Review : Etude House Brush Shower Cleanser

September 23, 2012

If you're a make up junkie, you must have known that using make up brushes are essential and easier, especially to create eyes make up. But do you also take care of your own brushes by cleaning them properly? Some of people that I know don't even notice that brushes are needed to be cleaned properly. But do you know that the bacteria will stay still and cause skin problems (o__O)

Cleanliness is important in make up!

While some who have known this, cleanse their brushes with baby shampoo, but I more believe in the real brushes cleanser. Unfortunately it's not widely popular or available easily so I understand. But right now Etude House has made brush cleanser to clean your brushes well!!

Let's try them out!

I'm gonna try with my blush brush from Masami Shouko.. As the color is more obvious for before and after picture

The brush shower cleanser comes in a pretty plastic packaging and it's quite petite.. You can see the size of the bottle by the picture of me holding the bottle. The cleanser inside is clear and has some lovely fragrant. 

Also available in refill type!! 
In fact you can buy the refill only as the refill has cap so it's very secure! 

How to use it is very very easy. You just need to pour some amount inside a container, and then dip your brush, swirl it for a few moments and rinse it off with water. Then dry it! :D
You can do it twice [double cleansing] to make sure it's cleaned properly, but I think this brush cleanses very well so it's not necessary :b

and that's the finishing result! Very clean, is it? ^.^

I got mine from Riebutik , if you order from them and using STL6RIE coupon you'll receive 6% additional discount :) 
I forgot about the price, but I think it's about 10USD each? Obviously the refill contains more liquid so you can buy it only

Final Opinion :

Pros : 
  • Comes in pretty pink packaging
  • Affordable price
  • Has lovely light scent
  • Deep cleanses make up brushes
  • Can be refilled
  • Easy and fast cleansing

Cons : 
  • Needs a lot of liquids for big brushes

The only negative point is it requires a lot of liquids for big brushes, as it's absorbed so quick inside the bristles. Apart from it, this shower cleanser has become a must item on my collection as it's very essential! I will be purchasing them on my own when I run out of it!!! 

I suggest you all to start cleansing your make up brushes as well at least once a week! As for me, I usually clean them after usage [when im not lazy lol] 

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  1. Aww man! That is one thing i like abt Asian product! Always have a refill! Unlike here, u have to buy the whole product. Such a waste n not to mention we have to play extra for those packaging.