Turning 20 Soon?

August 29, 2012

Cos I don't camwhore as much as other bloggers, today I present one of my old pics to you so you all will keep loving me *gets slapped* lol

But I think it's true.. I get more statistic when the blog has my photos -__- I guess I need to camwhore more??

But in fact I am pretty lazy to do complete make up look, especially everyday #failedgyaru. Cos it takes a long time to do so, and beside i dont like the idea of wearing make up everyday. Mostly only BB Cream or sunblock, and some cream blush and lip tint if I feel like to. Ever since I know more about beauty, the more I want to use it less on everyday basis. Right now I am more into rejuvenating my skin first. Because good make up won't be a good look if your skin isn't good, agree?

Oh, and anyway, I am going somewhere where I don't really have internet access for a while. I don't think I will blog a lot for the next weeks, unless it's scheduled, so yeah :x

But I have scheduled a giveaway post on 1st september, please come back again although if i do not mention it on my facebook or what. But even better if you visit my blog everyday LOL

Oh and anyway, I will be turning 20 soonnnnn TxT And I DONWANNNNN ;___;
I hate aging, and I hate growing up, I love being immature, and wish to stay teen FOREVER LOL Yeap, I have peter pan syndrome

So yeah, only 2 more weeks until I become 20..
my birthday is on 12th september, presents are welcomed, here's my email stellalee@hotmail.co.id if you want to ask where to ship presents mwahahahaha, ehem ._.

Up to now I still insist for being 19 to everyone and mom gets irritated cos of it -_-" But seriously... ;_;

I feel like I have achieved a lot, but haven't achieved that many either.. My life right now isn't perfect, although most of you probably jelly of my freebies, but I also have obstacles and bad events happened in my life la! Everyone has their own happiness and sadness. 

But I hope on my 20 years old age, I can achieve more happiness than before. 

Don't greet me happy birthday, NOT YET! \( >3<)/

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