a giveaway!!
That means, FREE MAKE UP!!!!

*throws confetti*

*looks at my wallet, sighs*


Okay, so despite winning AXIS Blog Award 2012, I also want to say thank you or all my readers who support me till I become what I am today. Words cannot express my gratitude. I still remember when I first started this blog, I only had 7 viewers per month.. And a year back, when I was about to attend Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Award, My per day view is only 500-700... Right now it's about 6000 page views each day, and still increasing

I thank you every single one of you who keep reading my blog and encourage me. That's why I want to give you happiness to by holding a giveaway!

This giveaway is open for anyone who live in Indonesia. Sorry overseas readers, I have no budget to pay for shipping to outside country T___T

So okay, I bought these Dolly Winks for you!! Upper Lashes in No 1, Lower Lashes in No 5, Pencil Eyeliner in Black!

Each winner will receive one product! So total will be 3 winners for Dolly Wink products

But butttt... I have some stocks of beauty products that I want to give away too. Mascara and Body Cleanser from Naris Up.. So There will be additional 10 winners as well! [5 will win mascara, 5 will win body cleanser]

It is not impossible for me to add more prizes for the giveaway if there are a lot of participants.. But we'll see

I don't need you to follow me on blablabla or like this blablabla, just to keep it simple
Simply leave a comment on this post / send me email to

Name =  
Age = 
City =  
Email =  
Your Comment =

Okay, so about 'your comment' section, I just want you to let me know about your whole experience reading my blog. 

Tell me how long have you been reading my blog, what you like about my blog, or myself lol, or what you dont like. etc

And I really really appreciate for any suggestion or constructivism critique to improve my blog!! My blog is not perfect, but I'm striving to get nearer to that level

This year, my blogging life is like roller coaster. Many things happened, whether it is good or bad. When I met my readers during beauty class, I was really touched when they said they loved my blog. Although probably most of you think that I am pretty confident, but in fact I don't.. I have low self-esteem inside.. Even up to now I still don't think that my blog is that good or that interesting to read..

And when there are something that brings me down, I become more emo and think that probably it's better for me to quit blogging. As I feel that I am not that important la.. hahaha

But that plan is not realized yet, I am still here lol~

Okay, back to giveaway

The giveaway is open until 23rd December 2012. And I will announce the winners on 25th December. 
Be sure to come back to see the post on Christmas, because I will be shipping the prizes on 27th December.. As *hopefully* I am going to Japan in New Year.. I pray for my visa passed.. 

You don't need to follow me on Google
You don't need to like me on facebook
You don't need to follow me on twitter
You don't need to share this on twitter or status

All you have to do is just to leave comment, about my blog...

And the winners will be picked by ME, not randomly, but based on your comment
Not the comment that licks my ass wtf, nope, but more about what you really feel about my blog.. Good or bad, I accept all. I just want to see whole-hearted comment XD

Thank you, and looking forward for your comment
If no one leaves comment, then I will just... give the lashes to my brother wtf


update =

lotsa people complain that the words limit "500" are not enough... so feel free to send me mail to instead lol

If you want to resend your comment again to email it's also acceptable!
I apologize for the inconvenience.. 

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