Seoul Trip Day 4

September 28, 2012

This is my 4th day report of my trip to Seoul last August, and now it's about to be October wtf.. I received a lot of complaints because I havent finished blogging about this trip. I didn't know youre that interested of my trip more than my beauty stuff posts related lol

Okay so basically my 4th day is quite boring, not so many stories to be told, unlike day 3, because I was going to Everland Theme Park with Sophie! At first we hesitated to go to Everland or Lotte World but my friend who's come to Seoul before recommended me to go to Everland instead because it's more beautiful

Sadly Everland is outdoor, and Lotte is indoor. I picked wrong date on wrong location. That day Seoul was raining and we thought it would be over once we reached Everland but I was wrong -_-"
Why in all day, it's raining when I visited Outdoor Theme Park? God must be playing with me cos I am interesting #gets slapped# LOL

And you know, my skin was sooooo horrible in Seoul. It's very dry, flaky, and I had some zits :'( You cannot see it cos I PS my photos la.. Still say I am pretty, it's because photoshop, not my features ok

And cos I had eyes irritation, I didn't wear any lenses, nor eyeliner!! I only put some falsies to make my eyes appear a little better, but doesn't really help. My hair is wet as well cos I was rained on, so although Everland is very pretty, my overall look was super awful -.-"

But here you go, this post is presented to you!
I edited the pictures half-dead, so many pictures that needed to be selected and edited. If only blog can do it on its own lol

The main entrance for Everland Theme Park.. 

Usually it's 40.000 won but if you're a tourist and bring your passport, you'll get discount ! So I only pay 32.000 won! ^.^
Everland isn't located at Seoul so Sophie and I had to take bus to travel there. Took us 2 hours in total I guess.. 

Because it was still raining, Sophie and I decided to have lunch first. We were hungry too, so we just got inside any restaurant nearest the entrance gate :x

Turned out the decoration was very pretty and antique!

I ordered this kind of gratin. A set of gratin with salad and soup costs me about 10.500 won and it's twice more expensive than normal food in Seoul. The food wasn't nice either. I wonder why Theme Park Restaurants are so bad to serve us bad quality foods with higher price T_T Sophie didn't finish hers but I finished mine cos it's such a waste T____T

After a few moments, we were just walking randomly under light rain. The rides werent opened yet but I insisted to wait until the rain stopped *sorry Sophie ><* cos we already arrived there :( And already paid the ticket too! Bad luck!

So we just took pictures at random spots inside the theme park

And entered the merchandise store cos we had nothing to do -_-"

Sorry if you're bored, but I was bored too, so I just played around the store and tried some cute headbands!!! <3<3<3

The rain almost stopped, and when I saw outside, there's like a very beautiful garden, inspired by Europe's Nature! And I was like, NICE SPOT TO TAKE PICS! >_<
If only my look wasn't that bad T.T

I really really love the Garden and it made me feel as if I was in Holland. Everything's so beautiful, neat, clean, and colorful!! The weather is very clean and refreshing too!!! BEST SPOT inside the theme park for me! Probably it's because I never went to Europe before :x

btw these pictures below are taken by my handphone, while above pictures are taken using my DSLR. You can see that the quality of Samsung S3 is not bad!!!!! 

Even you can see from the picture above that Samsung Galaxy S3 can take the water from fountain very nice!!!!! Look so professional! I am very satisfied with my phone! ^.^ It's not a waste to buy it before my trip!

Mirror at the garden!!!! o___o

So we headed to other places, and also tried some rides since the rain had stopped already! ^_^

I didn't manage to take pictures of all rides that I rode at that day, because I want to enjoy it to the fullest and Sophie & I are quite satisfied because the queue was ok except for popular rides. And also there are a lot of rides available inside the park, similar to Dufan, but safer lol . Not to mention that there are a lot of thrilling rides and fortunately both of us love it!! ^.^

Me and Sophie. No need to say I already know she's pretty and much much prettier than me, thanks guys, you can visit her blog here lol

But that day we were pissed off by some of the people there. So many people cut off the line aka nyelak; shamelessly. And most of them are chinese tourists =_=

Sophie went mad and scolded one of the chinese aunties who cut off our line, while we were waiting patiently for our turn la, obviously we're mad but she's very brave lol

And then the auntie said in chinese "there are my friends there!!!" and asked us to give us way. And Sophie screamed "WO BU BEN!" in mandarin, means I dont care o.o

And the auntie was very shocked. 

1. probably she doesn't think Sophie can speak mandarin lol
2. She doesn't believe someone younger can scold her for misbehaving
3. she knows she's wrong, but mostly people dont care

I also was mad but usually I will just let go if I am overseas, if it's in my country I will scold la lol

Okay enough of the story, and do you know Everland has its zoo too? =.=
Yea I know. Where on earth there's a theme park that has zoo inside? you can find it at everland!!! o_o


And that's FOX FERRET and Sophie & I couldn't stop staring at them cos they're so cute and I WANNA OWN ONE PLEASEEEE ;A;

If only I could shove it inside my bag and bring it home. Omg they look so lovable and I never love animal besides dog [some types only] this much. I wanna hug them please T___T




And they're 2m tall and fighting dunno what for. And I was staring at them amazingly

Sophie was confused and asked "didnt you went to Australia before? Why are you so surprised about Kangaroo"

And I replied "yea but I didn't visit their zoo so I didn't see neither kangaroo nor koala. I only see kangaroo's meat at supermarket" #truestory

And my jaw dropped again



In the end, Sophie and I rode a lot of rides and walked all around this theme park until night. We had to take another bus again to go back to Seoul and it's very exhausting.. When we arrived at the Hotel, we were super tired already so we just went back to sleep.. 

If you visit Korea, you should visit Everland Theme Park too!
And make sure you doll up so you can take good pictures with good scenery, unlike me!! T___T

Stay tuned for 5th day! 

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  1. Ternyata ever land bagus jugak ya O:
    Kemaren gue cm duduk di tenda, Kagak liat/naek apa2 ;o; makanannya jg kaga ada yg enak ;;o;;