Seoul Trip Day 3

September 13, 2012

 Sorry for the delay!! *bows down* 
But here's my Day 3 in Seoul, South Korea, 9th August 2012. Gosh it's been 1 month already, I don't even feel it's been a while, feels like yesterday o,o

Sorry for not publishing it sooner, it's because I have pending posts piled up before so I have to publish it, but now I made it ok! So please forgive me!

Day 3 is basically just shopping and hanging out all around Seoul. If you haven't read my Day 1 and 2, you may read it first HERE! ^.^
 So shall we start with my morning at MyeongDong first? :D

Not very much thing to be done on the 3rd morning, after the amazing concert, its time for the bloggers to head home, but me and Sophie extended our trip so I had more time than them to explore Seoul

But, even from the 2nd day I already demanded to go home and felt a little regret for coming to Seoul. That's because in my opinion Korean people are extremely rude, they bumped into me A LOT, EVERYDAY! and not even said sorry or looked at me! o.o
Also not that helpful to tourists, and didn't smile much either -_-" I know it's probably the language barrier but in other countries that I have traveled so far, all are so kind and helpful la! ONLY IN SEOUL I feel that I am not accepted ._.

But because I already paid for the hotel, so I just tried my best to enjoy my trip..

Sophie is not a morning person, so I shopped in MyeongDong with Porsche, Thailand blogger. We shopped a lot because it's her last day in Seoul, and also cos I didnt want to visit Myeongdong anymore on the rest of trips, I wanted to explore other places!!!

But, I didn't buy clothes or fashion stuffs because it's expensive. Okay not that expensive compared to western countries, but the price is about same or even higher than price in online shop Indonesia. And all are made in China too, made in Korea is much more expensive. Porsche even said to me that EVERYTHING in korea are available in Thailand with cheaper price, she got mad too lol

So I ended up only bought mostly Etude House products for my friends and cousins, as well as shopping some hair treatments and hand lotions at Watsons

After checking out, Sophie and I headed to our Hotel at Jamsil area, the hotel is David Hotel and it used to be Love Hotel, so it's cheap lol but not that cheap. The hotel turned out pretty good and spacious, also includes 42 inch LCD tv and fridge!! But the bathroom's door is really thinnnnnn lol

Taxi in Korea is almost same price with Indonesia, not that expensive, but subway is more recommended! By purchasing E-Ticket, you can travel all around seoul with subway, very fast and cheap! One way is only about 1000 won, depends on where your station is

My eyes got super red, almost like bleeding -_- so I decided to put no make up and lens, I only put some powder and glosses T____T

I think it got irritated either by the lens or the weather in Korea, enough la T___T

Before shopping with Sophie, we decided to take lunch first near Jamsil area. But it's supposed to be night area, so not so many restaurants open during the day

 Chinese food at last!

Sophie said that it's better to go to Ewha University because they have street market there and its famous for cheap prices. Though it's considered cheap by Korean standart, but the price is in fact 10.000 won each mostly, and it's made in China :o if you go to Bangkok, you can get it half price, quality not so good either but if you're willing to walk around, you may find some clothes that's worth your money

although in my opinion, most of the clothes sold in stores are same o.o

After finished shopping, Sophie's Korean friend, Brian, came to pick us up and treated us for dinner! He brought us to a place where we could eat the famous Jajangmyun! 

And it's probably the most dellish food that I had in Seoul, but then the secret revealed, Jajangmyun is chinese noodle, not korean food -_-" That explains why I love it duh, my chinese blood is so strong to the point I only like chinese food? lol

Anyway, Have I mentioned to you that the Korean food portion is twice than Indonesia??? o.o Price of food there vary about 4000-8000 won, mostly 6000 won, but in fact it can be eaten by 2 persons so food isn't expensive at all for me..

That's the jajangmyun! I have no idea how come they make the thick black sauce but it's really really good!!!

And that's the final outcome of the jajangmyun! the noodle itself is quite thick and long and very chewy, I almost couldn't finish it all but cos it's so good I forced myself T___T <3

Also Brian said, if you eat Jajangmyun you have to eat it with this sour and sweet chicken too!!! And the chicken's sauce is very niceeeeee...!! Finally I can eat normal food in Korea T___T [I dont like Korean food T.T but forced myself to eat it lol]

Brian, Sophie, and me!!!

