My Hair Tragedy

October 16, 2012

So, I always always feel heart ache whenever someone praise my hair for being so healthy and shiny.. But the main fact is what you see isn’t always what it looks like in real

I admit, I have bleached and tortured my hair ever since I was 12.. I have bleached my hair since, and mostly I did it at home.. BUT when an opportunity to get professional did it to you. why would you reject, right?

So did I..

I was given opportunity to try Shinjuku Hair Salon and I always want to get the light ash blonde that I always want, and they did it! I was very satisfied at first! But the owner also recommended me to do root perm, means they perm some of the roots to make more volume. I already said that my hair was thick and volumized enough and no need for it, but then he said that it’s much more hassle free because I didnt have to backcomb my hair to make it puffy, and I would look so much like japanese barbie and seriously, although I am quite experienced in hair dyeing thingy, but I always believe that my skill isn’t as good as pro so when I meet a pro, I will believe whatever they say la. And it sounded very interesting so I wanted to! ^.^

Turn out it doesnt give much difference, but instead it feels itchy

I got to have my long-awaited ashy blonde hair, after a painful experience of bleaching at their salon [Which I usually didnt receive such pain at home, and my friends also cried when doing bleaching there] and I THOUGHT that it’s ok because i did not have to bleach it many times.. The chemicals used are pretty strong I believe.. And it hurts my scalp.. :|

But I still believe in them and tried to recommend them every time, because the color is indeed very good. But despite that, it’s in fact rotten inside

 I did bleaching and coloring that already did damage to my hair. But it’s okay as long as there’s no perm or smoothing included [ AS I HAVE ASKED TO OTHER SALONS ] !!!!

And what happens when bleached hair like mine got permed?

It’s crushed

And it will fall out

Simple thing is, the hair turns out dead, and fragile, and messy, and aksdaksdhaks.. So I have a chance to be bald soon

Everytime I re-touched my roots, I lost hairs... and right now I was left with only 1/3 hair that I used to have.. And seriously I am really afraid of what might happen

So I asked the shinjuku owner to come up with any idea, as I feel that the root perm is the root of evil of my hair la!! but he didnt admit that my hair fall was his fault!! he instead said that it’s because i didnt take care of my hair properly

Yea I admitted I didn’t really put attention, but before I did my hair at them, I HAVE BEEN YEARS BLEACHING MY HAIR, I didn’t take care of them as much as I did now and my hair was PERFECTLY OKAY!!! But right now, when I did my hair at them, I tried treating it much better but the result was worse!

I can hardly comb my hair anymore! And if I comb it, it will FALL OUT cos the root is very weak and fragile already because of the root perm. You know what, I only comb my hair using fingers now!! Damnnn!!!

And even I went to other salons to get treatments [pay by myself la wtf] they said that my hair cannot be helped anymore and just wait for it to fall out, and suggest me to go with short bob hair instead, because it cant survive anymore.. no longer... and I just could inhale breath slowly... they just laughed bitterly of this mistake because it’s very fatal and crucial and they told me that every professional must have known that bleaching + perming is a big NO. and I was like, I didn’t know anything la I just followed what the stylist suggested me to.. Right?

We customers believe our hair to the hair stylist, if we can do it by ourselves perfectly then why hair stylists are needed? =___=

And so yeah, fffuuuuu, I am disappointed cos till the end they wont admit the mistake, and also they service quality has lowered. I received a few complaints from my friends that the progress was so long, and also they had failed smoothing and perming, as it’s back to normal again, and such..

And I didn’t talk about it up to now because I wanted to still make sure about my hair first.. That’s why I went to other salons as well la.. I’d rather pay high amount than being sponsored but bald! WTF!! Even if I am sponsored i dont want anymore, why would you all who has to pay?? gakh!

Also worst thing if you dont notice, the damage was on my roots, so it breaks halfway, from roots to around ear only.. So right now my hair is very very thinnnnnnnn and I swear I wont go back to that salon anymore.. Enough of my loss hair, I cant stand it anymore, right now I feel like crying everytime i see my hair or try to comb it, because it’s really dead!!!!

All I did right now is just to try prolong its life... At least I want to go to japan first with quite long hair, then after that I am willing to cut it leh [cos I have important stuffs to do there!! ><“] 

Right now I dont know any salon that can help my hair, nor any products either. I am seriously disappointed by my whole experience. At first like miracle, then became hell. Dunno about you, but that’s what I feel -_-

If you notice, I haven't blogged about my experience with them for the past few months, at the very least i only blogged about the treatment because I am not satisfied la what else!! But now I've gone to other salonS and heard about my hair tragedy so of course I cannot not complain right!

So obviously I would not recommend you to go to that salon.. And I wish that anyone of you who think of bleaching and perming your hair, to think about it again.. Learn from my mistakes and dont let it happen to you

Ok enough talking about my hair, I feel really bad already, bye now la, and hate that salon T____T

I will stop dyeing my hair for a moment and use wig instead... Yeah I should . . . 


Anyway, here are some screen shots of some interesting comments

too many comments... sorry cannot upload everything. This is probably the most commented post so far o.o 

More and more people tell me how to treat my hair, I am touched by every single comment as it means you care for me, thank you very much T_____T I will try your suggestions, thanks!
People may assume that I try to get down that salon.. While I still said before that the coloring in the salon was good, it's just I am disappointed that they didn't know the basic that they shouldn't perm my hair..

And if I was said that I was too harsh on my writing, well, it's just the way I write? Since years ago?? I guess I am also known as a harsh blogger, if I do not like something I will say I don't like. And If I like it, I will rave it to death.. It's just so simple. I don't care why it's really difficult to share your opinion publicly, but I think it's everyone's right to always shout out the opinion. Indonesia is a democratic country and we have right to do so!

What I want you to know based from this post is to remember it by yourself that whenever you go to any salon that recommend you this kind of treatment, dont! Bleaching + Perming is a big no. Learn from my mistake, because my blog right now is used to share information about beauty...

p.s.s = an update again, to clear missunderstanding

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  1. Aihhh sayang banget rambut km stella :'''(
    Jadi parah gitu >.<
    Sbar yaaa :'')

  2. stell coba pake dulu yg tradisional buatan sendiri aja madu bisa membantu banget buat rambut rusak dlu juga rambutq di rebonding trus damagex para banget tapi aku coba pake masker madu di rambut slm 3 jam atw lbh tergantung mood trus udh lumayan dan sekarang d bonding lg tapi udah gk pecah2 plus ttp hitam...

  3. OMG ce stella!!!!!!!!!
    when I saw your hair for the very first time after it'd been done by that saloon, i was so impressed yet interested to soon, get my hair bleached there as soon as I graduate from high school! that saloon was originated here in Surabaya, and yep I'd got my hair several times done by them but only in cutting. aaaaaaaand now after reading this post....NOPE, I DON'T WANT A BLEACHING.
    hope all the best for your hair! ;A;

  4. So sorry you have to go through all that.

  5. So sad. I've had the same condition like that years ago. The only way to fix it is to cut short. N i used phyto treatment.

  6. hi ci stella. :( I'm sorry about that.. ci kalau menurut aku, ci dipotong pendek dl aja gpp.. potong pixie lagi model ci, itu sekaligus buat nyelamatin akar rambut cici biar ga rontok lagi.. pas uda potong pendek, ditreatment dengan bahan2 alami ci.. duhh.. baca blog ini, jadi prihatin.. padahal rambut adalah mahkota wanita.. koq bisa2nya salon bagus mengecewakan customernya ya :( smoga rambutnya bisa "hidup" lagi ya ci.. jangan ampe botak >,<