My Skin Laser Experience with Ido's Skin Center

September 03, 2012


 2nd visit to Ido's Skin Center! And this time is to try their skin laser treatment! ^.^
My skin has a lot of acne scars and imperfections, so after consulted with the staffs, they suggested me to try their skin laser to rejuvenate my skin. Moreover it's also said that it can help reducing my acne scar and remove my hair as well. So why not??

If you're wondering about the secret of flawless skin, you may be interested to read this further, as there are some things that usual skin care provides for your skin

As always, I am impressed by how spacious, luxurious, and comfortable the place is. I love the lighting, and I love the decoration. It's very simple, yet classy and relaxing. I can sit there while reading magazines and sipping my juice all day, that's how comfortable it is

Before the laser, they first cleanse my face thoroughly, and proceed to doctor consultation. Then the doctor explained to me the purpose of the Laser Therapy, as well as some cases that can be cured, such as pigmentation, acne scar, bad skin texture, wrinkle, scar, skin tag, tattoo, and so on. He also informed me about the side effects that may occur, it's not likely to happen but it's better to be warned first instead of having side effect later but you dunno what's the cause right?

Some of the causes are pain, swollen face, burned, outbreak, reddish, etc. And if it's not done carefully and radiates your eyes, it will cause damage. But it can be avoided by wearing the right sunglasses to cover your eyes [which I wore la of course]. But after weeks, I don't receive any side effect and surprisingly it is not painful at all! o.o

I mostly cry when having facial treatment, cos it's really really painful T_T I also have some tears when bleaching my hair, but when doing the treatment it goes so fast, and the pain is really bearable. It just feels a little hot, and it's finished only within 10 minutes!

Best part??
It's different than other skin laser, as it's more into therapy for skin, it can be done EVERYDAY! Safely!!! o.o

The pictures above are my true skin without any filters/photoshop/make up. BARE FACE...
You may see that it's quite dull, and have some redness and acne scar. Also big pores, and if you notice I grew moustache and some annoying facial hair T_T

 Though it's quite better as no more big pimples, but the scar is more difficult to fight against!

 And this is after laser, only once!!
You can clearly see that the most obvious result is it lightens and brightens up my skin tone o.o also my acne scar becomes less visible, the pigmentation becomes a bit better!

Though obviously still not perfect yet as it's only once..

You can see from the picture below, that my moustache is not visible anymore! o.o and my facial hair turns white, and after a week it will fall down and leave my skin flawless. amazing!

And anyway, this is my skin after second treatment =

Under sunlight. Imperfections are much more visible under sun, but I can tell that my skin is improving!

And besides visible result, I can also share to you that my skin feels amazingly SMOOTH and SUPPLE and FIRM!!! It's as if I just injected a bottle of SK II Facial Treatment Essence o___o
I feel like, 3 years younger [cannot go more younger lol] hahaha.. I feel that my skin is sagging a little as I dont really do facial exercise, but this laser helps to improve the quality of my skin and make it much much firmer! ^.^ 

I still need to do a few treatments again before completely become flawless like babies skin, but so far I am quite happy with the result!

Price for each laser treatment is Rp 1.750.000, and you may go to their place directly for the treatment. Pricey yes, but you can see the result very very fast

Ido's Skin Center is located at Jalan Pluit Indah Raya, No.21, Lt.1, Jakarta Utara, Indonesia 14440 It's across Pluit Village Mal. You may come there and get consultation first before deciding with what treatment you should go for. Contact number is 021-6693729 + mail is So far I'm satisfied with the result, and will come back again ^.^

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  1. OMG sedih melihat kenapa bisa begitu banyak jerawat di situ stell?? :( is it connect with the activity of beauty blogger?? which is every makeup from every brand you have had tried :(

  2. wow :0 cee kl ada jerawat kecil d sekitar idung ma jidat d ido skin center bs ilangin jg ga cee? :) interesting soalny...

  3. same with me i have a moustache too, T_T, pengen coba tapi so pricey yaa T_T

  4. as for the moustache, i think 1-2 treatments are ok already. and moustache only is much cheaper than whole face leh i believe ^.^

  5. kamu bisa konsultasi kesana dear untuk lbih jelasnya :D

  6. it's just acne scar. yesterday one of a cosmetic brand managers told me it's because my face is lack of massage, so the blood circulation isn't going on well.. :o
    i will try to massage my face more from now on

  7. u r totally damn different without make up

  8. It is amazing and wonderful to visit your site

  9. Wow, you are looking amazing after the treatment, I also have pimples on face and I have used many creams to get rid of them, it seems like laser is the only effective solution out there.