After that, I thought we're going back home but Brian said that he'd like to meet his friends and drink beer together near Han River and I was like "Han River??? woooww!!" So Sophie and I tagged along and this is the day where I met NATIVE KOREAN!! *norak*

And because it's really a rare chance, I decided to ask them a lot of questions regarding Korea that mostly foreigners don't know!!! I cannot reveal everything but here's some good points that I managed to catch from our converation!!! And if you say it's wrong, I dunno ok, this is just some informations that I got leh from them lol

Oh btw, I met the educated Koreans la so they can speak english ^.^ <3

1. K-Pop is only popular outside Korea!!! 

Mostly Koreans there don't give a damn about them, I think it's similar to boyband and girlband in Indonesia. Only teenagers during their pre-teens are addicted to idols, while mostly people who are older than high school don't care about their activity o.o I have proven this by myself, when I am attending Etude House concert, mostly fans are young girls!! 

2. They also think that most of girl band members look same o.o

I thought that it's only me or foreigner that find hard time to differentiate each member, but in fact they also dunno who is who! Mostly because they don't really care about them la. Also, mostly Korean guys only like 1 or 2 idols, and they dont really follow their activities nor care about what they do o_O ??? And guess what, girl idols are mostly popular with guys who're serving in Army. For 2 years they cannot meet their family nor girlfriends so they like idols to fill their heart for a moment leh o.o Even the Koreans that I talked to, said that they put their pictures as their screen savers during army lol I can totally understand it tho haha

3. They think most of the idols are gay lol  

Not literally, but I mean in fashion sense? Similar to Indonesia, they don't find idols especially guys who wear eyeliner are that cool o.o Also I always think that Korean people are very fashionable, but in fact after been there, I notice that their fashion style is very casual and *sorry* boring la. It's fashion that can be easily seen in Jakarta as well.

You wanna know Korean style? Go to Kelapa Gading, Pluit, or Grand Indonesia. Really! Even I am still eye catching in Seoul because they don't really dye their hair!! So yeah, it's proven already too by me..
Oh! Interesting subject is I ask them about who's okay for them!

Guess what? Super Junior? NO! Jang Geun Seuk? NO! Lee Min Ho? NO! Kim Hyun Joong? NO! Hero Jaejoong? NO! Bae Yong Jun? NO! etc
So, who's okay for them??? Big Bang, Jang Dong Gun, Max Changmin..  o_____o

 They don't like pretty guys either O____O;;;;;;
And because they said Big Bang is ok, so  I decided to listen to Big Bang. Big Bang is considered as the best boyband and the not-so-gay-boyband and the songs are mostly catchy so yeah, Native Koreans love them! After listened to their songs a few times, I am really addicted to G-D omg T.T okay that's the story how I fall in love with Big Bang wtf

After talked about Boyband, they said that one person's coming later will be a brother of a famous boyband from SM Entertainment. Sorry I cannot reveal the name or the boyband's name for privacy matter, but the brother is ganteng abis gak boong lol unfortunately he can't speak english that well so I communicated with him through dictionary that I installed on my phone

The rest of them can speak english quite good cos they part time as english teacher or have been living in States before! ^____^

After spending some time drinking beer next to Han River with them, I can finally understand the kindness of Korean, they're very nice and kind and thoughtful! I feel accepted and they answer all my questions very kindly T____T I feel bad after that for mocking Korea before but it's probably because I havent met the nice Korean leh

Also I learned that it's probably because of their culture. Korean dont really care about people they dont know, but once they know you they will be very very nice toward you!

With some of Korean people that I met there. No, si kakak boyband ganteng nggak ada disana hehe ;D

Also they also find Sophie and I taxi and I felt bad for having them taking care of us but they said it's fine and it's a really enjoyable moment too. Ok, I've started to like my holiday and Korea after that day. And I could hardly wait what's great adventure would be on the next after


Sophie and I said good night from Seoul, we're about to sleep but must maintain skin first because on 4th day we're going to Everland Theme Park!!

Stay tuned for the next post! ^_^ <3

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