Japanese Cosme Gift Review

August 11, 2012

I normally dont do Japanese beauty product reviews because it's really difficult to find it in Indonesia, and usually I am asked a lot where I buy those if I feature it, so I better not lol But then Pinker Belle Cosmetics contacted me and I saw that they offered Japanese products so I am interested to review them! But basically this is just a short review, but a lot of pictures, cos it's only one blog post, unlike usual. But still, you will love it la lol *slapped*

 Kanebo Lavshuca Loose Powder

I always want to try Kanebo Lavshuca, Lavshuca is one of the brand under Kanebo and mostly only available in Japan and countries around it. The packaging is in fact quite classy but the inside it comes with a super cute puff with ribbon on top, but the silk makes it not overly cute so it can be pretty decent for everyone I believe

The puff is the softest and fluffier one I have ever used of all the time! I love the puff so much! But I keep the Lavshuca sticker and only open it half because otherwise it will pour too much :(
Also I find that the powder is a little difficult to blend, although the finishing is good, gives a translucent silky finish!

 Before & After using the powder. Only a little goes a long way

 B&C Makemania Curvy Lip Gloss

Have you ever tried Lip Silicone??? It's supposed to make your lips much more fuller, more than a lipgloss! Knew this product for quite a while but never try it but at last I get a chance to review it!
The packaging is really really simple and plain, if not because of the box I won't see it. Also it comes in glass spatula instead of a lip brush, the texture is really sticky in fact when it's spread on the lips, and it makes chappy lips more obvious if you don't prime them beforehand. So it's necessary

The color is transparent rosy pink color, easy to spread on, but it can be very sticky if you put too much. As for the result, I dont see much difference la, just a little bit plucker than before, but I believe you can get same result as in other lipgloss. But it gives a glossy healthy lips

Candy Doll Powder Blush in Peach Pink

Most famous blush on from Japan is probably from Candy Doll, so really really need to try this one! The box packaging is obviously very cute like any other Candy Doll products, but the product itself is really cheap looking and made from transparent plastic, they should work in the main product instead of the box :x

Although I think the packaging is low class, but in fact the color is really pretty and natural. Buildable to many times, that's what I like! That way I dont end up putting too much blush! :D And the color is really gorgeous to create that barbie doll look like! very pretty indeed, as you can see on the swatch pictures below

Shiseido Eyelash Curler

As far as I heard, the competitor of Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler is from Shiseido! And this one is from drugstore one so it's obviously cheaper! Comes with an additional pad that you can use to replace your old one, this one is very handy to use. But it's just shorter than most of the eyelash curler so you have to curl per section to get even curled lashes

I think they make a great job and very gentle, so far i love love it :D

Heavy Rotation Liquid Eyeliner in Black

I need a new impressive eyeliner to replace my Dolly Wink [If I cannot find any this year, I will go back to it lol] so I tried another japanese eyeliner, and this one is from heavy rotation! Surprisingly the tips is quite hard so it's difficult to draw on eyes, especially to create a thin sharp line! Very smudgy too, ugh!!

You guys can see clearly how I hate it la. the color is ok but it's smudgy x(

Heavy Rotation Mega Mascara 3D Curl Volume


I was hoping that the mascara would change my opinion about this brand because of its eyeliner, but unfortunately it cannot impress me. It's really dry and cannot transform too much volume as it's supposed to be. It's just a really below average mascara, even maybellie can do better I think -_-"

the curved wand is supposed to give volume and lift it up, but it doesn't work well for me

My bare eyes, no make up at all, obviously

Curl my eyes with Shiseido Eyelash Curler, it goes up really well and natural!

Until the heavy rotation mascara ruins it, makes it like spider, so smudgy and makes the lashes going down and straight

And that's the eyeliner swatch. Pitch black but very difficult to use. Eyeliner is not all about the color, but also about the longevity and such, ok :)

Okay that's it my review for now! I hope you have more knowledge about the products more than before. And all the products are sponsored by Pinker Belle Cosmetics so if you want to buy these cosmetics or other japan make up and beauty stuffs, you may visit their facebook page Pinker Belle Cosmetics :D
Talk to you guys later <3

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  1. mumpung lagi di seoul beli eyeliner missha aja cu. bagus kok. nenek pake. yg liquid

  2. wah mascaranya kok gitu yah, kayak menggumpal gitu :s

  3. Wow that Candy Doll blush is so pretty ≧◡≦)

  4. kanebo loose powdernya lucu banget packagingnya >.<

  5. love that kanebo Lavshuca esp the adorable packaging :)

  6. gak demen missha, yang paling bagus eyeliner buatku dolly wink :))

  7. iya makanya aku nggak suka :(

  8. the color yes, the packaging is no XD

  9. hehe iyaaaa... berkelas tapi tetep imut yaa :D

  10. you should try it! it's really soft as well :)