Make Up Forever HD Foundation & Brush Guard

September 07, 2012

 There are some lists of beauty products that I always want to HAVE, so imagine how excited I am to get these products after wanting for so long!

My long-wanted foundation, MUFE HD foundation. you guys know how I love taking pictures of myself, but my skin isn't flawless, and HD camera, especially SLR, takes even a slight imperfection and make it more obvious on camera T_____T

That's why I want to have this MUFE HD foundation, as it has soft blur effect which is able to create a smoother surface on the skin!
Although it's only good on pictures, and a little oily in real life, for me.. But I love how easy to spread and blend the product. Moreover it lasts long and comes in a lot of shades! I got mine in #117. I used to be #127 but recently I got fairer thanks to Ido's laser treatment!

Here's my picture using the foundation, I do not edit the skin at all!!! You can see that there's still some visible acne scar on my cheek, but it's much much more less obvious than before, really!

And I also receive the brush guard to protect my brushes bristles.. That way after washing the brush, it will protect the bristles of spreading or ruined, also to keep it hygiene!

Thanks to Zatura Shop for sending me the products, you may purchase through them by mentioning stellalee to receive 6% discount on any products ^.^
They sell a lot of items from drugstores to high end brand items. From Korean to American products, of course with fair price..

So far a lot of you have told me that you're satisfied with the service, and I am happy that you can purchase easier and safer now. Worry not about running away seller right lol

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  1. MUFE HD foundation is amazinggg, it's the first foundation I got and it's still my favorite :D I like the lightweight formula & the finish :P I'm shade 117 too :D lol

  2. i have those mufe foundation's was so amazing....
    you face look flawless there...:)

  3. Hello. stella....I have those mufe foundation too...I like it so much.
    you face ook so flawless here...:)

  4. I have mufe 2 shade 117 and 118
    Both of them always amazing.
    My skin will looks flawless on camera...
    Sangat rekomen bgt...apalagi yg banci kamera.. Duh butuh bangett
    Anyway bulmatmu apa stell bgs ya?

  5. I gotta agree, the coverage is really great and it blends really nice!!! :D
    But still, I wont wear it on daily basis lol

  6. the face looks flawless thanks to the foundation!!! my face isn't flawless at all in real!

  7. yea it's because of the foundation! u're lucky enough to own one of the best foundations in the world already lol

  8. why u have both of them? mix them together? ^.^
    iya kudu banget deh aduuuhhhhh <3333

    hehe bulu matanya yang atas diamond lash, yg bawah dolly wink :3

  9. Huahahha
    Krn sometimes 117 cocok, sometimes 118
    Tone kulitku ni aneh aneh

  10. Dear , kalo make up forever ato mac tau dmn order yg bagus ga ? Soalnya kota kecil n ga ada mall yg jual itu :(