Review : Etude House Silk Scarf Hologram Hair Serum & Moist Hair Mist

October 05, 2012

When I visited the store of Etude House in Seoul, my eyes were attracted to hair section with full of pink bottle products. Turns out it's their hair care line, which is called Etude House Silk Scarf, that promises you to create smooth hair like silk, and healthy of course

The feeling of wanting to own these products grow stronger, because I never tried hair care products from Korea. So I decided to get mine from RieButik and the available one are their hologram hair serum and moist hair mist!

So let's check it out!

This one is the serum, but unlike ordinary serum, its main purpose and benefit that I notice is it makes my hair looks healthy and shiny!!! Sure it does give moisturizing effect and helps hair going smoother, but I love how it creates illusion of shiny hair, not oily, but healthy glow!

Not very sure if it's obvious in camera, because it's much better in real life!
And the smell IS SOOOO GOODDD *_____*
also the liquid is very easy to spread on, I usually need about 6-7 pumps for my entire hair.. But it depends, as my hair is pretty long, and each pump only produces a little amount of serum

And another product is their moist hair mist. Not only it makes my hair smells so good, but it also helps moisturizing and smoothening my hair, also, it helps my hair becoming neater! Because when I spray it on my hair, I just stroke my hair down and then it will become very neat and smooth

Perfect for traveling or your beauty on the go!

Now the moist hair mist is always in my bag ^.^ So far I am so pleased, the price isn't expensive either. Around 8USD each? Not very sure, but it's worth it!!!

Got mine from RieButik, with coupon code STL6RIE, you can earn 6% discount! Be wise on spending your money!

Okay here's a picture of my smooth silky hair using the products!!! Now I cannot stop smelling my hair! ^.^ <3

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  2. I love your blog! And this review is very helpful (:

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