Review : Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

October 21, 2012

I constantly change my foundation routine, because there are so many good foundations available in this world lol but recently I'm hooked up with this silk creme foundation by Laure Mercier, so I got them from Zatura Shop and it has become my favorite foundation ever since! Moreover, I also use it for photoshoot and TV Interview ^.^ Got so many questions askin what my current foundation is, and here's the answer!

Let's reveal it! 

Description :

An innovative full coverage foundation that makes the skin look luminous and rich. By combining a special collection of silk proteins, tea extracts and treated mica, Laura has created a luxurious formula that leaves skin hydrated and protected with a radiant, timeless glow.

Here's the ingredients used for this foundation. In case you have allergic to any ingredient, check it out first! And anyway, the expiration of this foundation is 18 months after you first use it! It contains 35ml, which is quite a lot, as usually foundation only has 30ml :D

This foundation comes in squeeze tube, and the packaging and color chosen looks simple but professional. I love how squeezing out the foundation is frankly very easy as it doesn't squeeze too much or too little. There are a lot of squeeze tube foundation that doesn't give the right amount of how much product I want to use, this one is great! 

I pick Medium Ivory shade. which is somehow a little too light for me but I think it's ok. The downside point of purchasing foundation online is that you dont know whether it matches your skin tone or not :( So make sure you do research first! I'm NC 25 / MUFE HD 117..

Anyway, here's the before and after picture!


usually the before and after picture is very different cos I used to have bad skin, but sorry guys, my skin is improving because of my newest skincare routine [using Menard Lisciare] ^.^ which I will post next time! But you can see that the coverage is quite good !! And I only use one light layer! :D

I am not sure why the picture for after foundation looks grey-ish, I think it's caused of the lighting, but in fact in real it's ok, also here I also put my full make up pic using this foundation! 

I do not edit my skin!! :D Looks so flawless right? this foundation is very creamy and really feels like silk, easy to blend, and light-weight! LOVE LOVE the texture! Also it has full coverage so mostly no need for concealer to cover your imperfection! ^.^

Also it's long lasting, and gives dewy finish, but oil free YAY! This is the best full coverage foundation I have ever tried! 

Final Opinion : 

Pros : 
  • Professional and classy packaging
  • Comes in squeeze tube, hygienic!
  • The texture is very smooth and creamy like silk
  • Glides and melts into your skin very nice
  • Long lasting
  • Oil Free
  • Full coverage, covers your imperfection pretty well
  • Light-weight
  • Dewy finish

Cons : 
  • Expensive :(

I cannot stop raving about this foundation, as this is NEARLY PERFECT!! Major downside is only it's price which is around 40-50USD :'( but if you're willing to have super flawless face, and looking for the right foundation, and can afford it, it's A MUST HAVE!!! seriously, you wont feel disappointed at all cos this one is just amazing!

You may place your order at Zatura Shop as I know they sell it, not so many Online Shops offer Laura Mercier pre-order.. And they're trusted.. If you mention my name, they will give you best price also ^.^

Now you guys know my current favorite foundation, tell me what's yours! :D

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