Review : Diamond Nose Make Up

October 23, 2012

Nose shading has become a crucial part of my gyaru make up, because it makes my nose very tall, sharp, thin, and very good looking! LOL But to find a product that's made just for nose contouring is quite difficult :( So mostly people will use matte brown eyeshadow or eyebrow powder to contour the nose.. That's what I did before I got this Diamond Nose Make Up!

This one is from Japan and used by a lot of Japanese gyaru models!! You may see this product a lot on Japanese magazines and I am very lucky to get this from Reine Doll Shop ^.^ 

Talking about packaging, I am never impressed with Japanese drugstore beauty packaging, because it looks cheap -___-" but the quality is much better than Korean products in my opinion, although Korean brands tend to have cuter appearance! 

This product contains 2 shades of contouring and 1 highlighter.. 
Simply contour your nose using the contouring powder, you may mix it to match your own shade

I will probably make a tutorial how to make your nose appear sharper when I have time, because I cannot really explain it through words @.@ I am sure many of you know about this already, but there are some beginners that dont know the trick of contouring nose. So yes, later ok! ^.^ 

It also comes with blending brush, the bristles is very soft and easy to blend, quite good!! 

Here's the swatch... 
from left to right : highlighter, shade 1 of contouring powder, shade 2 of contouring powder

I mainly use the 2nd shade of contouring powder because it's darker than my own skin tone... The downside point is it only comes in 1 shade, so people who have darker skin tone probably cannot make use of this product very well :( 

But I love this product because the finish is very natural!! 

Final Opinion : 

Pros :
  • Comes in 1 highlighter and 2 contouring powder
  • Gives natural looking finish of sharper and taller nose
  • The blending brush is very soft

Cons : 
  • Only comes in 1 shade
  • Cheap looking packaging

Although this product may not become a necessary for some of you, this is a must have on my make up routine because gyaru make up consist of a lot of contouring! ^.^ 

If you want, you can purchase it through Reine Doll Shop  because I dont know other shops that sell this product. Japanese drugstore items are not very popular in here T_T A bit sad.. 
If you mention my name, they will give their best price :) 

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