Review : The Face Shop Whitening Body Essence

September 17, 2012

One of the most common questions that I got is about body whitening product. I don't really like to be super white but I acknowledge that most of Asian people are crazy over fair and translucent skin ever since. It's because it used to classify rich woman as they do not have to work outside, so they don't get sunburn. Although it's modern time already, but that point of view is still not dead for some people. Even the closest example is, my mom o.o

I know that there's a fast whitening body product that works like miracle but I do not suggest you to buy those milky or whatever kinda lotion, as for face and body, I only believe branded product. It doesn't matter if it's cheap or expensive, just get products that have counters in my opinion

Branded cosmetics are much much more affordable than branded clothes or bags, so I am sure that you can get it even at your nearest supermarket.. But right now I will introduce you to a whitening body essence made by The Face Shop

Essence is basically like a serum, so body essence is a serum, and in this case, it's a serum that helps whitening your body from lily flower extracts! Lily flower is famous for its natural, pure, fresh, and also its white petals, so it's basically very very connected with whitening. The extracts are combined with white tea ingredient to help your skin brighter and less dull

I love how easy the application is, as it's from pump, and it's pretty much softening and moisturizing my skin. It's absorbed pretty fast yet calming. I do feel that my skin is somewhat appear brighter but the progress is quite slow. Please remember that almost safe beauty products do not give you miracle from one night. If you do this routinely, you will eventually see the improvement of your skin tone

Anyway, have I mentioned that the packaging really describes the lily flower perfectly? It's pretty simple and printed in white packaging, the scent is very relaxing yet calming, for those of you who love pure and soft feeling and scent, you will surely love it

I got them from MyLovelySister and price each is Rp 170.000 and its price is quite fair considering that it consists of 300 ml so it will last long! I usually use 4 pumps though for 2 arms and 2 legs :D If you're interested to try, as not so many whitening body line available, you may check it HERE :)

Final Opinion

Pros : 
  • Efficient pump packaging
  • Calming and soothing skin
  • Helps improving skin tone
  • Brightens up skin
  • Has moisturizing effect, can be used as body lotion as well
  • Has relaxing and pure scent from lily
  • Made by natural ingredients
Cons : 
  •  Nothing!

So far I love it and do not see any mistakes from this product. Sure it takes quite a while to see the result but hey, almost every skin care products that I know do not give instant result. If there's a product that gives you whitening effect after 5 minutes usage, BE CAREFUL O.o I am too afraid to even use it, as it's too fast to be true. Let's do it slowly but surely

Do you have your favorite body products? What is it and why? :)

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  1. how long it takes to really show you the effect? thanks :)

  2. I think around 2-3months?

  3. Buat muka gymana ne ?

  4. beneran bisa bikin putih mencerahkan? cuz aku beli yg milk plus TFS jg tp ga mncerahkan.

  5. Udah nyobain SecretKey Snow white milky pack? kayanya bagus klo baca dari review org2