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September 08, 2012


 A lot of people are wondering about my hair, is it not damaged after suffering a lot of bleaching treatments to get my hair this light as my current hair?

The answer is, YES
My hair is really damaged and needs a lot of treatment. So that's why I try my best to come to Shinjuku Premium Salon everytime I can to get my hair pampered!

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This is my current hair, before treatment.. It's really tangled and almost cannot be helped. I'm quite afraid if I will be bald soon T.T

So the staff first diagnosed my hair, and also washed it before put the mask treatment. I got the damage repair treatment to rescue my almost-dying hair T____T

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  The staff massaged my scalp for a while, to make my scalp absorbed the vitamin, then proceed by wrapping my hair with some tools to give heat, to make the process faster and better! :D

And this is the after treatment!!!

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 Before & After :

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 As you can see that the color is much more vibrant, and it's more tangled free and smooth! So far I love the treatment but unfortunately it doesn't last that long on my hair so I have to re-done it a few times, plus applying a lot of serums on my hair at night. Blonde is so difficult *sighs*

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Last picture!
I was about to go back but the staff told me to curl my hair too, as he thought that I looked better with curl :3 No make up cos it's so late and I was going there after my class was over

If you want to get your hair treated the same way I did, you can come to Shinjuku Premium Salon, it's located at Kuningan City Mall, 1st Floor. It's near Mal Ambassador :)
Talk to you guys later!

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  1. dang those curls look so cool
    and the hair treatment made such a big difference too *_*

  2. Sayangnya jauh ya salonnya dr lokasiku :(
    Kayaknya potong rambut disana bagus deh..
    Oh ya berapaan stell kl potong, tau ga?

  3. it's made by flat iron loh! 8D

  4. yeappppp hair feels so smooth already!

  5. potong tergantung stylist dear :D bisa contact shinjuku langsung untuk price list ^.^

  6. The staff rubbed my scalp for some time, to make my scalp retained the nutrient, then continue by wrapping my hair for certain devices to give heat, to make the interaction quicker and better! :D