Stella Lee's 1st Beauty Class!

October 13, 2012

OH HI GUYS!! I was making a fuss a few days ago when I suddenly appeared on local TV, in Mochachino, TransTV.. And so my blog was exploded again twice than normal, though I admit appeared on Detik gave more impact [10x times wtf] BUT what I want to talk is that after my appearance, many MANY people ask me to teach them make up or ask me for consultation.. And obviously I have no time to come to your home privately and teach you one by one T.T I apologize, I’d like to do that but my schedule is very packed ><

So on my way to meeting with a brand, I immediately thought about an idea of having a beauty class oAO and I just realized how slow I am to realize that I can make it happen by ALL OF YOUR SUPPORTS <333

So I asked via twitter about this idea [not sure if you havent followed me or you missed it], and the response was very very good! Some even demanded for other cities but I need to make the Jakarta goes well first right??

On that day I quickly made a preparation about everythings and everything’s settled down. I love planning and organizing things, but this is my very first individual event so I am a bit nervous. But here’s the detail!!


Learn how to change your look with make up~!



From this ugly duck to doll!!! o.o 
wtf is this sorcery, right -_-"

I bet you all without make up is much better than me, so after make up you will be much much prettier than me.. But it's okay, I want to reveal my secret to you all!

BUT, You need to bring your own make up. I have thought about that and here are the downside reasons If I collaborate with a brand : 

  1. They will probably shove you indirectly to buy their products while you’re borrowing and using their products at the class
  2. You will end up buying products that you will regret later wtf [refer to no 1]
  3. I cannot mention other brands, I believe [you know, etiquette :x] 
  4. You will use used make up, that has been used by someone that you dont know

And some benefits of bringing your own make up : 

  1. You can make use of your own make up, especially stuffs that you don’t know how to use, I can help you! :D
  2. I can share my opinion about make up products and brands very freely!
  3. The atmosphere will be more casual, because there’s no staffs ^.^

And the fee is Rp 350.000 only! 


3 hours beauty class
1 hour lunch with me, at Waraku Restaurant
A set of lower lashes [bottom and upper]
FREE 2 beauty products [BRAND NEW]

NARIS UP Indonesia is kindly enough to give anyone who joins this beauty class some free stuffs! They just genuinely want to spoil you all, but obviously we wont force you to buy from them. You just receive it for FREE ok o.o

Here are what you will receive : 



A body cleanser and a mascara set!!

NICE OR NOT!!! Very worth it right??? We will use the mascara together on the beauty class, but other than that, you need to bring your own make up ^.^
And also, it's japanese make up guys!! 

ALSOOOOOOO~~~ Because everyone loves free stuffs!

There will be DOOR PRIZE as well!! For 3 winners!! ^.^ Each winner will receive a set of skincare from NARIS UP! and a hint, best dress will be one of the winners ;”)

So, learn make up directly from me, have a lunch and chat together, free beauty consultation, greattt food, and free products? Let’s make you all beautiful like dolls that saturday! I believe Rp 350.000 is very fair la. BUT I love it more if you come with your friends and share this happiness together. So if you come in pair, the price is lowered to Rp 650.000 for a pair! ^.^ 

Sorry la cant discount much, Waraku is pricey lol


Date : 27 October 2012
Time : 10.00 - 13.00, continued with lunch
Venue : Waraku Restaurant, 1st Floor, Central Park Mall
Price : Rp 350.000/ person, Rp 650.000/pair

The seat is very very limited, only 20 persons! Because I want you all to really learn, if there’s too many people it will be more difficult to teach and spare time for each one of you. So book your seat NOW! 

Reserve your seat via email, send it to
by sending me this format :

Name :
HP :
Persons :

And I will reply you back ASAP where you need to transfer it ^.^
If you like to cancel please tell me, and I will refund, but please remember that 3 days before the date, I cannot give you any refund because I have paid for the venue already..

Also I am not sure if 20 persons is enough, I dont know how many of you are willing to come and learn make up together with me, but if the quota exceeds, I will make another session again on the afternoon. from 4pm-7pm. Still not sure haha.. All depends on you ^.^

Anyway, please bring your own make up. Like foundation, powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick, blush on, etc. I will still bring mine and you can try it and borrow if you dont have it, BUT it’s better to know how to use your own products well

And most importantly, please bring your own make up brush! 

If you dont have it, you can place your order as well along reservation mail. I have a friend who sells a set of china brushes [12 brushes] for Rp 95.000/set. But if there are over than 6 persons, the price can be Rp 75.000/set only! ^.^/ 

I really really wish you all will love to join my very first beauty class, your support is all I need. If it goes well, I can go to other areas in Jakarta, and probably to other cities, and next other countries *dreamy* LOL 

I am not a professional but I am willing to teach you everything that I know in this field ^.^ I have been learning make up by myself for years, I also know some tips from my MUA friends, and I hope i can pass it nicely to you all too.. You can watch my youtube channel to learn yes, but it’s much much better to see in person because you can ask me directly as well your question
All in all, I am very excited for this event, and I hope so are you ^.^ 
Looking forward for your mail, and I will see you guys on Saturday!! <3

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  1. Hi Stella, I'm ur silent reader. Ur blog is so cool! Wish I could join ur beauty class. I live in West Java, quite far to reach Central Park ;)
    Btw, when u'll be showed up by TransTv? Cheers, Vero

  2. Will you teach in english or indonesian?