Review : Etude House Petit Bijou Intensive Care Cream

September 26, 2012

Ever since it's firstly launched, I have been very curious about Petit Bijou Body Line from Etude House. You know, baby's scent is irresistable for its soft fragrance, and I always have imagination of pinching its plump and smooth skin >___<

And Petit Bijou really reminds me of angelic baby's scent, obviously a must have to try!

Description :  
Etude House Petit Bijou Cotton Snow Intensive Care Cream is a delicate body cream that is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid Sodium, Milk Protein, Chamomile and the Petit Bijou fragrance to soften and relieve stressed skin.This product is free of sulfates, paraben, soap, dyes and alcohol to treat even sensitive skin.

It claims to be dermatology tested, paraben free and other harmful ingredients are not included, so it's very very safe to wear it everyday for your body's improvement. Petit Bijou is more for softening skin, and it has soothing / cooling sensation that relaxes skin :)
It's suitable for every skin type, and sensitive skin can also enjoy this product because it's very very smooth and safe to use. Do you know that it contains hyaluronic acid, milk protein, and chamomile as well to revitalize your skin? Awesome!

It comes in squeeze tube type that makes it easier to take out the products ^.^/
I usually dont like baby's smell body line, cos mostly it's too childish, but this one is an exception!! As it's very sweet

I love using this to my body area that's very very dry because it has a really great smoothening result!
I use this on my elbow, feet, hands, and legs! It instantly makes my skin velvety smooth

You can see that the texture is very bouncy, and glides easily on skin.. I love calling it skin moisturizer because it boosts up my skin's elasticity and moisture. It doesn't feel greasy at all, but the downside point is that this product needs quite a long time to be absorbed completely :)

I got mine from RieButik :) you can also purchase it at their store, or any etude house counter available in your area :D

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