Touched Up My Root + Styled It

August 09, 2012

And obviously that I didn't do it by myself but by professional la, I got Shinjuku salon to do it for me before I went to Korea. Cos I dont wanna lose to Korean girls la hahaha

Don't ask me how to do it because I really have no idea how they do it! o.o The stylist did it really fast  only less than 10 minutes! Although I told them that they didn't need to do so because it's pretty late already and I just wanna go back home and sleep, they said it's fine cos it's loose braid so it will last longer and I can sleep comfortably

Surprisingly it survives for 2 nights!! My mom really loves it and she forces me to not sleep because it will ruin my pretty hair but I just dont want la, I love sleeping!! lol
But it's still good!!

So if you want to have a great hair style for any special occasion, you can just book appointment and get the stylist to do the crazy hair that you always want to be!

Visit their site HERE or you can ask them through twitter HERE

And basically it's just a very short post because I am apparently still in Korea right now, extending my trip.. So I just blog very short but I hope you still like it lol
I promise I will blog a lot after I go back.. Right now is 2 a.m and I have to go to a theme park with my friend at 9.. but before that I have to doll up la. I really lack of sleep cos I arrive at hotel mostly pretty late
So I better put some mask now and go sleep!! 

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