Masami Shouko Brushes Review

August 15, 2012

As a beauty junkie, make up brushes may be your worth investment compared to make up stuffs, as it helps you delivering good result from your make up to your face. Also good make up brushes will last for years, meanwhile make up itself will only last approximately 3 years [mascara is only 3 months]. So purchasing good and high quality make up brushes are worth of your investment. 

But good make up brushes are expensive, and so some of my friends recommend me Masami Shouko brushes that Indonesian can easily purchase from Kay Collection in any malls. I've tried a few of them before and it's pretty decent and have fair price. And so recently I receive a few new brushes from themselves to try again. And most of them haven't been tested by me so I am pretty excited! :D

These brushes are made in Japan and can be found easily at any Kay Collection Stores. Some of them are located at Pacific Place B1 #10A, Gandaria City LG #15, Kuningan City Lt.3 #45, as well as Some Department Stores such as Sogo, Debenhams, Seibu, Metro, Matahari, Keris Galery, and a few Guardians

221 Mini Eyeshadow Brush

This flat mini eyeshadow brush is quite dense, therefore it picks up color quite well and delivers great pigmentation from the eyeshadow. As it's pretty petite, it can also be used to apply highlighter on browbone as well as inner corner. Although as for inner corner I don't really recommend it because its stiffness, I prefer to get softer brush for that area. But denser brush picks up eyeshadow better so the color will be more vibrant

Price each is Rp 25.900

216 Small Dome Brush

This eye brush is used for blending eyeshadow especially on the crease. I used to have this one before, but I think they made the longer version? o.o because mine's handle used to be short so it's hard to use it for someone else, but all the masami shouko brushes that I got recently have long handles, make them easier to apply
This one is very easy to use and gives a good job in blending eyeshadow, especially because it has small tip so the eyeshadow wont go overboard than what I want

price each is Rp 25.900

317 Angled Brow Brush

A flat synthetic angled brush from Masami Shouko is pretty stiff so I do not recommend this for anyone who has sensitive skin. I usually prefer to have soft brush so it wont hurt my skin, but when I draw my eyebrows using this brush, it kinda hurts my eyebrows area T__T so I have to use it very very gently

price each is Rp 25.900

320 Round Top Brush

Although it's said as brush for blush, but i feel that it's really multifunctional! The bristles are so so soft and you can use it to apply your liquid foundation because it will reach some areas that cannot be reached with foundation brush, such as near your nose. It will help creating flawless finish. Yet I also feel that it's good for applying cream blush instead of powder blush because of the brush' bristles type. But you can also use it to apply your powder blush on the apples of your cheek :)

price each is Rp 88.900

102 Large Powder Brush

This big rounded powder brush's bristels are surprisingly really really soft and gentle on the skin despite its appearance. It can be used for face and body. Now it's become my favorite make up brush from this brand because of it's softness. I usually use my loose powder with this brush and dust it lightly all over my face.

Price each is Rp 168.900

Overall I think their brushes are very affordable and the quality is good enough as drugstore brushes! They said it's better to replace the brushes after 3 months but in my opinion, it should last longer if you take care of them really well! Don't forget to clean them regularly so you wont transfer any bacteria from the brushes into your face, ok!

I know sometimes we're too lazy to do so but it's really important, please do it..

Have you tried Masami Shouko brushes before? Do you like them? :)

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  1. Marsha Karta SwadharmaAugust 15, 2012 at 8:26 PM

    Woho! I love this brushes :) and the price are not pricey at all :D

  2. yep the price is pretty reasonable! :D

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