Dolly Wink Long Mascara Review

September 09, 2012

I dont think I shall mention about Dolly Wink brand anymore because it's pretty big and famous already than its first time launched years ago. I still remember about 1,5 years ago when I mentioned about Dolly Wink has come to Indonesia on my blog, and brought to you by Kay Collection. Hopefully they will bring more Japanese beauty products more to Indonesia.. Dolly Wink, as you know, is produced by Masuwaka Tsubasa. An EX-model for Popteen and a model for PopSister. Their make up is basically into light and natural gyaru, more into romantic in my opinion :)

Packaging : 

As always Japanese drugstore beauty products have pretty cute and unique design, but the box packaging is mostly bulky and more eye catching than the product itself. The mascara outer appearance can be said uniquely made, as it comes in curvy packaging instead of straight one, to let the customers grasp it better and comfortable

I love how they still manage to add Dolly Wink touch by adding dots on the cap only, not all over the design. They simply made it looks cute without being too childish

Brush : 

The brush may look like ordinary brush but if you see them closer, you will see that the mascara has a lot of tiny and soft fibers that will help lengthen up your lashes. The finish is pretty natural, and mostly the product is on the mascara tip, which main purpose is for lengthening the lower lashes. But for me because of it, it makes me face a little difficulty to coat my inner upper lashes, as I am afraid to put too much there D:

Before & After Result : 

As you can see that the mascara helps darkening and add more volume on my lashes, as for lengthening, it does, but you have to build it up patiently. But it has tendency to clump so be careful ><

This is thee before and after result again, taken from my instagram. I do not wear eyeliner at all so it makes you see the difference easier. See, my lashes are visible and in natural way ^.^ it never happens before!

Where I Got Them and Price :

I got them from Kay Collection Indonesia, and if you happen to live in Indonesia you may visit their stores at ALL SOGO, Debenhams (Senayan City), Seibu, Metro PIM, STAR (KGM), Matahari (Taman Anggrek, Ciputra), Guardian Plaza Indonesia. Price for each mascara from Dolly Wink is Rp269.000 [30USD] which is really expensive just for a drugstore mascara for me. As if I am not mistaken it's only half price in Japan

But if you really love Dolly Wink and want to collect them, go ahead. It's good :)

Final Opinion :

Pros : 
  • Unique packaging design
  • Goes on natural on lashes
  • Helps lifting and curling up the lashes
  • Waterproof
  • Smudge proof
  • Lengthening eye lashes
  • Very easy to remove

Cons :
  • Expensive, especially outside Japan
  • Tend to clump if it's used too much
  • Dries quite slow

All in all, this is by far my favorite mascara because it can lengthen my lashes very well and still look natural. My lashes are barely visible on camera, but with this mascara help, I can at least look better !
But the price is really expensive for a drugstore mascara, because it's a price for a high end mascara :/
I prefer to invest my money on the lashes that will give me more dramatic look

 you may support Dolly Wink Indonesia on Facebook to know the latest promotion and discount happening :)

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  1. I tried the volume one cos the long one cannot be brought into SG due to the ingredients... the volume one makes my eyes itchy badly everytime i try it on the top lash, bottom is fine. I am not the only one who think it itches too )8

  2. bener2 harus tipis2 ya apply-nya? hmm