Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Just to Inform You That I'm Alive

I'm such a great blogger, right now I am blogging and reporting some of stuffs instead of going out *praises myself, wtf*
No la, in fact I am waiting my friend, Niken, to pick me up. She's currently staying in Seoul and she will be bringing me to Dongdaemun!

Internet is really fast in here, and I can connect to wifi most of the times, everywhere!! o.o
That's why I bring my laptop, cos I will be uploading vlog each day [I hope..] so you guys can experience Korea with me too ^.^

But here are some pics from my phone first

I arrived in Korea around 7am, but had to take bus to Seoul, so I actually arrived in my hotel around 10am. Then I couldn't check in, I had to wait until 2 pm, so I wandered around Myeogndong, with my heavy laptop and DSLR inside my bag, and managed to look around and snap some photos

What I love and respect the most about Seoul is that their city is really really clean, and although the weather is really sunny and hot, it's not polluted at all. I get a little breakouts because of the change weather, but I think it's ok

It's quite crowded right now, and I had chance to visit a lot of beauty stores such as Holika Holika, Etude House, Face Shop, Innisfree, and others.. They sell a lot of cheap stuffs o.o And If I mean cheap, it really is!!!

I once saw an eye and lip remover only 2USD from apieu brand!! MAD CRAZY!!

But unlike cosmetics, clothes are quite expensive. See, even if it's on sale, it's still 29.000 won, which is around 30USD -_-" I saw cheaper stuffs like 10-15USD but they're very average
I am going to Dongdaemun soon, cos I heard clothes in there is much cheaper

I also give myself a big applause for trying out Bibimbap!! I never want to eat spicy food nor I can stand it. But when you're in Rome, do it as Romanians! So I always try to eat local food as best as I can!!! I got bibimbap for 6000 won set, around 6USD. including kimchi and water, for free. I thought I had to pay first then I asked in mandarin "mian fei ma?" & the staff said yes lol

Why I spoke mandarin?
Duh nobody speak english in hereeee T____T
Everytime I talk in english they run awayyyyy and they dont want to bother helping me either!!
And probably saw my face, they asked me "ke yi qiang guo yi ma?" [can you speak mandarin?] and so I said "yi tian tian la" [a little bit..] and so all the koreans keep talking in mandarin rapidly until I went ajsdkasjdasdakls @____@

And so everyone kept talking to me in mandarin, and I feel I am not in Korea at all, but in Taiwan wtf

I should have learned mandarin better. I cannot survive in Asia with english, Mostly they use mandarinnnn T___T

That's my lunch!!! 

The portion is really big!!! I regret for not sharing it but buy one portion instead. I didnt finish them up, mom would go mad at me lol 

I will be trying ddokbogi and jajangmyun later, I heard they're very popular!!

After 2 pm I can check in and take a shower, finished dolling up, and now waiting for my friend!!
Better finish everything first and leave soon, so I have something to blog and share about to you all!!

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I love Korea's internet!!


winda trisuci said...

waaaa, sukur udah sampe :) itu gak nahan poster jang geun suknya hahahaaa :* drooling

Dreamy Princess said...

Seems like fun! Hope you'll be safe with talking mandarin((:

Tannya Aditya said...

patbingsu cu! es serut! tapi pake topping es krim macem2. siap-siap gendut ya neng huahahaha

XiaoVee said...

myeongdong <3 love that area >,< i guess i'll be bankrupt soon if i live near there lol
try sannakji stel :P if you like to try something different.. kkk
and don't forget to try black pork! so madly delicious :3 especially grilled black pork ^^
Have a nice trip stel :D

Asta said...

Pengen ikut T , T) ayo kita ke jepang barengggg

Naomi said...

pke bhs jepang aja stel, org korea bs bhs jpg kok ^^ .
aku ke korea malah byk diajakin ngomong pke bhs jpg =D .
have nice trip yaa ^^ .

shasha said...

Lovely post! looks like you have a good time there~ and eye remover for $2? woow so cheap~ You must try to learn korean stell~ hehehe

Alexandra Wang said...

Myeongdonggggg D: I miss seoul. LOL. have a great time there , cc :)

Helena Rose said...

Hmm, I visited Korea a few years ago, and for me Korean people's english is quite good.
Better than Japanese, in Japan then only speak Japanese, not english or mandarin!

Stella Lee said...

iya ganteng yaakk

Stella Lee said...

apaan tuhhh... haha iya ntar dicobain. makasiiiii

Stella Lee said...

hahaha what's sannakji??
and what's the korean name for black pork lol i need to tell them right

thank youuu

Stella Lee said...

aku juga diajakin sii tapi kan juga enggak bisa jadi aama aja boong dong ahaha
makasih miiii :3

Stella Lee said...

hahaha i am interested to learn japanese more!! :D

Stella Lee said...

why you miss it XDDDD I think it's quite boring lol

Stella Lee said...

yeah japanese is worse XDD
But the people in Japan are much more polite!!

XiaoVee said...

sannakji is living octopus :P lol, jadi nanti baby octopus segar, dihidangkan sambil gerak2 gitu octopusnya XD
ga tau jg apa nama koreanya black pork >_< bilang aja black pork, biasanya tau kok :D cari resto yg ada gambar babi item nya

anyway, pas aku di sana jg dikira org china / jepang, mau diajak omg mandarin & jepang wkwk.. =.=

Tannya Aditya said...

udah ditulis kali "es serut! tapi pake topping es krim macem2." operasi mata biar gede gih hahaha

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