Axis Blog Awards 2012 ! Please Vote ME! :D

October 17, 2012

This is probably like the best honor that I could receive this year!

As my blog, *☆ Stella Lee's Blog ☆*is nominated for their first blog award [And I think the first in Indonesia o.o] in fashion & beauty category!!!

*cries while receiving all the claps* T^T)/

Thank you guys! Without you guys who keep sending me support and motivation, I wont be able to survive and make this blog like this!! ALL THANKS TO YOU! *gives big warm hugs*

BUT, it's not over yet.. When become a nominee, it doesn't mean that I become the winner, so again, I NEED YOUR VOTES & SUPPORT for me to win this award!
As AXIS basically chose the winner via polling, to see most favorite blogger in each category T____T I hate polling but it's the only way~! 

I am not sure I can win against fashion bloggers because they have been in bdlogging for yearssssss, and they're mostly more popular than me! BUT everything is possible, and I put my trust that you guys will support me, as the only beauty blogger in this category!

There are 4 bloggers in this category! And the others nominees have awesome blogs and a lot of followers! 

And as I mentioned before, if I become a winner, I will hold a make up giveaway as a gratitude, just mention later what kind of make up you want. Urban Decay Naked Palette? Dolly Wink False Eyelashes? Bobbi Brown Foundation? CAN! 

Just help me to win ok! LOL #desperate

but even though if I dont win, I am still honored as my blog's quality is compared to those super famous bloggers o.o)/ level up! Also AXIS mentioned to me that my blog was selected because it's informative and inspirational, and I was very touched because a big brand like them already notice my blog.. It's something that I never expect before starting blogging like 8 years ago [though my current blog is 2 years old only]


And it will be much much more appreciated if you also share about this and ask your friends and acquantainces to vote for me LOL #thickface 

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