2nd appearance on Local Tv

October 24, 2012

First appearance was on Mochachino Trans TV but I didn't get the copy from them.. BUT, ANTV is kind enough to upload it on youtube, so I download it back because youtube disabled the audio as it used AVEX music.. And I've uploaded it back to my facebook page lol

One day, my facebok increased about 1000 new likes omg o____o *bows down*
thank you so much for your support <3 <3 <3 

I am seriously nothing without you guys.. thank you thank you *throws flowers* T___T

So here's the video.. I think the audio and video doesn't really match cos it's encoded many times, but at least you got the point lol

For international readers, they basically just told my achievements and ask why I love Japan make up, and just talked about my blogging life..

I used sponsored wig at that time, cos you guys must have known that my hair was super damaged already, and I do not want to torture it anymore.. Looks quite fake yeah.. ><

Anyway.. some say I look fatter there LOLOLOL Ok I've lost weights because of stress but on TV, the camera increase at least 5kgs T___T but I also dont want to lose too much weight, but on TV I look fatter, well whatever, it's not like I appear on TV a lot LOLOL

thank you so much for old readers, and hello new readers. I hope my blog will keep giving nice informations about beauty, and make people to aware about their own beauty as well :)
Anyway, there are also some say that I ain't that pretty. Well, in fact I do think I am not pretty at all! I have a little skill on make up that allows me to beautify myself a little, and I love it! 

If I can do it, you can also do it! :)

There's nothing wrong by improving yourself..

And I admit there are A LOT of other prettier bloggers, and better english speaker, better pictures.. I guess I am just lucky to be given this opportunity, I won't say I am the best, because once you say you're best, you will not improve yourself anymore

There are so many things I lack of, and I keep improving myself. I am not perfect, and never will be. But I will try to give all I can

I wish you all a good day :) 

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