Baviphat AC Therapy Skin Care Review

September 09, 2012

I want to cure my acne, though it's mostly caused by hormone. Every month usually at least one or two zits appear on my face, it's before my time of the month :x
But what's worse is the acne scar, obviously T_T that's why I ordered this from Rie Butik , the facial wash and the calming mist!

Comes in pretty pink packaging, which I wished it would turn out great, as always... but hmmm... let's see :D

this AC therapy SOS Cleansing Foam comes in tube packaging, very cute and girlish, which I believe most of you will love it without a doubt! ;D

But surprisingly the foam is quite thick and doesn't create a gentle and subtle foam. Also I think the smell is too strong, and after using it, my skin feels very dry. I know that probably they want to make the acne dry, but I dont understand why they make a strong smell for irritated and troubled skin :( 

Ended up I had some small zits after using it ._.

 I thought the AC Therapy SOS Calming Mist would do better but in fact no, it smells stronger and worse than the foam, and it feels sticky when it's sprayed directly onto my face. One of the worst skincare line that i have ever tried :( Not impressed at all

Also I can bear if they smell bad but works good, but I dont see any improvement at all. The foam ends up being my hand wash wtf lol;

The products are from Rie Butik and dont forget if you buy from them, use coupon code STL6RIE to get 6% discount from them! I really love Rie Butik and the owner is really kind, that's why I really recommend to place your order there! ^.^

Though again, I dont like these products, yuck X(


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