Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Review : Etude House Proof 10 Liquid Liner


A lot of people requested for a review of this eyeliner as it's said to be one of the best eyeliners from Korean Cosmetic Brand, and I was like, really? So far I love Japanese eyeliner and mascara more as their make up is more dramatic, vivid, and darker. But then I received a few liners from RieButik and I immediately jumped to swatch and try it. My impression is . .  . . click read more to know about what I think about this product!

But as I can tell, the more I try products, the more I have high expectation from a cosmetic brand :)

Description : 
Proof 10 Liquid Liner's waterproof formula supplies a clean, intense definition for a long lasting, 'Perfect 10' look!
With hyper coating polymers, this liquid eyeliner offers a strong hold that guarantees a waterproof, tearproof, and smudgeproof color!

First of all, the packaging is quite plain and simple. The grip for eyeliner is much taller than the product so it's quite a waste. Although the tip of the eyeliner is very very fine and thin, make it easy to use even for a beginner, but I am disappointed by the formula of the liner itself

I got these few liners from their collection as swatch and color comparison as well anyway. From top to bottom : 
BL601 - Blue Coolpix
GR701 - Turkey Green
BR401 - Brownies
BK801 - Waterproof Black

Okay first of all what disappoints me is nonetheless the watery texture from the eyeliner itself. It dries very very slow, and when it dries it kinda flakes and spreads around my skin, leaving unsharp line :/ also the color itself isn't bold at all, you can see it clearer from the black line, it's not as dark as my usual eyeliner. I dont know why but a lot of people say that they love the pigmentation of the eyeliner, while in fact it's really bad in my opinion

Also it doesn't last long, and although it's said waterproof, it's eventually will come off if you rub it. I know it stays still if you do not rub them but I usually rub my eyes so it doesn't help. Not even smudgeproof in my case -________-

left to right :  BK801 Waterproof Black, BR401 Brownies, GR701 Turkey Green,
BL601 Blue Coolpix

But as for its price which is quite cheap, you may find it as your best alternative to get liquid liner with interesting colors. I love the blue one the most as it's very very eccentric ;) I got them from Riebutik and if you're shopping with them, you can use coupon code STL6RIE to earn 6% discount

Final Opinion : 

Pros :
  • Cheap
  • Comes in a few colors

Cons :
  • Too watery
  • The color isn't that pigmented
  • The liner spreads on skin, leaves unsharp line
  • Not waterproof
  • Not smudgeproof

Disappointed, disappointed, how many times I shall mention about it XD
sure it's cheap and what a steal, I will not mind about the colored liners but I obviously dont want the black liquid liner as there are FAR FAR MORE better liners than this @___@;

As much as I think Etude House make up has improved, this one shall be left behind


romacchiato said...

Very nicely written! I can have a vivid picture of this product + its use.

Cobain Nature Republic, deh. Enak, long-last, pitch black.

Lucunya, barang2 yang ga dikenal orang kenapa malah lebih bagus ya kualitasnya O_O; Aku tanya temenku mana2 ga perna ada yg make eyelinernya lol

Dina Pitaloka (Nacchu) said...

Yang blue coolpix padahal cakep ya, sayang ga pigmented >.<

Kiky Utami said...

wah..padahal masuk wish list aku ttuh pingin cobain.. nice review stella ^^d

steph said...

weird that it's not as pigmented as i saw it. when i swatched this i thought it was awesome! bad batch i guess?

THT Christina said...

The teal one is so pretty!

helen said...

i also dissapoint with this one :/

Rini Cesillia said...

untung aku ga beli.. males bgt ya klo retak2 gt di mata -,-

Lilpink said...

omg. i love the brown color. <3

Stella lee said...

the color is ok! :)

Stella Lee said...

untung aku juga tidak beli, kalo beli sendiri kecewa LOL

Stella lee said...

I'm not the only one yay!

Stella Lee said...

I wish they improved the quality though!

Stella Lee said...

I am not sure! :(

Stella Lee said...

I recommend Dolly Wink !

Stella Lee said...

banget banget sayang >_<

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