What's In My Traveling Make Up Bag

August 06, 2012

Before my flight to Seoul today, I decide to do a post about what I am bringing there!! I want to keep it as minimum as possible because I don't want my luggage to be over-weight because of make up >__<
I tried to bring a lot of samples make up so I can throw it away when I finish them up. Because when return to Jakarta, I must be havin new stuffs right lol

Anyway, although I will be bringing my laptop, but I suggest you to follow me on twitter and instagram, stellalee92, because I will update the most and faster there! If you are interested in my trip and Korea, do follow me there :D

Make Up Stuffs : 

I bring mini make up bag that I got from GUESS :D Very pretty indeed, look at the heart chain too!! Very feminine yet classy

Face Area :

I bring Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation, that's moisturizing and light-weight. I decide to not bring my coverderm because liquid foundation is more efficient to use
I also bring mini size Benefit PORE-fessional, one of the greatest primer out there
YSL Touche Eclat #2 to brighten up my face. This works amazing as concealer and highlighter, very efficient also! Comes in 8 shades right now 
Also Lancome Maqui Miracle Compact, cos it's light-weight and the packaging is so pretty. I want to bring good compact because it's what used & seen the most. Find the prettiest one la! hahaha

Brows & Cheek Area :


For eyebrows, I bring my NYX retractable eyebrow pencil, because I dont have to bear with sharpen my pencil liner, and Dolly Wink Eyebrow Powder, that can also work to contour my nose!

Not so many cheek stuffs. Only NYX Cream Blush in Rose Petal and Candy Doll Blush On in Peach Pink

Eyes Area :

I got my Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner in Black. If I still have my Dolly Wink, I will bring it instead, but I'm out of it right now, so yeah :( Then Dolly Wink Long Mascara is obviously carried since it's my current fav mascara at the moment! Also my Diamond Lash and random lower lashes from China.

I also bring my Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes in Champagne for everyday use. Besides, it's waterproof and gives a really nice subtle shimmer, I will use it on my inner corner!

But at night if I attend some great events, I need more colors, therefore I also bring my Kanebo Lunasol Eyeshadow Palette :D it's shimmery but Korean loves shimmer so I decide to blend in a little lol

Lips Area :

I do think I bring quite a few, because lipstick can basically change your whole look instantly! I bring my Natural Honey Lip Treatment that works far better than any lip balm, to fight against my dry lips. Then I bring my Kanebo Lunasol Lipstick in Red, Shu Uemura Rouge Lipstick in Coral Shade, and NYX Lip Cream for Nude Lips.. I do believe bring 3 basic shades of lipstick is essential!! For Gloss, I bring my MUFE Rouge Gloss and Givenchy Lipgloss simply because it's in mini size lol never tried them either. Also bring my Givenchy Lipgloss sample.
My friend, Endi Feng, swore by Givenchy Gloss so I think I will give it a try on this trip!

Tools : 

I bring Ecotools and Revlon make up brushes because it's small and travel friendly. But I cannot leave my Sigma F80 and Etude House Duo Fibre Cheek Brush because it's so versatile, so although it's huge, I force to bring it with me!! I use F80 too apply foundation, it makes my foundation so smooth! Also the Duo Fibre Cheek is to apply cream blush nicely!

Shiseido Eyelash Curler and tweezer is brought for my falsies! Also bring my eyelash glue that I got from my friend in Japan. I have double eyelids but sometimes it's gone, so I bring my AB Mezical Double Eyelid Fiber and Etude House mini scissor to create deeper and bigger eyelids!

Skin Care & Body :

Cleansing :

I take all sample sizes for my cleanser because cleanser usually is very heavy. I get Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil to remove my make up, and L'Occitane Angelika Cleansing Wash to cleanse my face :D all are very moisturizing indeed

Skin Care :

For current Skin Care, I have no travel size so I decide to buy less than what I usually do. I get my IDO's C.A.T Toner and Clarins Whitening Velvet Emulsion. The cream from L'Occitane Angelica is in sample size, makes it less heavy

Other Stuffs :

I bring my ROC Soleil Protection Sunblock because it has SPF 50+ UVA + UVB to protect my skin! It's a MUST! Also I bring Baviphat AC Therapy SOS Calming Mist, in case my face gets dry or troubled during a day, I can just use it as facial spray
Also I bring my Rohto Eye Drops if my eyes get irritated or dry. Not to forget Etude House Pink Candy Sweet Fragrance, a cream fragrance so I dont have to worry about broken stuffs! lol

Phewww... A lot of people may think that it's a lot but in fact I dont think it is lol
I tried to bring a lot of mini stuffs and efficient products so I dont carry too many.. You can always use sample sizes for traveling, because it's small and you can just toss it away when you finish them up!

I am really excited for my trip, but I just printed out my ticket and hotel issue, and packed my stuffs this morning. Been so busy with job and stuffs lol;
I will be bringing my laptop, DSLR, and phone. Hopefully I can blog and vlog about it. But for faster news, please follow me on instagram and twitter ^.^ stellalee92 ! I will update there more often! :D

Okay so I go exchange my won now, and finish packing up first! I will update you guys about me there soon!! :D 

Oh God, I am gonna miss Indomie...
But I bring PopMie there!! How Indonesia I am lol

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