Seoul Trip Day 5

October 22, 2012

Really apologize for the lateness of this post trip.. I have too many reasons that cannot be explained but all just excuses for you, so yeah, I take all the blame T.T

Sorry for those of you who're waiting for this post. If you're not, then let's act as if I am self-centered blogger who believes have a lot of readers while in fact no one cares *bows down* T____T

But anywayyyy.... not so many things to do on day 5.. But best part is that I visited Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae, so let's take a look! 

But first Sophie and I visited Dongdaemun market first. really really not impressed with this market. It has 7 floors full of clothes and shoes and such but the price is about same with Mangga Dua, or even more expensive.. Also the sellers are mostly rude and they do not give discount..

I have learned "kkakka jusseoyo" or something like that to ask for discount, but then they scold me in korean "discount? you must be crazy", "just go die", "go away if you dont want to buy anything"

They think I didnt understand what they're saying but I knew what they're saying la, i just couldn't speak T____T very rude.. dont want to buy anymore from Korea.. so we moved to visit Hongdae to buy some clothes

But first we had lunch!

Hongdae is another popular district for tourism but it's not much difference than other places such as MyeongDong and such.. You spot same fashion items, same cosmetic brands, same cafes.. but in here the teenagers are 'a little' more daring for fashion

Like this group lol

also a random garfield on the street lol

also Gothic Lolita :'D

I forgot whether I bought any.. well, the fashion is frankly very boring.. Some are nice but ridiculously expensive for Korea standart imo. Because it's still made in China -_-" I'd rather go to china for shopping those stuffs la..

I can understand if Japan is expensive, but Korea's stuffs are mostly more expensive than Indonesia so yeah :'(

But at least, we spotted this Hello Kitty Cafe!!!

RIBBON, and PINKKK~~! girls! wipe your mouth LOL

they mainly sell desserts and beverages.. as far as i know they're also available in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Indo next pleaseeee lol

Also sell some hello kitty merchandises but didn't bother to buy cos won't use it either as I do not really like hello kitty o.o just find this cafe cute and unique lol

My skin was still bad, and still had eyes irritation so I do not bother to put close up pictures -_-" my hair was very frizzy too.. seriously, I didn't look my best when I was there... but at least now I can show off to my friends that I have visited it LOL 

So we decided to head back to hotel, but our hotel was quite near Lotte Mart.. Sophie wanted to buy Kimchi for friends, while I also wanted to buy some snacks and foods, so we decided to visit the market before headed back.. 

Next is seoul trip day 6, then on day 7 i went back home. so means, one more post only LOL
I am still in doubt whether to post the video of me eating sannakji [live octopus] or not LOL it's like the highlight of my trip haha.. but let's see...~~

Bye now!

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  1. Aaaaaa hello kitty cafenya bener2 cute.. envy deh *v* hehehe ♥
    Wah kasar bener org korea disitu..masa minta diskon ajah mpe dibales kasar~

  2. Hi stella , I'm your new reader ^^
    HK cafe udh Ada di Jakarta daerah PIK , Tp gak sebesar n selengkap itu stel..
    Pedagangnya Kok kasar gt sih, cuman Tanya doang masa dimarahin...huuuu~~~

  3. hello kitty nya unyu buat anak q tuh

    Visit My blog ya

  4. Do u live in Apartment Grand Emerald, Klp Gading?

  5. Sebagus-bagusnya negara orang, msh lebih baik negara sendiri. Emang pedagang korea kasar2... Ga ky org kita orgnya ramah2.:)...Knp yah org kita byk yg ngefans sm artis korea:))