Seoul Trip Day 1 & Day 2

August 24, 2012

Okay, finally I have time to edit all the pictures from my trip to Seoul!! Because I also dunno, so many thinngs to do although it's holiday *old excuse, but true* ;_;
I will reveal one by one what makes me so busy, but right now, doesn't matter about my business right, what's the matter is my trip to Seoul!!!

I am sure you guys are curious about how it goes, eh, no? Well I'll just take it as you're interested to read till the end!

Warn you, this will be full of pictures, so better take a drink and snack to enjoy it while reading this post :D

I've prepared my skin really really nice before going to Korea. my skin is perfectly fine, only had some minor acne scars, but overall it's much better because I got skin laser rejuvenation at Ido's Skin Center. I also put sleeping mask during flight, but guess what, my skin had a breakout when I reached Seoul, like 5-6 hours after being adapted to the weather there

Okay it's summer, so it's hot, but it's pretty humid unlike Indonesia that's really really dry.. The summer is different, the weather is different, so is the language, needless to say
Lucky Seoul provides some english signs but almost nobody speak English there, except tourists 0.0 So when reached Seoul, I took Limousine Bus to the Hotel at Myeongdong.

While I was there, I saw that Seoul is free from traffic jam, and free from trashes. Pretty clean and neat.. I wish Indonesia, especially Jakarta, would take them as example. Not only Seoul, take Singapore as the nearest example la. I wonder when that time will come in here, hmmm...

Incheon Airport, 
appears in K-Drama a lot when the girl/guy chases after someone that they like whom about to fly and leave Korea, oh oh drama lol

 had Bibimbap as lunch before.. 
excuse my ugly face, so exhausted. I already PS it but still doesnt help x_X

Met Niken, my friend who's staying in Seoul at that time, she brought me to Dongdaemun and Gangnam for shopping at that day!

Basically on first day I just had leisure and free time, and looked around Seoul.. I managed to take a glimpse of Seoul's life, and also tried a few Korean foods. To be honest I dont like Korean food. I love Japanese food more, not because I love Japan, but I think it's much more edible lol 

And because I was so exhausted, I woke up late and didnt get free breakfast provided by the hotel T___T so I ended up eating instant mashed potatoes & noodles that I brought from Indonesia.. 

Then on 2nd day, it's Etude House Time!

 with Julie, the staff that invited me to Korea!

in front of Etude House store at MyeongDong!

Korean Dinner with bloggers! The left one is Porsche, Thailand Blogger, she knew me from Kirari, my thailand beauty blogger friend whom I met through NAPBAS 2011! And the middle is her cousin :D 

I didn't spread my curl because I want to save it for the night, I thought I would at least manage to see 2NE1 and SHINEE since I am the guest right lol *feels so special*, so during the day, my hair is half-done.. But I made it puffier and messier on the bus on my way to the concert hall, much better eh?

took pictures and tried Etude House Make Up before the concert, provided by them for the guests!


in front of the concert Hall, with other bloggers :)

it is said that over 4000 fans coming at that time to watch the concert. I asked Julie whether we had to stand up with the crowd or not, my feet hurt cos of walking too much with heels and I am not any fan of neither of them so I do not want to risk my legs la lol Julie said it's ok since we got vip seats, so we could sit! Thanks God!!

with Sophie, she extended Korea trip with me, so basically I was with her for about 6 days :D

Both of us dunno about the singers, and she had zero interest about Kpop, while I am just so-so.. I listen to a few songs but not a fan, yet I never listened to Shinee and 2ne1 before.. But before I left Indo, I alredy listened to their songs and ready to force myself to have fun there

Please la, will be so dumb if I dunno even one song from the concert right??? XDD

Turned out not bad, I know SHINEE's Lucifer, but Ring Ding Dong wasn't played. They sang 2 other songs that I never heard. But for 2NE1, I have studied all the songs that they played at that night! Feels like a student facing musical exam ahahaha!

They played Fire, Can't Nobody, I Love You, and of course I Am The Best

I never put attention toward them before but I can clearly feel the energy of them when they're singing and dancing. And obviously, no lipsync! And they're so energetic, and have great voices! After finished the concert, and now back to Indonesia, I cannot stop listening to their music o.o They're so... COOL! 

But what's stranger is that now I become a big fan of Big Bang after I'm back from Seoul WTF *___* I know TOP is handsome, but I am a fan of GD, omg he's so sexy klsfjaklsjfkals okay enough with the fangirl. I will let you know the story why I become a fan of big bang later, it's on my next post, I will reveal some thoughts of Korean citizens about their view of K-POP!

But now, please enjoy the video and some food galores that I had during 2 days of my trip!

Thank you to you readers, I tried almost everything that you recommended to me! I am so lucky to have kind readers like you ^3^

Samgyetang, LOVE this one :)

Bibimbap, cried while eating this as I cant stand spicy food lol

Okay la please stay tuned for day 3 and the rest, that's only if you are interested. If not, I wont bother to upload it either lol
Bye for now!

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