How to Make Cold Pasta With Sesame Dressing - Runnyrunny999 & Stella Lee :D

September 11, 2012

This video is not made by me, but by one of the most popular cooking youtubers from Japan, Runnyrunny999
But I made a short, and weird, appearance there lol

I love watching runnyrunny999 channel because its really easy to understand, and I love eating Japanese food. Mostly if I am not busy I cook for my friends when they're coming over as well ^.^ I am not pro but I love cooking, but I hate cleaning the plates though lol

So I asked this on summer because it's really really hot! I asked something cold to eat
so Runny-san made me this cold pasta!! 
Although summer is over for some countries, but Indonesia is summer all day long so I can eat this whenever I can XD

He saw my ganguro make up tutorial, which I did for fun --", and asked me to appear as ganguro and I was like NO WAY!! I am not gonna show my face to hundreds of thousands youtubers from all around the world and his channel is mostly seen by Japanese or Japanese lover, so I am not gonna embarrass myself

But Runny-san insisted and asked me to do so and I was like ugh okay~ >_<
I'm ready to be humiliated and insulted wtf

But hey, it's just for fun la XDDD
And I hate my eyelashes at that time cos it makes my eyes super weird wtf

I shall do a better collaboration again with him in the future

so be sure to check out his channel as well!!! :D

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  1. Enaknya~ ^^ Mau donk di bikinin.. hehe

  2. O____O s-so he didn't want to embarrass himself he asked you to do it? I hope he choked on his food >:[

  3. lol thank you for worrying about me but it's ok laaaa

  4. Enaknya~ ^^ Mau donk di bikinin.. hehe

  5. hehe diorder ke dia silahkan :p

  6. LOL I'm not worrying about you. I'm more amazed to his shamelessness lmao

  7. OMG! my fav beauty blogger had colaboration with my fav cooking youtubers! I dont believe it!! hey stella try to make onigiri from runny san as well I make this onigiri 3 times already and really love it!! :D
    really happy to see both of u in those vid :D :D :D