Etude House August Pink Box

September 30, 2012

Wont talk too much, just watch the video la lol It's August Pink Box from Etude House.. this month's theme is dolly look..

I was making the video with dolly's look but then I only noticed it's only recorded halfway after I finished washing my face =.= and I am too busy with my mid-term exams to put the make up again, as it requires me at least 3 hours to complete the look wtf

So I made the video along with making a tutorial about everyday make up look,

which will be edited hopefully soon, as my mid-term exam is killing me T_____T

And in fact I was making it as a blogpost, I already edited all the pictures, only to know that when it's about to ready, I deleted the whole pictures and I was like wuttttt

Dumbness is all over me.. I am too confused to do everything because everything's so busy and many projects [homework and blogging] at the same time.. So all in all, this video is the third review in fact #truestory 

But anyway, the highlight of this box is the Dolly 3 step eye mascara.. As it's quite difficult to see the result via video, I post it again in here

top to bottom : natural lashes, step 1, step 2, step 3

It's my favorite mascara so far!!!!!

My lashes are barely visible but this mascara helps my lashes to appear better! Okay this looks like false eyelashes, the natural one, in real life.  Dont compare it with the dramatic japanese false eyelashes that I always use lol

I really recommend this product!!!! 

Also two other items that I love are the eyeliner sticker and the triple brushes eyeliner (?) to create fake lower lashes!!!

They need to improve those products as it's not perfect yet, but I think this is a big step for easier and efficient make up 

Okay I am back making my mid-term exams again
Oh in case you dunno, I am a design student, so our exam is at home, making videos, illustrations, and so on at home -____- 
And exam means no life for design student.. I bet if you have entered university you must have know about how many design students projects 

So I apologize for leaving you now
Bye bye!

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