And That's What I Call Beautiful

October 01, 2012

Once a friend told me, that a girl said my make up was boring 
And she seemed annoyed and hate me because although I am not as good as her in make up, I am *ahem* more popular, and have more opportunity in blogging *ahem* thank you very much

But today I wont be humble because in fact I am very beautiful indeed

I know my big dolly eyes are popular and most of you love me doing that look

I am used to by everyone saying I am pretty, yea yea you should compliment me more
Therefore you better praise my usual look as well . The bigger the eyes, the better right??



I know I am very beautiful, thank you
Someone should enter me into Putri Indonesia competition with that photo, I am sure the judges will be amazed, and they wont forget how beautiful I am. Sure la, fair skin, big eyes, dramatic lashes, rosy lips, what to expect more?

Ah I am a sinful woman, why am I so pretty?

And none of you can compete me, that's what I call beautiful *wink

Still like me or not?



Okay la please take that as a joke, cant you? HAHAHAHA

Gosh I dont even understand why I post something like this on my blog. I am supposed to making my art exams but instead I was drawing my face, inspired by Nightmare Before Christmas wtf

And seriously, gonna ruin my blog. I am sure everyone loves pretty pictures, but this time I present you my, unique(?) look ? duh lol
I guess after this no one's gonna read my blog anymore mwahahahha XP

I created this look at night. Mom was speechless when she entered my room, and I sent this picture to my friends and they dont wanna be friend with me anymore ;_; 
and after this I am gonna lose my readers as well ;_; bohohohohoho...

Okay, to make it look more Sally's, I edited my face shape. creepier, should be a trend

Now this make up should be my everyday look~

I joked too much on this post, sorry :x
Now if I still receive love after you guys see me like this, I guess I should make more fantasy & bold make up

Okay la, kidding... here's a decent picture of me :x

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