Review : Melliesh Face Cheek Color 01

September 16, 2012

Melliesh brand has been around for a while but I only have chance to get my hand on their product now, because it's not available locally and not so many online shops that sell it in Indonesia :( Lucky me that Onikchan Shop offers pre order shop of Japan products so I can place my order there :D

Description :

Melliesh Cheek Color is the powder blush to create a lovely expression, like the model in the Popteen magazine Kanno Yui. The color of Melliesh cheek color lively and smooth in texture.
The different color can give you a sophisticated pink glitter. Melliesh can give you a natural and sweet look every day, no doubt it is a big success in Japan!

Packaging : 

Let's start with packaging review, as always ;) 
Japanese drugstore packaging has tendency to create bulky and eye catching box packaging, but they always lack on the product packaging itself, I wonder why. It's not like I save the box, so I wish they'd invest more money on the product money instead, as the packaging of this blush looks a little cheap for me :/

But the material of the packaging is better than candy doll blush in my opinion [I compare with jap drugstore make up as well], they are bigger and wider as well, so it's worth more money. I love how they make the back of packaging in black, it looks more professional! And also they have transparent cap to make us easier to see the color

Application : 

It doesn't come with its own brush so if you want to bring it outside, make sure to get your blush brush ready. I usually apply it on the apples of my cheek, smile, and see the round shape on your cheek, place it there! :D

Result & Color :

I got the Melliesh Face Cheek Color in 01, and it's a subtle warm pink with a little shimmer to brighten up face slightly. For me the result is really nice! It's neither too light nor too pigmented, it just gives the right amount of blush that I need on everyday basis!

I hate how candy doll is too light and needs a lot of swipes on cheek to get the color, and I also have to be careful with NARS & use it lightly otherwise I will put too much color on my cheek. Melliesh is just perfect! :D

Unfortunately I experience that the color doesn't last long :( It goes off after 2 hours, therefore I recommend you to bring it inside your make up pouch for touch up, or use cream blush before this blush on to make it last longer!

It comes in 6 colors to choose from and I'm really interested to try no 5 for contouring next!! ;D

Where I Got It & Price : 

I got them through Onikchan Shop, one of the best an trusted seller in Indonesia :) Price is Rp 235.000 each, and it's quite expensive compared to Japan price that's only around 15USD :( but if you don't live in Japan, obviously the price is much higher than the original price so yeah

Final Opinion :

Pros : 
  • Gives the right amount of color on cheek
  • Subtle warm pink color, compliments most of skin tone nicely
  • Contains a little shimmer to brighten up face
  • Comes in 4g product, quite big compared to other japanese blushes

Cons :
  • The packaging looks a little cheap
  • Doesn't last long
  • Expensive outside Japan

Overall I think the blush is great for everyday use because it gives the perfect amount of color that I've always been looking for! Although the price is quite high in Indonesia :(

But if you're into japanese cosme, I'm sure this product will be your must have collection besides Dolly Wink and Candy Doll ;)

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  1. The color is too cute! Too bad I just don't suit japanese drugstore's blush colors >< cos I have like light-medium skin with lotsa yellow tone *sedih*

  2. yeaaah.. it looks like "murahan sekali".. XD

  3. The color is too cute! Too bad I just don't suit japanese drugstore's
    blush colors >< cos I have like light-medium skin with lotsa
    yellow tone *sedih*

  4. simpel abisssss >_<

  5. I'm medium with yellow undertone and I can wear this shade very nice!! Why cant you!? ^.^ try it? :)

  6. the colour is so pretty, i agree about what you said about the packaging thing.

  7. As for the result, it is not bad! Very wearable! :D