Review : Pinkcoco Wig

November 13, 2012

I am pretty sure everyone are aware about my hair condition, and so after the post that made everyone shocked , many online shops offered their generous help to me. I've worn baby doll wig from nanonanoshop before, for ANTV appearance as well, but everyone complained because the wig was too fake and too shiny, which I was pretty aware of it at that time, but I had no other choice

Then afew days after baby doll came, pink coco wig also arrived safely at my place, and this one is sponsored by Princess Butik, an online shop that's established by one of my readers, I have been wearing this wig ever since, but let's see it more okay? ^_^

PinkCoco wig comes with this white packaging, it's just a paper packaging, not really a box.. 
The wig that I chose is this =

and it looked so nice, fluffy, smooth and soft, and the color isn't not too dark nor too light. Just, good!!! :D So I put my choice on this type

And this is what it looks like on real life = 

Taken from my Samsung Galaxy S3 Front Camera

The color looks similar with the picture, so so so pleased because it looked like real hair and people say they dont believe it's wig ^.^

And these are taken from DSLR =

under sunlight

indoor, with flash

To be honest I think this wig looks shiny as well on pictures, but not as shiny as baby doll wig that I wore before. And the color under sunlight is a little bit different, it's more into reddish-brown instead.. 
I feel that the best way to take pictures with this wig, to produce natural hair result, are with non-flash cameras...
Because pinkcoco wig is still synthetic wig, so obviously it is still a little bit shiny, therefore it is better to avoid flash

But so far I love it and I have been using it ever since! In case you're following me on twitter or instagram, I wore this wig for pictures ready! ^.^

If you don't want to damage your hair by bleaching and coloring, or you love to change your styles frequently, I think pinkcoco wig is one of the best choices available for you!

There are other styles available and I am interested to get other styles later! Right now I am quite satisfied with this wig

You may get pinkcoco wig for Rp 300.000 on Princess Butik :)
also if you tell them that you know from me, Stella Lee, you will get discount Rp 20.000! ^.^ 

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