Diamond Lash False Eyelashes, My Favorite Lashes! :D

October 22, 2012

I cannot stop mentioning how I love this lashes.. I dislike Dolly Wink lashes because it's expensive, and it only has 2 pairs each -__-
While Diamond Lashes price is slightly lower but it contains 5 pairs!!

Also Diamond lash is stronger!! And it's much more visible than Dolly Wink

Dolly wink lashes is very fragile and easy to break. And despite its long lashes, it's too natural for pictures taking. I only like their lower lashes, not the upper lashes :(

But Diamond Lash isnt popular in Indonesia T.T </3 but I am glad that MyLovelySister open pre-order for these babies <33 Though not ready stock but at least now I know where to buy it! 8D


 Though it's my fav lashes, but usually I ordered the purple box, because the purple one has more dramatic effect, and more glamorous result! The pink one is more natural *for me lol* 

I think this one is Diamond Lash Series 1 NO 3 Dolly Eyes..

what I dislike from Diamond lash is they dont really give proper explanation in english about which type the product is @_____@;; I just mostly pick purple box one randomly wtf

And this one is Diamond Lash Series 2 NO 6 Natural Eye.. it basically gives droopy eye look.. It has thicker lashes on the outer to give that look..  

And here how it looks like on me...
My eyes have monolid at that time because I lack of sleep these days.. [I have double eyelids when I have enough rest o.o does it also happen to some of you??]

As you can see that the bottom lash is very obvious, as purple box one gives more obvious result.. But the upper lashes is just okay.. It does give some good impact in real life but not good enough for camera pictures, at least for me..

I still prefer the purple box one :D

Okay here's how it looks like from far.. I love the lower lashes!! :D

Now you guys know what my fav lashes are, and you also own it from Mylovelysister if you want ^.^

Hair is Baby Doll Wig sponsored by NanoNanoshop anyway... Been receiving a few wigs from online shop after i mentioned about my hair tragedy lol thank you.. But this wig is quite shiny T____T looks kinda fake.. but it's okay..

I am gonna review a pinkcoco wig later.. Nanonanoshop also sells it.. A lot of wigs with affordable price there :D you may visit if you like

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