Review : Etude House Line Nuance Duo

September 24, 2012

Another efficient Etude House product brought to you! Ever get irritated to bring eyeshadow and eyeliner and caused your make up pouch became very heavy? Worry not! As I discover a really efficient make up product that you can use very easily!!! It's duo eyeshadow and eyeliner!! o.o/ Awesomeness!

Etude House Line Nuance Duo comes with an eyeshadow sponge tip, and on the other side is the pencil eyeliner with different color!! I lovelovelove how the eyeshadows are pretty sheer and shimmery as it's only needed to give a pop of color on my eyelids, therefore I dont have to blend it. If it's pigmented, it tends to require eyeshadow brush to make it appear natural. But as it's sheer and shimmery, you don't have to worry about it!! <3 <3 <3

I got them from number 1 to 5! Pictures and swatches are in order! :D

The sponge tip swatch!

The pencil eyeliner swatch!

The pencil eyeliner has better pigmentation and very creamy so it's easy to use!!
For better understanding, here's the duo eyeshadow and eyeliner swatch altogether. 

from left to right : Etude House Line Nuance Duo 1 - 5
top : eyeshadow. bottom : eyeliner

For no 1 combination, it's a shimmery gold eyeshadow combined with white eyeliner for natural innocent look 
For no 2, it's champagne eyeshadow along with brown eyeliner. It's the safest combination!
For no 3, fulfill your girlish side with shimmery pink eyeshadow and eyeliner for sweet & feminine look! 
No 4, be brave by this unique combination color of brown eyeshadow and green liner 
No 5, be bold by having your eyes lined by blue liner, completed with shimmery white eyeshadow! 

I must say I love love love the color combination as it can create a simple yet natural look very easily, dont you think so?? Of course if you have time and skill, you can have better eyes look with individual products, but this one is not bad for beginner and people who are in rush

So I love how it safes myself when I want to have a meeting with someone, and no time to go home, and it's just too hassle to bring all my make up stuffs T___T

Most efficient product I've ever discovered from etude house T____T<3

Anyway I got them from RieButik with coupon code STL6RIE [6% discount] if you want, you can purchase the products at their store

Final Opinion : 

Pros : 
  • Creates natural eye look
  • Comes in many colors to choose from
  • Easy to use, even for beginner
  • Affordable

Cons :
  • Nothing? 

Okay I cannot give any bad points from this product la, as it works very nice! Say that I am subjective, but I always believe that review is subjective la. If you like and feel the product matches you, you must have recommend it to the others right?? As it's about YOUR OWN OPINION, not the others :)

Okay I end it up now as there are more reviews coming up! :)
Stay tuned!

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