Shiseido Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek in OR302 Review and Swatch

August 14, 2012

I have owned this for a really long time but I haven't had any time to review it. It is in fact their limited edition from 2011, Spring Season. I always like Shiseido majolica majorca because of it's princessy packaging that looks so elegant and cute on the same time. Unfortunately they are not available in here :(

I have too many pink blushes so I got mine in OR302 which is a peachy orange coral that compliments and brightens up the face

Packaging :

This product comes in a small tin shape that reminds me of Macaroons and decorated with artsy decorations to compliment it. The color of the packaging is different according to its blush color. Inside, you will find a cute blush puff with ribbon on top to make your heart flutters more in spring

The product itself is quite bulky because it stores a blush puff inside the packaging, but it's yet efficient because you dont have to bring your blush brush to apply it on the go

Application :

Although you can use it with blush brush, I personally love using the puff because it gives subtle and light amount of color on my cheek. Simply smile so you will find the apples of your cheek, and gently pat the puff on it. Don't swipe. It's really fun to do so

Color & Texture :

It comes with a few colors to choose from, but the OR302 is a peachy orange shade, that's hardly to find from other blushes. The texture is silky and smooth and it goes on light and natural. There's no artificial scent or so, which I believe even sensitive skin can also wear this product. It goes on velvety smooth, but I believe it's also because of the puff as well. It goes well together, and I love how natural it blends into my skin. It goes on sheer at first but buildable pigment so you may achieve fresh doll look with it

Swatch :

top : without flash. bottom : with flash

Where I Got It From & Price :

I purchased it from myself through a random online shop, I think it's about 18-19USD. Quite pricey for just a blush on, but if you want to get a limited edition color and packaging, be sure to check their next collection!

Final Opinion :

Pros : 
  • Cute packaging
  • Comes with soft puff with ribbon on top
  • The color blends naturally
  • The product goes on velvety smooth

Cons :
  • A little bit pricey
  • Too bulky

Sure this blush is great, but their packaging is the first major point that i decide to use this blush. But it is not my favorite because I can hardly pull off orange blush on. I need to work on my make up to make it suitable with my look. I mostly only store it inside my make up wardrobe and adore the packaging, hardly use it because the color is not for everyday use. But overall it's not a bad blush, yet not the best either

If you're a packaging addict, you will surely die for it :)

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  1. The peach colour looks nice, but i prefer pink blushes. :D I got the limited edition pink one from last year's collection, and I LOVE it! Looking forward to the new LE ones this year, hopefully they will be released soon :3

  2. majolica majorca always been on my top list for japanese best product packaging <3


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