Review : Miomi Circle Lens

November 08, 2012

It's been long since I reviewed circle lenses. It's because I don't constantly want to change it if I like a pair of lens, and it's also because my eyes had super bad irritation after I am back from Korea -_-"

Recently I don't really wear lens anymore :( Only for pictures taking or just for a few hours, my eyes get very tired easily ><;

I heard from my sponsor that Barbie lens is no longer produced because of some issues so they change the name to Miomi later on o.o 
Not sure if the rumour is true, but I mostly just pick any lens with good pattern so I dont really care hehehe

Miomi Lens come with very practical packaging, it doesn't come with annoying bottle cap where you have to open it with your life [I got bleed once wtf], just simply peel off the sticker and put it inside the lens case! Voila~

The lens case come with the miomi if you purchase from tomato on shop ^.^ not sure if other shops give similar benefit D:

This one is Miomi Monochrome in Chocolate.. This one turns out very comfy and looks very natural in real life! This pair of lens is in fact, the lenses that I've been wearing often since the past 2 months! :D
It gives enlarging effect pretty nice, without making it too scary, and blends very nice with my eyes. Gives natural dolly effect! :) 

Rate : 4/5

this one is Miomi Lace in chocolate.. Unfortunately i think I don't suit this lens because every time I put it on, my eyes turn out very very red and I cant stand wearing it for more than 5 minutes, so I apologize, no picture of me wearing it.. :( Though the pattern is in fact very pretty, I am disappointed as my eyes cannot wear it T_T

Rate : 1/5

Okay this is me wearing the Miomi Monochrome in Chocolate. Very natural and pretty right? :D

And yes, in this picture I was wearing the Miomi monochrome! :D I love it not only because of its comfort, but it also gives enough enlargement on my eyes, I recommend it for anyone who wants to have dolly eyes for everyday basis, circle lenses is the key! :)

I got mine from my sponsor, Tomato On Shop, you may mention my name to receive 5% discount of your purchase!

Stay gorgeous, ladies <3

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  1. wow they look gorgeous with the false lashes! xx

  2. Wow! Your eyes are looking so beautiful and attractive and enlargement on your eyes is clearly visible.This shade suits you!This review about Miomi circle lens is very helpful...and you have reviewed it with perfection.

  3. what cute lens case!

    great review! not my favorite lens ever but you did a good job <3

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